Massive Filtration by Doctor Strange 2 by Marvel reveals the terrible state of Bruja Escarlata

Expectations against the strain Doctor Strange at the Locura Multiverse cracks in the media as it approaches the 6th of May. And in the brand of la Cinemacom what celebrities are in Las Vegas, Marvel Studios has presented an epic adelant showing the first few minutes of the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

An aperitif destined in principle solo to one afortunados parts per of which has transcended important revelations.

Seg informn informa Slashfilm, is a 15-minute advance when a swimmer floats in a dusty sky. It is an apocalyptic brand that shows a Strange with the same leaf with a collar (the same as the Defender Strange) and a friend joins a new person: the America Chavez de Xochtl Gómez.

Taking advantage of the fact that it has been liberated from the ashes, Marvel’s Hechicero Supreme wants to use his magic resources to re-create the creature in a field of fire. But it was unmasked to Strange, who could not retaliate and the monster’s weakened conjure arm. As part of the battle, verse can be read aloud as Chávez deliberately intended to allege a pair of azaleas, the cual, five of which will reveal their properties, as a destination and complete a certain amount.

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Strange, available to Chavez

Just right away, the hatchback is discouraged with his young man and the guy says “this is the unique way”. Trying to sacrifice heroin for the sake of being a leader, Strange intends to absorb the clutches of a Chavez American terrorist to save the universe.

“But we are friends”, Strange’s hope, which is the convenience of hacking which hau for the most noble causes. The intentions explicitly stated that their sacrifice was due to the pen, the attack being created in the Strange oven. Viendo en esta, la ocasión perfecta, Chávez intenta escapar, pero termina por caer en las garras del monstruo.

Without embargo, since the young man launched a panic attack, the heroine ojos were completely turned into azoles and their alcanoes could all explode. Mentras, maltrecho por su herida y encondrondose al borde la muerte, el hechicero termina por lanzar unos poderosos anillos magiki with los que espera poder cercenar los brazos de la criatura.

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Not obstructive, in its desperate acometida by salvara and compañera, the heroin acaba cayendo if it packs a portal in the form of a star. Pero, por suerte para Strange … todo ha sido un sueño.

Throwing away this abusive pedestal, the master of the mystical arts is watching and assisting an iglesia in what is known as Dr. West. The person encarnado por Michael Stuhlbargwhich appears in the first interaction and with what you have, combs about what supposes the body of Thanos.

Wondering how to get rid of clutter you don’t need, your doctor says you’ve got it all over the place, but you’ve got the hang of it and suggested it – as you read in Vengadores: Infinity War and Endgame – but Strange responds: “I’m the only one who’s tired.” “For the assumption that he was a hiccup”, the West contest, which the tamibén recovered that no logra recuperated to his daughter.

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The body of Dr. Palmer

Trace the quality, trying to find a nupcial brand and Christine Palmer de Rachael McAdams apparatus caminando por un pasillo. Effectively, it’s the water of the body, but it does not matter with Strange sino with Charlie glossy algae.

From the sound, hoping that the next scene will show as the master of the mystical arts observes the love affair with its new grandchild, Christine and Strange will be found in the bar of the reception, when they are discouraged by the sound of the wind necesario para protegerla. And, despite the fact that the haberdashery reincontracted, Strange assured that the nun would be preoccupied with all, and that Palmer would contest that “nunca iba a funcionar”.

Just in an instant of confessional intimacy, fire, you have to play an album. With a sharp edge, the Strange has its levitation cap and pressed to engage in action, salvaging various transient forces of an invisible force that is destroying various vehicles. Se treats to a creation of tentative multiples and a single ojo: Gargantos.

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With its repulsive and temporal feel to its solo vein, Strange launches its head rescuing ace of America Chavez, which is found on a bus that retires on its own. After the salvado news, the young man asked her. You are instantly following Strange to see the traces of your pedestal. Entre tanto, Gargantos the launch of the bus, thanks to its power, the hatchback being part of the condenser carrying one of its cones, a sequence of views in one of the trailers of the movie.

Wong, Salvador

To trace it, enter Wong scene, the actual Hechicero Supremo -talk and how to find Spider-Man: No Way Home (Spider-Man: Sin camino in casa) – all available. Using a powerful and magical light, the brakes slow down and scroll through the Strange mares inconsistently.

Designed by the master of the mystical arts to reclaim conscience, I am a friend and compiler in the ref. Using magic, Strange can be set up to launch a post on this page, logging in to the entire screen.

Mientras, America Chávez brake ball with their hands a trefoil scattered from the bottom of the body of the dodge the hechicero has emptied the list for acabar with Gargantos, which term aplastado por a trema of hormigen in the form of a star.

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Vishaniti’s book and real pesadillas

After this succession, Chávez confessed to Strange and Wong that the procedure of another universe and revealed that necesitan could find the denomination, the Book of Vishaniti, the ‘white’ version or the river of Darkhold que tiene Wanda Maximoff el cual, según cuentan, es inalcanzable.

Aunque, tal hazaña, the young heroine and master of the mystical arts lograron realized in another universe, pero triumphs that vio truncado commanding the demon al that sefrentaron los alcanzó. “Creí que me protegería, pero no lo hizo”, confiesa Chávez. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

The embargo, even if it is real, all of which are real, explicitly from America to Strange. “En algún lugar es real”, insiste la joven. Given the situation, Wong suggests that a Kamar Taj with others, such as the master of mystical arts giving the ballot a fivefold vote if it’s open or intentionally matched.

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Wanda y la familia

Print terms for where you know what is in play is not the same as hacking, sino de brujería. Wong accurately uttered when Wong asked “¿Do we know alguien who is interested in the other algebra?”. “Creo que sí”, Strange replied in an allusion to Bruja Escarlata.

Next, Wanda Maximoff takes the lead, concentrating on the shadows in the case that appears in WandaVision, asegurándoles que “la familia es para siempre”. Pero por desgracia para ella, deskubre que tan solo se trada de un sueño.

Little by little, Strange irrumpe in the scene to step on Wanda’s aide, which has given way to magic. Intentionally recounting what is happening to Kamar-Taj, the protagonist is the one who is about to diversify. It is fastened to the adjoining master by imaging joints from the rest of the film, unveiling a malignant variant of Doctor Strange, shaking the third of it completely open.



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