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The resurrected. A myth that always comes back. There have been many returns Tiger Woods. Five back surgeries, five knee surgeries, opioid addiction, the divorce scandal that has erupted over the course of almost 26 years of professional career. But there has been no such return. El Tigre returned this Thursday after 508 days of playing official golf, which was the longest vacation in his entire imperial career (he did not play 469 days from August 2015 to December 2016), 14 months after breaking his right leg. Traffic accident in Los Angeles. The fact that he achieved this at the age of 46, with a bruised body from injuries and blows, is only the property of his opponent, who must be the most mentally challenging opponent in the history of sports.

A giant whose legs are made of clay (or metal, it is better to say, because of the rods, plates, or screws that cover his right foot), but still giant. On the day of his last resurrection, the tiger signed 71 strikes, less than once. It was supposed to be at the Augusta Masters, where he opened the era his victory a quarter of a century ago, the first great to play, the first to win, number one in his 15 collection. Where he delivered his final official blow on November 15, 2020, during the Dustin Johnson Outbreak Masters, -20, beating the Tiger’s record of 97-18. Woods dressed him in a green jacket, which he did in Class A. Earlier, he returned to paradise, which he had conquered 11 years earlier, 14 years after his last bingo in August. Then he climbed “Everest”, overcoming another back operation. No one thought he would endure such torture.

To escape from such an atmosphere, you have to be a robot. Electricity could be felt in the air as a Tiger in a bright pink T-shirt with an iceberg in front of everyone (who would have thought he was number 973 in the world) walked from the club building to an inch of human corridor. There his father, Earl, flew in again, knowing that in those moments there was only the ball, the parade, the hole, the stick, he. Everything else is invisible. Emptiness in his mind. He could remember the meditation he had devised with his mother, Kultida, the inner peace in the storm.

The big one who won lame

508 days later he returned to the ball in the official tournament. He was the same swallow as always, but his body had a bigger scar than the previous ones, there was one, which made him do another swing due to reduced mobility. His gesture hurts. The champion moves slowly, with difficulty, as if breaking from the inside, enduring the pain of the leg’s soul, because the Tiger has reached his limit of physical resistance, but nothing hurts him more than not being a Tiger.

That first ball landed on A. bunker. He said goodbye to the couple shock blowև unsuccessfully kicked towards bird in the fifth part of the next hole. So it went a long way until it reached a turning point in the fifth. The tiger saw the ball from the inside, when it hit it to discount the shot on the card, տես he saw it from the inside so much that he even made a gesture to go to get it out of the hole, but in the last turn he cheated his fate և painted tie which made Woods turn around with a furious face. Did that make the champion angry? Hungry Tiger, whose food is taken out of his mouth … At six or three, at the next stop, he left it given. Bird.

Tiger started the engines, but today it works like diesel. That extra outfit now looks rusty. In the eighth, fifth, he had to take a step back after a series of bad blows. short seconds approach: long, a shock blow failed և height:. Return to the starting square, the second stage is ahead. Overcoming every triangle, Woods resisted until he reached another oasis, one-fifth of 13, where he scratched the bird after hitting it for an eagle. He was already clinging to the field with nails. shock blow failed on the 14th (height:) followed by the couple on the 15th ա finally a shock blow house sign on the 16th to return to red ել keep that lead (-1). “I am as painful as I expected, but I am prepared to resist,” he explained.

Tiger already knows what it means to win lame. It was at the 2008 US Open in Tori Pine when he played the barbaric game of the last two days with play-off Rocco Mediat with a torn forearm and two stress fractures of the calf. Woods hit him on the knee, hit him in pain. He behaved with a stick as if he were an old man’s cane. The offense was the price he was willing to pay to win one of the great victories he had always sought in the 18th century. Jack Nicklaus. It was crowned again until 2019.

Will Tiger play Masters has been a big question in the golf world in recent days. The next big question is what he will be able to do if he catches his foot. Anyway, this Augusta Masters is Tiger Masters.

Augusta Masters tournament standings.

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