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A long time ago, a group of armed men in the western region of Oromia, Ethiopia, killed at least 260 civilians, according to reporters who spoke to Reuters. Ambos participates in the interior of the bodies in common areas and ensures that the victims are from the ethnic Amharic group, a minority in the region.

The time is right (June 20, 2022) when the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, described what he described as “horrific acts” in Oromia. ”, Wrote on Twitter. The first reports showing that members of the ethnic group, the Ethiopian majority, were responsible for the massacre.

You can now find it in the Gimbi district. “Hemos enter 260 bodies, or participate in the collection of the bodies and in the interior. pero perdió a quatro hermanos y tres primos en los hechos.

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It is safe to say that the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a group of protesters, including members of the Liberation Army of Oromo (OLA), a terrorist group. “Fue una mashara de amharas”, assured. in the district of Gimbi, fired by the Gaachana Sirna militia, located in the state of Oromia “, assured Odaa Tarbii, porter of OLA.

Testigans assured that you will be amazed at the good looks on the calves and that there are many different times. “The curtain is 16 years old, with a ball spread out by an OLA gunman,” one AFP told AFP. . Según él, the objective of the moment is exponential of the region. “Destruyeron nuestras casas”, agregó.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has confirmed that it has allegedly targeted civilians inside the OLA, and that “civilian casualties” have been reported. an alliance passed with the Popular Liberation Front of the Tigray (TPLF), which combines federal forces in the north of the country, not to mention that TPLF is related to the low tide.

DZC (Reuters, Europa Press, AFP)


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