“Maybe we can start again with one car”

The American team is leaving for the Australian Grand Prix without a spare chassis. Back: Mick Schumacher crashed In the qualifying round of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Haas will not be ready for the chassis if the same thing happens in Melbourne.

Reality check for Haas

After the rough start of the season for the Haas team, back K. Magnussen Schumacher’s accident was a test of reality, as he was able to appear in the top 10 in the first two races. The mechanics had to break the Formula 1 curfew for the first time this season to prepare the chassis for their driver.

«It was quite difficult for the boys»Gunther Steiner confessed. “Last night we broke the curfew because the mechanics wanted to get ahead of us this morning, so we don’t have to go through it tonight. Breaking the curfew should have been a good starting point in Australia. “

“You have to put in all the pieces you can at the moment. You can not bring more, there is no more stock! What do you have, you bring “Steiner said.

They will continue without a spare chassis until Imola

The Haas team could not provide a spare chassis for Mickey for the last Grand Prix, they will not have a spare this weekend. Steiner admits that if they crash again, which turns off the current chassis, they can start the race again with 10 drivers.

«There is no spare chassis, there is no safety net, so be careful. But, we will start again with one car»:

The mechanics of the American team continue to work repair the chassis left by Schumacher In Saudi Arabia, the team now hopes to have a spare chassis for Imola.

“It will be corrected, then we hope to have you again for Imola as a spare chassis. I think it’s good, you need to change the structure of the side impact, you need to paint it ունի it has a small hole, but the chassis can be repaired.Steiner finished.

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