Mario Vargas Llosa: “It’s very different to be optimistic about a Latin America that is paralyzed by new dictatorships”

Mario Vargas Llosa continued the presentation of
Mario Vargas Llosa continued the presentation of “La mirada quieta”

Mario Vargas Llosa ratified this night the esteemed role of the 46 Feria International of the Buenos Aires Book. The Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to the recipient only Benito Pérez Galdós, La mirada quietapero también atrapó al público degngando anecdotas sobre Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar y Juan José Sebreli. In the egg, I get a cold relative of my coronavirus current.

“Breathing in is a truly traumatic experience,” commented the laureate scribe, leaning on a walking stick. Up to 86 years old, the Peruvian author is present in the cultural and editorial quotes, while his oath fluctuates. The dialogue with the periodical and writer Jorge Fernández Díaz to extend, distended, lasting more than an hour.

The last surviving “boom” of Latin American literature is a sample of trajectory and sin. And he testified as soon as he saw the nurse live. “Comencé sentent much frío en las piernas. Era el atardecer ya y de pronto impecé a perder la respiration. Impecé ahogarme, a respirat muy mal, con mucha dificultad, y entonces Isabel (Preysler) llamó a un medico ”, record against a colada josé Hernández, who assumes one of his words in absolute silence.

“The doctor listened to the boys, a train that was lost. Dijo ‘tiene fiberre muy alta y es indispensable llevarlo al hospital’. This is a formula that uses the medicine with a very nervous and creased well that the diffusion in the respiratory tract is much greater. I am in a complete state of mind and I agree that I am waiting for the clinic of the clinic and not the nun lega ”, commented in the last part of his intervention in this edition of the fair.

Jorge Fernández Díaz dialogue with the Nobel Prize in Literature
Jorge Fernández Díaz dialogue with the Nobel Prize in Literature

“Finally I hit the truck, I hit the clinic, and I recovered like a liberating verdict when I breathed oxygen and recuperated breaths. I experience a 24-hour experience, but it is degradable, ”evokes the scenario.

Fernández Díaz records as the author of Pantaleón and the visitors y Conversation at The Cathedral If you want to write an article, do not try to recover it, and consult the “narrative energy” quote for your literary office. Vargas Llosa replies that no, but it “does not have separate activities. A novel for example from one of the lunches is still empty, but the domingos describe the articles ”.

The Peruvian author’s account that he reunited and explored in La Biela is doming with his friend Juan José Sebreli. “We did not go much further in Paris and then we started a discussion, the first of which is that we do not know, in which I defend Cortizar. Era muy amigo de Cortázar y lo veía con cierta frequency. In exchange, you only have reservations with Julio Cortázar. Count that your novels only have a policy deficit, that you do not abrasive these policy questions in a profound, rica, creative, and much-discussed manner, in order to put an end to the rage on the way to their children”.

Consider that Cortázar había undisclosed tardíamente la politics. It’s much more influential in this desecration essay, than to write political novels. But in the novels or the poems that have written in front of them has always been a corresponding, very discordant, and the aftermath of a political compromise is not worth it”, Consideró.

Respect for your relationship with the author of El Aleph, record that Borges nunca le perdonó that sejalara in an item that establishes admiration for the great quantum that amazes a gotera in your department of cal Maipú. “Porque Borges is just a piss huachaferías, how to get to Peru. “Do not find adequate respect in walks that in a house, in what’s occupied, in a habitation like a glass”.

“I admire Borges for being absolutely intact and weighing the small broms that I respect,” Zanjón said. I know that the Argentine scribeI do not think that in Latin America there is a social problem, that there is a difference between Latinos and Ganabans and other Ganabans”.

Presentation of
Presentation of “La mirada quieta”.

On the other hand, Vargas Llosa (Arequipa, 1936) coincided with Sebreli in that “you have a country in Latin America where you have to go through a process of progress without knowing Argentina”.

If the program is anticipated, turn on the lathe conversion on its own La mirada quieta, which creates a complete, personal and suggested profile of the Spanish writer. Record that Pérez Galdós read the articles in the Spanish periodicals, because “there was not a good article, there was an essential novelist”.

Vargas Llosa indicates that the story of Pérez Galdós was translated into French, something that does not apply. It’s a good idea to strike a balance between the essence of the essay and the essential Spanish literature: “Desigual, describe works that are very important and works that are not good, works that are a piece of paper”. Describe your intention to “write the letter XIX with traces of senile novels, poems, entrails, scripts in a language very accessible to a public gran. You are very excited about the National Episodes, but they are not published in Spain ”.

Detail Vargas Llosa – who dedicates himself to the work of Pérez Galdós on the principle of enduring the pandemic -, the Spanish “plan of 15 novels, of which he describes solemnly 12. A way of reading the great public and anecdotes , historias, ponían de un manner sencilla, ligera, un official, hechos historicos alkance del gran púplico español ”, lo que le valió tener much much exito.

Vargas Llosa considered that the author probably Fortunata y Jacinta probably “the first professional scraper that appears on our nearest letters in Latin America as in Spain. Comproml se comprometió a escriir cada tres meses a novela y cumplió. Now there is no time for the year to fall, other than the year of a defective way ”.

Presentation of
Presentation of “La mirada quieta”.

“A gran escritor is not like a gran escritor”, recalcó. Y, and the difference of Pérez Galdós, which corrects with small annotations, but does not resonate with a novel, affirming that it’s very much correct. “It simply came to our notice then. I can not write a novel legally ”.

In political matter, the author who notices notification of the publication of La ciudad y los perros (1963) argued that depositing itself was confusing in the Latin American language, “it has a profoundly distorted vision of reality, which antagonizes very dogmatism. The case of the opposite is true because it is ocurriend hoy d ena in Ukraine, for example. “Putin’s absolutely virulent manner of aggression in a small country and without embargo, he has shown no reaction, no condensation.”

It is convenient to show that democracy is not in crisis, it is “that it is alive”. “The Russian invasion of Ukraine has served as a prelude to further strengthening the European Union. My impression is that Putin has been fully equated with invading Ukraine, even though he is at the stage of the military forces at his disposal. “The impression is that Ukraine is enormously involved in the invasion, and that the invasion does not matter to the Russian trophies, even though Putin was surprised.”

In exchange, he pessimistically shows up against the panorama of Latin America, where the situation “can not be more tragic. It’s very different from optimistic about a Latin America that is paralyzed by new dictatorships or point of intimacy at a time of violent action. “It’s very different to be optimistic, but it does not mean that I know what to do”, insist the author of The fiesta del Chivo.

“Latin America, if you are right, you know what the meaning of freedom is,” he recalled. “In the function of being free and solving all the enormous problems that are present in the world,” said Todavia. Before retreating, the caminand has just opened its mouth on the canopy, leaving the room a flattering applause. Last year, including a pandemic, it celebrated the participation of Nobel in Literature and ultimately in line with the motto “boom”.


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