¿Mbappé quiso ir al Madrid, ¿habló con Zidane ?, ¿tuvo que ver con el cese de Leonardo?

The direct link of the French club does not confirm the continuity in the PSG of Mauricio Pochettino as technically not of Neymar

Nasser al Khelaifipresident of PSG, assured that the French Kylian Mbappé did not decide to stay in his club for another, but explicitly that “the offer of Madrid era mejor “y dismintió que tenga poder en las’s decisions deportivas del club.

“Tengo a great respect for el Real Madrid como club, pero Kylian jamás has decided to renovate for dinero. The offer of Madrid is better than the night. Además, tenía otros clubes de Inglaterra, pero él ha elegido el PSG y no hemos hablado con él, ni con su familia de dinero hasta el último momento. You are interested in the project, football. It’s Paris and where you want to represent your city or country, your club, and it’s not just that it’s going to happen. “For the diner is not the most important thing, it looks like it’s a fun project,” he said. Brand.

The president of PSG, who assures that “la Superleague is dead “, responding to dicho por Florentino Pérezunlock the urchin in the ultimate year with its intentions Real Madrid of convenience a Mbappé.

“Mbappé quería quedarse y lo decía siempre que me preguntaban. Madrid, pero no era verdad. Hablamos ahora de la ttima offer’s Madrid, pero verano hicieron una de 170 y 180 millones. “Whoever decides to go to his salario, or wind mejor than the night, as of now”, explicitly.

“Rechacé 180 y me dijeron que estaba loco, gente de mi confianza, porkë se podja e gratis, pero lo hice porka estaba sure that que Kylar se iba a quedar porko le conozco bien él’s family, sé lo que quiere. Kylian “It’s very serious, professional, and very good, because it’s equal to the other. While Madrid is deceptive, it is not just Mbappé’s destiny,” he added, referring to the south but also the economic aspect.

No confirmation Nasser al Khelaifi the continuity in the PSG of Mauricio Pochettino as technical ni de Neymar. Disclaimer that hayan negotiated with Zinedine Zidane. “No podemos hablar de eso aún, lo haremos en su momento, no ahora”.

Zidane is a person who likes me a lot as a user and I like him as an intern, me incanta, pero jamás hemos hablado con él, directly or indirectly. Respect and appreciation a lot. “Han salido muchas cosas, pero no hemos hablado con él jamás”, affirmó.

Show your surprise with the intention of Florentino Pérez de montar la Superleague pero celebrar “casi una semana” the conquista of the Champions League. “Es raro. Ha ganado la Champions y de forma merecida además, pero por un lado la quieren ganar, lo han celebrado días, casi una semana, y por otro lado no les gusta jugarla. Si no estás contento, no hace falta jugarla. “The greatest competition of the world for all and including but not for the Spanish affidavits is against this competition, but for the Super League it is dead.”

Respect the denunciation of LaLiga and its president Javier Tebas to PSG to include “in current form the current financial fair play norms”, Al Khelaifi respond with irony. “¿Quién es Tebas? No conozco a esa persona “, dijo.

“Our style is not matched in the results of other clubs, other leagues or federations, it is not black style. But you do not want to perceive that other people in the lectures. “We have a football project to build and we want to follow it well,” he argued.

“All the summers are mismo. That we play fair, that we do not respect the rest … Sabmos mejor que él lo que podemos hacer y nadie de fuera nos tiene que decir lo que tenemos que hacer. Si lo hacemos, es porque podemos.Mire el caso de Messi. I igual, declaring that the wind is impossibly financed and we all have other Messi. “You have no idea what to do in your league because your league is a little dead,” he added. LaLiga.

Please note that Mbappé has no method in this case Leonardo as deportivo director and the league of Luis Campos, ni opina del entrenador ni la plantilla. “If you do not want to comment on this project, you will not succeed in doing so. It will only happen if you do not.

Lastly, confirm your entry into the pedal circuit. “Premier Padel is an opportunity for all, for the south, for the deportee, for the Federation, for the media, for the deportees, it is deported to the world level as it should be. Superleague“is a competition for the south, not for the gates of Nadia”.


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