Marcelo and Karim Benzema reciben la copa; Gareth Bale, the next grand

Gareth Bale did not listen to the Santiago Bernabeú duo to witness the duel and the celebration, but the molestias in the escalator during the last hour of the season

The galley Gareth Balewho has not participated in the celebrations of the 35th Real Madrid league title at the stadium Santiago Bernabéu y se incuentra ahora en la plaza de Cibeles to your computer, it is almost as if the motive of your exit is “a spasm” in the spade.

“I can not be deceived because I do not participate in the celebrations of this night I owe a spasm in the escalator, because I’s orgullosos the team by ganado el the title. Gareth Bale meters of computers set up complete with the traditional visit to the goddess Cibeleswhere you can concentrate variations of miles of affixed miles.

Extract that tracks mathematically the title with the victory over the Spaniard Santiago Bernabéu.

The last hour of the vernacular caused by one of the valleys in the escalation of them which is not publicly part of medicine, as it is habitual with the galleys, which does not sound al Bernabéu to present the match or the celebration. Stop the bus to the computer with the destination La Cibeles.

As celebrity el Madrid la obtencija de la liga number 35

The captains of Real Madrid, Marcelo y Karim Benzemarecibieron on the stage of honor of the stadium Santiago Bernabéu the camp cop LaLigaconceded with the goal by the Spaniard, who passed the celebration in the stadium of the one being Gareth Bale.

The third phase of the triggered quinta Liga conquistada por el Real Madrid start at one Bernabéu tan lleno as permitting the works of its remodeling. If you do not get the party done, then the party will take place with a second-order scenario.

Brazil Marcelo and the French Karim Benzema fireron los encargados de hacer el camino desde el cesped alpa honor, donde recibieron de manos de presidenta Real Federaciaón Española de Fboltbol (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, el trophy de Liga. Levantarla juntos per primera vez, with the computers waiting in the center of the camp, all juntos la alzaron al cielo de Madrid con la pasón in las gradas.

At the fiesta, in a continental community of jugadores with affix, fold Bale. The last hour of the vernacular caused by one of the valleys in the escalator which is not publicly part of medicine, as it is habitual with the galleys, which does not sound al Bernabéu to present the match or the celebration. Sí lo hizo Eden Hazardwhich recovers from your operation, and celebrates with its white shirt with the dorsal 7 on the esophagus.

Celebrating in the stadium, before leaving La Cibeles, do not take pictures for the record. For a light all the way through the integral part of the technical body, with Carlo Ancelotti feliz trase conseguir su gran reto, ganar la Liga con el Real Madrid y conseguir las cinco grandes. Fue manteado by its jugadores at a moment when it confesses posteriorly, habría deseado that extends more time.

Nacho Fernández heredó el papel de Raúl González que pasó a Sergio Ramos. Blowing up the hood and hitting against the ranks, having a hoodie ahead of the League Cup.

The emotion inundó a Marcelo where porcupine arranges its companion hair in the Bernabeu corpse. Shrouded in the rods of the rods, no pudo aguantar las lrimgrimas in a special day in the one that is convincing in the south with more titles in the history of Real Madrid and in that, the fate of deciding the Champions League, can be the ultimate conquista antes de su adiós.

When the final celebration ceased to take place with Madrid in Cibeles, one of the iconic images of the time. David Alaba cogió la misma silla del membro desurgidad que alzó al cielo en plena loca el día de la iponta europe al PSG, y i volvió a levandar ante anti aficijon con el appla todos sus compañeros.

Los jugadores del Real Madrid leads the flight of honor with the city singles, photographs with the young man in the center of the camp and the funds, individually with their families, places that are in the rank of the best oriented singles in the semifinal rematch Champions in front of Manchester City, “if you can” or “by people”, it’s the point of an affair where the miracles create a magical environment in the Bernabéu.


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