Medical malpractice and medical malpractice in Guanajuato: Suffering patients

In recent times, there have been 571 cases of negligence or poor medical practice in Guanajuato, cases affecting only children

Oscar Jimenez

Guanajuato.- When it comes to supply 100 which medicines debit to an attenuation deficit as part of the personal escalation of gold in Guanajuato.

Keep track of the numbers registered by the Statistical Commission of Conciliation and Medical Arbitration (Cecamed), in 2020 and 2021 there is not a slight increase in that, but at the moment, the hospitals in Guanajuato state are saturated to reach the nurses coronavirus.

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The first case of the pandemic, that your initial cases in March 2020 in Guanajuato, radiate 100 quejas in Guanajuato because it is an organism; averages that in 2021, the figure descended to more than 94 declining cases, confirmed in the same year as the declining rates since 2010.

Most of the advertisements hacia the medical and nosocomial services are directed to fall into medical treatment y quadratic treatment; pero también se quejan de los diagnosticos entrigados a los patients.

fetal surgery in Guanajuato
Photo: especial

The fact that not all hospitals are public but the largest number of denunciations in the most recent years. In reality it is in private institutions that it is registered 603 cases from 2010.

In the case of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), since the mismo año a la fecha, se hafatizado en 397 quejas.

This year, the guanajuatenses municipalities sign a cooperation agreement with the CECAMED authorities. Is it with the intention of being able to measure the difference between different citizens and the work of the municipal offices; and avoid as if moving to the center of operations is in Irapuato.

“Where the municipal presidency has a proportion of safe spaces at the bottom of a large number of mediation-conciliation audiences, capacities and groups that are designed according to the Participatory Patient Model, as well as proportionate, a space for an informative mode of CECAMED and support in diffusion ”, fue part of the stable established with the municipalities of the entity.

MOTIVATIONS 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
DIAGNOSTICOS 15 14 25 16 15 2
Athenian difference 2 0 0 0 0 0
Medical-patient relationship 3 0 0 0 3 2
Orthodontic treatment 17 7 11 13 13 2
Medical treatment 22 13 27 21 22 4
Quaternary treatment 51 51 45 39 29 6
Attachment of embryo, part and puerperio 6 11 10 2 5 3
Administrative problems 6 4 9 7 7 0
Diagnostic and treatment auxiliaries 0 0 0 2 0 0
Tratamiento insatisfactorio 0 1 4 0 0 0
Adjective negative 2 0 0 0 0 0
Diagnostic retraction 0 0 2 0 0 0
TOTAL 124 101 133 100 94 19
INSTITUTION REPORTADA 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
IMSS 41 38 41 24 25 5
ISSSTE 12 9 11 6 7 0
PEMEX 3 0 3 1 3 0
Private hospitals 56 37 60 49 46 13
Secretariat of Salud de Guanajuato 12 16 18 21 13 1
SEDENA 0 1 0 0 0 0
mono virus in Mexico
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Follow the answers to a shadow of your shadow

On the 9th of July, a shadow of the shadow of death Viridiana Garcíawhich only has its age.

From the intonations, the family has no recidivism before the various denunciations interpuested against organisms such as Public Ministry and the Procedure of Human Rights in the State of Guanajuato (Prodheg).

On August 31, 2021, the mother revealed the case to anteponer one against Prodheg. Concerns that the minor debtor’s bankruptcy owed to the disqualification and negligence of medically responsible persons. This is also true of Guanajuato’s Secret Secretaries (SSG), aún no hay sancies ni respuestas para sus familiares.

After the tragedy, Viridiana alerted her to the administrative and medical staff of the hospital. León Pediatric Hospital about the condition of your shadow, which was blown away by the 8th of July until the end of the recurrence of attraction by a physical malestar. Sin embargo, hasta pasada la medianoche, aún no era atendida.

The shadows of Viridiana
The shadows of Viridiana. Photo: Special

The situation is so intense that Viridiana notes that the shadows of her shadow turn moradas. Después, treating the resuscitation of the pequeña, will finally be confirmed on death.

From the intonations, the families have a legal battle with the doctors and the organism of static health. In the interior, you will find amenazas and investigations that do not advance, to check with testimonials and try photos and videos.

“Various medicines can be used and otherwise no authority can be obtained to make declarations of these medicines. (…) Hay included a robbery by the hospital subdirector, which revealed that there was a lot of negligence ”, says Viridiana.

“In Derechos Humanos declares all, but incongruent in all their declarations. Dicen que yo me porte grosera, arpotente, cuando otros dijeron que winda an amable persons i que me presenti tranquila a pesar de situacije ”, reconoce en interviewee con Correo.

From now on, Viridiana’s shadow has taken every patient recurring from the hospital after it’s been diagnosed with a nurse very rare: paddle neutropenia congenital severa, which is characterized by a number of white blood cells in the blood. With the embargo, family members are assured that, as soon as it is conditioned in the nosocomio, the medical department is locked in not prioritizing the immediate attraction of the nose.

“I feel like a patient in the hospital, and the only way or only concomitant from your stage of health, from your behavior. For this I have desperation, but it is not established ”, afirma Viridiana.

Viridiana with her shadows
Viridiana junto a sus dos hijas. Photo: Special

Finally, the attribution of negligence and negligence is attributed to the expert and nocturnal shifts of the hospital, which do not go to the ‘cuidado’ mismatch of what’s scurrying over the machines.

Of any kind, Viridiana only cargo a question: “Dijeron que la niña estaba bien, que estaba stable, ¿entonces por qué murió?”.

Kevin lives on a pedestal under IMSS treatment

After the tarde, Kevin did not have time to leverage the player. It does not take long for the enormous scarring to take place in the oven during an operation that removes the screw.

Recently, the child clings to each other. You do not have to worry about screws and bolts. This is because all the esperaban girls have a backlash and the attenuation of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). Pese a todo, el menor ha podido recuperarse.

Kevin muestra su cicatriz
Kevin muestra su cicatriz. Photo: Special

From there, Kevin has a lot of health problems, but he still has a lot going on and visits a variety of privately owned drugstores, among others, who tend to treat themselves with a heart attack and who want to blow up a demasia bomb, much to their chagrin. . Thus, at any moment, the floor leads to infarction, pain or pain other complication that affects the screw or the removal of permanent effects.

Without embargo, as an intentional example, sus padres, Raúl Enrique Manjarrez y Maria de los gengeles Jiménez, optaron, como muchos, por tratarlo en el IMSS. Pero finds out that family doctors refer to treating a problem “Simple” that solder with treatment.

“We are not surprised that we have a problem that is only in the cold, even if you have a flu”, when Kevin’s father; “En el seguro le daban largas; the doctor is familiar with the review and the fact that I do not have any problems, that I do not have a grave, but that I treat it ”.

“A generic pharmacy doctor does not comment on soplo, or as much as it does not work well, it can be very easy to establish”relata.

Do not find the opportunity or opportunity to do so, no matter what the other option is to search for a valid medical assurance that your mantle will be debited or dealt with; pero in este, the pago for medical guests, a conn con todo, ascendía hasta 150 miles pesos. Además, se pedía entregar primero el dinero, y después, les seria repuesto. Por ello, intentaron vender cosas y organizar rifas.

Kevin was running around
Kevin tras su cirugía. Photo: Special

La luz en el camino

It does not matter if you wish to edit a card entitled Guanajuato Salutation Secretariat, Daniel Díaz Martínezwhen recycling a positive response.

Kevin sería revisado en el Hospital of Pediatric Specialties of León; yes, it coincides with the diagnosis that habían dado medi private medicine with anteriority: Kevin requires an urgent operation.

“It coincides that there was a very special and special case”, considera Raúl; “If the pain goes away, because we are talking to the doctor, it will affect the degree of pain of every ass for example.”

Even in the León Pediatric Hospital, the possibility of vivo disappears, which has been traced back to the IMSS empiricism.

“A message to IMSS is that they are more humane, more humble, because we occupy all of them. What a day of arrogance ”pide Raúl.

Now Kevin says you feel good, miserable sus padres coincide in that “Ya tiene color y cuerpecillo. Antes estaba en los cigros huesillos, establishes solid and unbreakable ”.

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Now, no matter what the plans for raising startup capital, it is important for the day care business plan to provide accurate and complete information. Eso, consideran, is the most important.

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