Medical cannabis will be used to treat epilepsy in telethon patients

Rodrigo Duran Silva, Vice President of Pharma Latam Khiron, reveals that they will provide alternative medical cannabis treatment for patients with epilepsy Te in patients with Teletón Pediatric Rehabilitation Centers (CRIT).

“Our goal is to benefit at least 20,000 patients in Mexico in the first year, say, telethon patients,” said the director of a Colombian company that raised $ 95 million on the Toronto Stock Exchange to blow up the medical cannabis industry. In Latin America.

According to the director of the Colombian company, about 9 million patients in Mexico will benefit from cannabis treatment. Half of these Mexican patients suffer from pathologies such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis և Parkinson’s disease.

In Colombia, Chiron has treated more than 15,000 patients with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

From January 2021, the regulation supports the prescription, layering, distribution and legal import of medical cannabis Mexico. “We have already submitted the approval of some layers to Cofepris, we are waiting for the approval,” he says Forbes Mexico:.

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Khiron is the first Colombian company to boast of a whole chain of medical cannabis production. The Colombian government, led by Ivan Duque, has made more than 2,000 concessions to provoke the Green Wave, but those who have already started their activities or have already implemented their business plan are counted on one side.

Chiron hemp farm, which produces about 10 tons a year, is free of guerrilla crime and organized crime, which is reported daily in Colombia. It is not guarded by the army so that no one can approach it, but it is protected 24 hours a day by a video surveillance system that accurately captures anaconda vipers storming a cannabis plantation for a few minutes.

To reach the legal cannabis plantation in Girona, you can either reach it by helicopter, like its investors, such as Vicente Fox, Chris Napravan, and Deborah Rosati, who, when they visited, had only tapes where the project was supposed to take over. It takes more than 6 hours by car from Bogota.

For two years, Chiron has partnered with the Tecnológico de TecSalud School of Medicine and Health Sciences (EMCS) in Monterey to teach online medical cannabis lessons. To date, they have trained more than 260 physicians in Mexico

It was here that they began talking to various institutions, such as Telethon Mexico, as virtual lessons, medical cannabis courses were offered to clinicians, hospitals, and individual physicians.

A year ago, the first approach to the telethon was to discuss everything that is being done in Colombia, as he և showed him the medical evidence of medical cannabis և the work of the Zerenia Clinic, which we are going to copy in Mexico.

Khiron executives met with Arturo Picardo Egea, Corporate Medical Director at CRIT System Fundación Teletón México, who traveled to Colombia Bogota to learn about Operation Zerenia.

The Mexican doctor of the Telethon understood how we prepared the safe, responsible prescription for cannabis, the medical supervision of the patients after the procedure, remembers Rodrigo Duran Silva.

According to the director of the company, the monitoring program, known as Kiero, is used to monitor patients on a weekly basis, followed by monthly treatment, which is accompanied by the desired therapeutic effect between the doctor, the program and the patient.

“When that layer reaches Mexico, doctors can prescribe it, because the basic preparations can be produced in a laboratory. “This is where the telethon comes in. The initial idea is to prescribe patients after training doctors,” comments the director of the Colombian company.

The drug cannabis formula will be provided as an alternative treatment for epilepsy և spasticity for children ակների adult patients at the Child Rehabilitation և Inclusive Centers (CRIT).

Tlalnepantla CRIT will be the first rehabilitation center to introduce a specialized medical care center, such as the one operating through Zerenia in Bogota, Colombia.

The treatments prescribed at “Zerenia” clinic are cannabis, hydrotherapy, massages, all medical, psychological and psychiatric examinations are performed on each of them. Together, they managed to cure և relieve patients such as Guillermo Arturo Prieto (Piri), journalist և photographer և Ivan Rene Valenciano նախկին Former football player of Monarcas Morelia և Tiburones Rojos del Veracruz. Many others have been relieved of their pain.

The construction of the medical care center should show how it works, it will be used to train telethon doctors, to train interdependent doctors, to consult for various pathologies, explains Rodrigo Duran Silva.

The idea of ​​using alternative medical cannabis treatment for patients with epilepsy և spasticity with Zerenia Tlalnepantla Medical Center will penetrate, so it will “expand to the other Telethon’s 24 centers across Mexico.”

Will medical cannabis treatment be sold to telethon patients?

“There we would say that we should end the closure of the Telethon, of course in the case of children patients, which they control, because they will benefit those patients. Especially for adults, the price will definitely be in the range from which the medicine will go. It has yet to be determined, but there will certainly be some benefits to your Telethon patients, thanks to this alliance we are creating so that the patient can get the medicine for the first time but continue to use it. Many of these diseases are chronic; it may be possible for a patient to have them լինել to have access to them.

Your other program in Mexico

“We are more than clinics because we are looking at medical centers, we want to open 20 centers in Mexico in the first year,” said Rodrigo Duran Silva.

“This makes it very interesting to be able to offer treatment to patients in Mexico, because in the end we are trying to improve the quality of life,” he said.

In Mexico, the model pharmacy works with a nearby medical office, so there will be a Zerenia care center for patients to get private counseling, and doctors will prescribe medical cannabis, adds Latam Chiron, Pharma’s vice president.

Alternative cannabis treatment will be prescribed by doctors trained by Pharma Latam Khiron, he added.

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