“Mantendré cada palabra mi mi testonio”, says the actress in her first interview from behind the curtain on her judgment by definition

Amber Heard on the court

Amber Heard on the court

“Mantendré cada palabra mi mi testonio”, says Amber Heard in his first interview from the curtain on the judge against the statement against Johnny Depp, after acknowledging that the word “lo amo”.Following various variations during the semester, the full interview with the 36-year-old actress was broadcast live in the United States on the Dateline program, on NBC Square.

In an exclusive conversation with the periodical Savannah Guthrie, Heard says that all the spectacle mounted on the lathe in the juicer, from the “evidence” that does not come from the magistrate who swears by the case, is part of the relation between Depp and Depp. c elmo el jurado la percibió.

“Do not import me because I owe it to myself, or to the juices that are sought after, to be sued in the privacy of my own house, in my matrimonial, at the door” the TV channel.

La actriz estadounidense who does not expect the public in general to live in his matrimony with the actor Johnny Deppa relation that expires in 2017 and that has recently increased the attraction of the media and the social networks along the demands and contradictions presented by ambos and that dieron place in a medical juicio.

“I do not think that the prome person’s saber is essentially cosmos. But the tanto, not the tomo as personal algo”, said the NBC caden, considering that “odio y la hostilidad” que recibió en internet while the judicial battle is the masterpiece of that I do not want a “just retro” of the case in the social networks.

Depp the demand due to the diffusion that Heard published an article in 2018 in the diary The Washington Post in that habló -sin naming the actor- of the physical and emotional violence that lives in one of its relations.

The jury found Heard cul-de-sac and sought an indemnification of more than US $ 10 million and Depp was unable to determine whether the actor’s surprise was due to the central abuse of the domestic abuse.

Heard said what appeals. Contradicting Depp’s abbots’s algorithm or a compensation of US $ 2 million in money and perks.

Heard says he finds logic that the jury does not have the creed.

“No los culpo”

In one of the advances of the interview published by NBC, the stage-going actress knows that she is not as personal as the public juices.

“But it’s all right to be sure that all of this is odd and hostile, except for the fact that it’s mintiendo, not to mention the ojos and decirme that cree that in the social rehearses has a just retro [del caso]”, dijo.

“You can not say that points that are just right”, affirm.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the tribunal

Television jujube during the week and one of the most celebrated cases of the most recent years.

Actress también dijo que no culpaba a los siete miembros del jurado haber fallado en su contra, pues consider that it influences influenced by Depp’s public notary, as well as by the work of its abogados to retort as “a person not creable”.

“How can I not conclude from this? Have you been sent to these assistants and listen to three incentive and implicit testimonial semantics,” he said.

“No los culpo. De hecho, lo entiendo. Esl is a querido character and sentient being who knows it. “He is a fantastic actor.”

On the question of what the jury was trying to do was not released by the figures who were only interested, examining the jokes and the probes, and who in the end did not create what the hell said, Heard insisted in his post.

“Newly, with the help of others, are you allowed to search for three semantics and the media of testimony about how or when a person is not fragile, how much is created in a word like saliva from my mouth?”.

But Amber Heard is what it is a piece of evidence that is not allowed in juicio of defamation against Johnny Depp that hubiera podido exchange the veredicto.

“Hay una karpeta con agos e notes that were overhauled in 2011 from the principle of my relation that comes from my doctor, who reports the abuse”, assured. “These notes represent all -specifications- of real-time expressions of what is established”.

Heard told the interviewer that his notes included the recommendation of his commanding therapist Depp the “golpeó” and the “achieving against the piss” in the energy of 2012 and, after months of despair, the “destroying the dormir shirt” and the ” arrojó contra la cama “.

The game, without the embargo, dictates what the basic notes are testimony of odd and inadmissible declarations.

“I behaved horrible”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were playing the movie on their own

As soon as the dichotomous control of one and the other is heard, Heard recognizes that Johnny Depp’s all “ama”.

Durante el jujio that cautive to the audience audience and global surge that Depp as Heard establishes involved in a “mutually abusive” relationship. In the interview, the actress asumió part of the culpa in the different relation.

“Escuchas mi voz en estas cintas y no es mi voz de ahora. No es quien soy ahora. Hice y dije cosas horribles y lamentables a lo largo de mi relación”.

“I carry horrible manners, irreconcilable casi for me. Hay muchas cosas de las que me arrepiento”, afirma.

Heard también confesi sentirse insegura cuando acudió a esucuchar el veredicto. “Me gustaría poder decirte que sí, pero no sería verdad”, commented Savannah Guthrie.

The columnist indifferent to the sentiments of Heard hacia Depp, refuting the statements that the goddess in the first day of the junta declared that “all love for Johnny”.

When asked if this was true, after all, Heard replied:

“Absolutely. Lo amo. Lo amé con todo mi corazón. It treats the largest pore of hacer to function a profoundly rotational relation. Y no pude “.

Depp’s team reaction

Johnny Depp appointed by fans in United Kingdom, June 2022

A representative of Amber Heard who said that the interview of the actor was in response to that Johnny Depp received the attenuation of the media that failed the verdict.

Johnny Depp’s legal team sent NBC News in response to the interview conducted by Amber Heard on the channel.

“It’s unfortunate that Johnny’s masterpieces seek to fit in with the screw, the demand, and the flight crew to repetition, repatriate, and reassure those who are determined by the tribunal and to see it unanimously and unequivocally in favor of John.” .

For the most part, an Amber Heard portraiture is featured in a newsletter published in the magazine People acusó’s legal team depp de haber acaparado los medians durante d despas después del veredicto and that Depp was shocked by the mismo in the social networks.

“Heard’s theory complements buscaba responds to the fact that no one is aggressively hiccuping in the past tense; it expresses its thoughts and emotions much, much less than allowing it to be hacked on the stage,” the porter added.


Amber Heard “aign sigue queriendo” by Johnny Depp

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