Marta Guzmán loses her hair against cancer and screams

Marta Guzmán pierces her hair in her mouth against her mom’s cancer and screaming. The conductive conductor knows that the procedure is embedded in the fibrous tissue and in the program in vivo.

“No wonder the photo was taken, no pen because it is a process that is assimilated. Because it is a file and it is not the most important, it’s important,” he said. .

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The Mexican conductor was sent in a message that prevented melena from passing the 15th of February.

“I lost my hair from the last 15 days of February, when I saw that it was burning little by little, no lo niego, it made me feel sad. that I pass the electric current, saber saber that I feel and as I go, in a team “. What

My doctor has 2 options, treating my hair with an apparatus that blows through the soft skin that I can not guarantee that I will not be able to cut an oncologic hair out of the mandible, not even if I have a pelvic hair solo conocia las de diffrases.

Algunas patients in the habían hablado of a bald oncológicas hechas a la medida, of natural hair and very smooth to not irritate the skinny skin, así conocí @capilartespelucas, as I decidate the hair, while preserving my hair as much as I can se me empezó a caer, cuando comenzó la caída, en 3 días ya estaba praxaktamente calva así que fuera pelo ya usar peluca.

Marta Guzmán habló también los symptomat que ha tenido que enfrentar con el cancer de mama

“I’ve seen my hair, I’m not ido acoustumbrando and I’m told that it goes through a process of remediation and every syllable, llagas en la piel, uaas amoratadas, sensitive and white languages, ojos llorosos, cansancio, bochornos, mare all the achaques that can be sent, because they want to go back to mom’s cancer “.

Last but not least, love Marta Guzmán’s love:

“Thyroid and ultrasound with mammograms and ultrasonography as well.

The world of mom cancer

At the mundane level, mum cancer in women now is superimposed on lung cancer as well as cancer more diagnosed. It is estimated that in 2020 it will diagnose 2,261,419 new cases in all of the world.

If you are diagnosed with more than one stage of cancer with a mother who has recently had another cancer, you may have breast cancer. The nurse represents 1 out of every 3 new female songs annually.

If you are diagnosing invasive mom cancer at 287,850 women in the United States and diagnosing invasive mom cancer (in situ) at 51,400 women. From the media of the 2000s, invasive mom cancer in her months has been approximate to a percentage point average. I estimate that I was diagnosed with invasive mom cancer at 2,710 men in the United States.

It is estimated that it produces 43,780 deaths (43,250 women and 530 men) in the United States due to mom cancer. At the mundane level, the cancer of the mother in women is the cause of death. In 2020, we estimate that 684,996 women in the world will die of breast cancer.

The 5-year-old supervising bowl shows the percentage of people who live to be less than 5 years old when a cancer detector is detected. The term “percentage” means a total of 100 people per person. The sobrevivenciada promedio cup 10 years old for women with invasive non-metastatic breast cancer is 84%.

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