Marilyn Monroe and the makeup techniques applied to beautify

Marilyn Monroe and the makeup techniques applied to beautify. The Hollywood ruby ​​icon was conquered by the world because of its talent, charisma and beauty that hacín robarse the miracles and where it wants to burn. But as a woman you only have secrets to destassar your attributes and hoy en Soy Carmín we share the main ones for the replicas.

With many of Belleza’s tricks being kept secret, which is what her personal make-up artist, Whitey Snyder, now reveals, there are some that are filtered and only Belize experts have analyzed look classic by Marilyn Monroe to determine which passages for the best possible light.

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According to experts in the material consulted by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the most important thing for the protagonist of “One Eva and Adanes” is to have a hay bale and this disciplined era with the routine of the laundry that includes the products clave: serum (drops of rocío, specifically) y moisturizing cream.


After drying it is basically dried, applied with make-up, applied primer in the T zone and the base cover cap of the media is completely, depending on the body. These passages allow Marilyn Monroe make-up to radiate acacia, toothache and torso effect glow y natural.

To destacar sus fascciones, optaba per el contorneo en la nariz, los pulmulos y lasínas de mandíbula, afinando estas partes de su rostro. To terminate it is primera parte, usaba rubor in pink or coral tones, which give it a more natural acacia and look for its natural peel color; of the new, the wind era is maquillada, but as it is evident.


For lo general, el look de Marilyn Monroe mantiene una mirada discreta porque optaba por tonalidades nudes. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true magic begins! And a trick that nunca pasaba por alto is one that is still alive in the actuality: add a little white candida to the part of the lagrimal to have a brilliant effect.

Love the delightful and delightful taste of a brown lipstick or brown for tuning in to your skin and hair color; in which of the pests, usaba pestañas postizas, but not the whole piece, only the metal to have a more natural and atrevido effect; sin duda, the era of all the basic passages for which the protagonist’s wish, and the one who uses little make-up in the ojos.

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For excellence, the red wind is the color that Marilyn Monroe elegance for her lips. To increase the intensity and intensity that your lips find the protagonists of your make-up, the actress delineaba with a reddish-brown lipstick. Otro truco era que sI wonder if there are only three parts to have a voluminous effect.

In a few words, Marilyn Monroe sabía cuáles eran sus main attributes and trabajaba for destacarlos. This allows the candida make-up to be applied, avoiding an exaggerated or exaggerated look. And the end result is the same: a Marilyn Monroe spectacular who, además, enamoraba for her personal and spontaneous personality.

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