Medicas are a generic brewing in pain medicine

By Samantha Anaya / Zona Docs

Dentro del campo de la salud, the specialty en palliative medicine and pain loading oil on the sounds and stresses generated by enfermedades graves. This specialty is inflated in the attenuation of patients with physical limitations that can have a condition of instant death or, as the nurse might say verse extended by a long time; también se encarga de la atención de patients undergoing recovery.

Without embargo, tal y como lo señala la doctora Sol Urbina Gutiérrezanesthesiologist and palliative medicine specialist, is the source of the unhealthy greeting on the personincluso, for their colleagues.

Doctor Sol Urbina’s preoccupation is with the situation, in particular, because of its distance from the car, it has been identified that it is determined, by a lad, the visibility and purpose of having this specialty y, by the other, the positive algebra and repression that has (or will not) be present in the patient life cycle with a grave nurse.

Y es que, con el paso del timepo, ha appendido that all patients who have been admitted by a doctor – trained doctor – have a better screw quality and a more patient-friendly treatment, in contrast to patients being treated by medical -humbers-.

For these are the main reasons, ella, junto up to 36 doctorates with this specialty, have decided to join and organize to specialize in their specialtyhow to approve between colleagues and arrange for a greater patient attraction.

Doctors who are united and now red specialize in the fact that they work hard because they are the most advanced medical licensure seekers and others in the process of academic formation.

The majority of ellas are located in el Metroprea Metropolitan of Guadalajarahaving taken into account one of the different stages of the Republic, as: Zacatecas, Sonora, San Luís Potosí, Michoacán, Colima, Guanajuato, Yucatán, Mexico City, State of Mexico, Quintana Roo, Chiapas, Sinaloa, Baja California, Nuevo León, “Y poco a poco se van cubriendo todos los stados”.

The initiative of women as well as women and specialists will be given from March 1. One of the causes that organizes and works in conjunction sanitary emergence by COVID-19, which, according to Sol Urbina, the crisis contributed to the visibility sobrecarga del trabajo de cuidados, en especial para las mujeresas well as the limitations that it exerts on patients and patients.

Según señala la Ph.D. Urbina, the main barrier that identifies as There are not enough palliative care specialists in public health installations.

Do you think that you do not know the specialty as you still do, but still, do not prioritize dental plazas in the public health system.

Recently, during the private health care system, com- pany offers medical workplaces with this specialty; is the result of the sum of its benefits, but has a labor force related to the public sector: “The public health system does not protect your security from a single thread, it does not establish itself, but it does not cover private spaces.”

Aunado a ello, for palliative medicines are the sum of generics: “Occasionally, they prefer to see doctors, but they always consider things like how we feel, how we tend to be more or how we plan our lives, because we obsessively obliterate the hackers and the men.”

The specialist shared his experience. It is stated that in one case it was sent to solicit a job post, and only 7 months after the booking, the post was rejected, until it was completed with the profile and which presented all the documentation that was solicited.

“As long as there is a type of treats that exist between men and women, the only way to overcome it is to be organized and to be among our own.”

How is this surgery an initiative?

Dr. Urbina acknowledged that these questions arose and sought an investigation into the generic perspective of medicine. The text, advertisement that patients treated by doctors having the most favorable indication in comparison with glasses that receive the accompaniment of various medicines. Case planteado hacia reference to cardiology, not obstetric, explicit doctorate, can be applied to any other specialty, including suya.

From this question vinieron otros, reconoce, como the cultural impact of the mechanism and misogyny in the practice of palliative care and pain medicine, but still, in the health of patients. With these plant-friendly plants in mind contact other doctoral students to organize, vincularse y comenzar a generat espacios as specialists in this field of medicine from a generic perspective.

“Create a spaceship for y nosotras”

The idea of ​​forming an organization of palliative medicine women have as an initial objective to create a space of creation and apology que contribuya a generate conditions in the professional, personal and laboratory of their integrators.

Dr. Urbina assures that palliative care cases are directed mostly by men, but buscan visualize the labor and participation that you have during the medical camp.

The specialists are organized for identify the areas of your profession when experimenting with sexes, breaches and gender violence. From the form that, from your experiences, consider prioritizing adelants and these practices for approve doctorates that receive harsh medical licenses, previo what to incorporate in the professional camp:

“Cuando yo egresé, para mí fue muy difícil, porque no sab na ni por dónde empezar. Now, in this specialty it is more complicated, because there are not many plazas, which can refer patients to doctors who are often, in fact, very important to approve those doctors who are recruited, and who are very tired labor, podamos brindarles opportunidades, redes y apoyo ”.

The work of the caretakers

In Mexico, el 87% of workshops are realized by womeny “In all cases where it is a man who carries the carcass of this work is because there is no one more than the Hague”sentence of doctor Dr. Urbina.

The aggregate specialist that is important to identify is problem of incapacity of the dental laboratoriesthe quality is not new.

Al hablar de the hand-held workshops that are not reconciled as a workbut the quality, not only remunerated, but the generator that the project of personal and professional screws of the caretakers will be truncated.

“Culturally, we believe in the creation of which the works of each person only correspond to the women. You can test as little as 8 hours a day in the caregivers, not only in the news of nursing patients, but also in the hospital, in the caregiver, and that is not reconciled, but still, it is not remedied, on the contrary , is normalized is sobreexploraci ”n ”.

The specialist exemplifies these generosity violations that prevail in Argentina. In this country, three of which four girls and teenagers catalog as “Ninis”, but in reality they work as caretakers. This is the situation in Argentina, ““Transformed into Mexico is no different.”

From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true medicine industry comes in create a dento impact of the medical field, for patients and their families. Once it is known that one of its main actions has ended conciliate the palliative physicians about the appropriate treatment and attraction to the patient, even from a general perspective.


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