Marcelo Flores – Christian Martinoli

Cuando surge algún soccer player mexicano habil at the same time as meditation part of the national affair illusion with a futuristic mediocrity for the aztec selection, then now with Marcelo Flores and there are many different things with all the other talents.

Not a single date is registered at the Arsenal of London and merades when it debuts in the Premier. But at the moment there is no difference between Florence and Flores in the minor categories, except for the situation that is at stake in the most important way.

Marcelo is in a club that does not have passports, originals and a lot of menace, perennialism and a conjuncture that only observes quality and that does not escalate at all times and much menos in the responsibility of maneuvering young people in high places.

You are in a club that has the capacity to integrate the Café Fábregas captain’s gaffet when the Spanish team is only 21 years old.

As if by the act of birth no real problem was offered to you at the moment the opportunities in the nation in Canada and that you try to get tibios lamados al Tricolor.

Conditions of imbalance, boredom and velocity gear change as well as positive activity and tendency to make and treat triumphs in professional football.

From the impression that your representative and mayor make up all the other balloons that are out of the blue, Mexican that is automatically included in the category of Mexican by birth or shadow, no naturalization, that ultimately resulted, pero is not equal.

Flores are Mexican, as both Canadian and English. As you can see where the plaza is and conveying it to your interests, all that is clear is that it attaches itself clearly much as it represents the ball with the ball and the patient in it, but the egg has a clear obsession and stillness capable of being pressurized by its progenitor before Marcelo sails on the World Cup and enters the algae alterations to the natural order of the cosmos because of the fact that Canada has become increasingly interested in its services and hypothetically biased at the World Cup in the Persian Gulf. Humor, reality, metaphysics and metaphysics, this is what men’s, the asundo is what a father has, as there is a majority of people, who want the best for themselves and want to do it quickly.

This topic is not included because it can not be exaggerated because of the simple fact that it can be used in the future and not as an entertaining activity as a footballer, but talented with unconditional sobran’s conditions, but a lack of professionalism. juveniles stars from vanity. You do not want to be frustrated if you can get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Do not fall for the fact that you have never heard of it, because it’s not very tight, it’s a whole lot in Canada and it’s too big or it’s not in the future when it’s not easy, but we’re not ready to go with it.

The main theme is that it looks like it was currently running NeryGate 2.0, since Nery Castillo, born in San Luis Potosí, is a Uruguayan and still has a Greek passport, although there are three options available. Mexico but in other words, the situation that their detractors are, that they are under and more than the “you are in Europe and in Mexico”, is not worth the effort.

The Seleucia debería see in Flores an interesting prospectus that can not generate rudeness, pressure and a lot of air conditioning, the Arsenal wrestler has to demonstrate with the club that he is at a level to win convocators and not that he’s likely to go south de edad nuble a los que convocan. We do not expect that this will happen at the moment that Giovani dos Santos is part of the convocatorium for Germany 2006 but that he’s a little too close to the camp of the infantile world in Peru. It is clear from the notable technical jugar that the wind in its epoch does not only have maturity but experience for similar dichotomous dichotomy. This is an element with a very interesting element that has not been shared with adults at a professional level. It’s no coincidence that Pelé camped out of the world up to 17 and that Ronaldo, in addition to being part of the trophy that Brazil won in the 94th round at 17, had an embargo against this theory that Menotti said was not one. Maradona con la misma edad que los dos anteriores mencionados para el Mundial 78.

Three series of jokes in the history of this sport, which at the moment of jugaban in Primera, detail in the minor but by the representative of Flores intentionally establishing a world-wide page.

The fact is that Flores is very desperate, that there are no creative processes that all of us are not aware of and despair only, if you go south with Mexico welcome, even if you decide otherwise, the verdict is not over.



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