Medicine as data science

When to study in more than one country the progressive evolution of cuidado de salud to convert to a basic database in the analysis of massive data, in the detection of cells that allow concoction, evaluated and eventually treat the problems of salutation of a person of preventive manner.

We call it a transformation that affects you, but by a fundamental and fundamental way, by destroying the science and the consciousness that we have about the functioning of the human organism and the enzymes that it does, but otherwise, in a very important form, on the cost and function of the sound systems.

However, the passage of basalt sound systems in the treatment of latrines as part of other basaltic sounds and sounds in the preventive analysis when these synchronous signals do not manifest itself when the principal vector of the exchange rate is reached more or less competing essay sentiment in the future.

The basic bases of the exchange essay are in the control of the disciplines: by a ladder, the genetic analysisy por otro, la advanced data analytics media machine learning.

Hablamas of science that are progressing at a much faster pace, from the first project of sequencing the human genome, even the obsession of a complete genome and without having passed through April. And for other people, from the very beginning there is the availability of massive databases with genetic markers, both in private projects like 23andMe,, MyHeritage, etc., or in other public and accessible areas, such as 100,000 Genome Project, or the Genome Project Person, which operates from one of the most popular sites in the United Kingdom and offers the most interesting results.

Precisely located on a large database of stored content that has been created from volunteers who donate their genetic data in the United Kingdom with the ultimate goal of collaborating on the progress of science, most of it is published in the magazine Science the genetic study is more amplified by history, which permits to characterize DNA profiles that terminally lead to the release of cancer.

In a sense, we are characterized by the characterization of “digital huellas” that cells apparently evolving to convert into cancers, by means of natural mechanisms such as the degradation of their genetic material by time, or by its definite subject.

Where is the availability of analytical proofs allowed? detect the canine temprana cancer including those that are produced, mediate the analysis of the median image machine learningor median analysis of blood or blood, with evaluation efficiency and availability for mass management procedures.

The disinfectant is clear: what is best for a health system? ¿Do you treat advances in advanced phases, habituating with a suffix gran to the patient and a sum of elevated tempers, or hacking in the temporous phases, including whether the patient has experienced the first symptoms?

What’s best for a health care system? Rat Treating advanced or advanced phase phases?

At the time of the plantings which can be advanced more rapidly in the course of the revolution than in the field of salutation, we must analyze not only the capacity of the investigation, but also the incentives to expose it. Countries like Spain, with advanced public health systems and universal compactness, have a much higher incentive than others based on private initiative.

Probably we see this type of tests and advanced analytics at the disposal of patients in private medicine in front of the blinds of the quality of patients in all public systems, but we must not forget that the potential of these systems is based precisely on the availability of massive data. In a public health system that generates its own level of adequate configuration, it can be used for planters, and for planters to grow at considerable cost.

In our case, countries, countries, countries, places, other places, where logos systems that are transferred to the autonomous communities are placed in a range of massive and centralized databases that have the ability to analyze in private without compromising , allowing the advancement of science.

A fundamental requirement is to increase the plant health of most countries, and to ensure that other areas are conducive to obtaining, in term terms, for each citizen as far as the Administration is concerned.

The key, one more egg, is inside the variable exchange: each more egg, it has a way of having a vision of healthy obstetric data, confidentiality issues and ultrasound protection, and then, obscurely expropriating in the face of privacy, only possible mass analysis.

The administrative problems do not differ as the technology of permite hacer. Quanto antenda entendamos ese exchange, antes podremos plantearnos mejorar -y de forma verdaderamente dimensional- algo tan critical and sensitive as the cuidado de la salud.


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