Medicine, patria and service, the passions of Dr. Víctor Ramos

Durante sus aos in the College has the tendency to be on the train of specialists at the moment like Huracán María and the pandemic of COVID-19.

Dr. Víctor Ramos, President of the College of Medical Students of Puerto Rico (CMCPR). Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Photo: Archive. Fabiola Plaza.

All you have to do is start your medical training, all of which will be completed by your leaders and students in the Medical School of Medical Sciences. Arranging student rooms for the medical students to find a space in the first center of the student.

Luego llegaron otras luchas que el hoy Dr. Víctor Ramos do not evade, integrate into the light of the Marina de Guerra del Ejercito of the United States of the Isla Municipio de Vieques. Asumió compromises with history hasta converted into one of the leaders claves in the field of medicine before that pequeña islita of puerto rican archipelago, nitrogen by bombs and cancer, powder thin paz and salud.

As a logical consequence of militancy by justice and human rights, despised, or converted to a pediatrician, their prophecies are shared with the presidency of the College of Physicians of Puerto Rico, led by the President in the history of the institution.

Among the most destructive and trajectory of these buildings is the structural impact of the seat of the College of Physicians of Puerto Rico, a space that offers space to all the colleges which, if any, should be 30 los que no necesitaría ningún cambio.

Other relevant aspect is the defense of the services of the collegiate medicine, where the doctors who have the active decree, for the decrees of benefits in imputations, which in the opinion of Ramos are vital importation for the collegiates.

From this space, el Dr. Víctor Ramosor 3 projects of ley that buscan avoid the flight of the professionals of puerto rica medicine, the continents living vital importation to ensure the objective of avoiding void resources.

* Which Medicare and Medicaid pay correctly, and which are reimbursed to commercial planes, which rates are not revised from 25 years ago. This project is in the Senate;

* Who are eliminated in Puerto Rico las red screws or favorites, which is what works for the young doctors. It is the 1546 project that is in Cámara; y

* Who do not cancel contracts without cause. Advantageous planes canceled more than 2000 contracts and redeem this, for example, in the case of a generalist, who can quote up to 90% of patients, with no other option left.

Defend the patient in his presidency

al Dr. Víctor Ramospresident of the College of Medicine Cirujanos of Puerto Rico, defended the patients of hechos who are convicted against their ojos in injustices, one of the most sonatas who are against the media of communication, but who always smiled at him.

“Basically, the insurers, all the students who study abroad, either at the United States or the United States, the pope or the student’s pay for sure when it comes to vacations in Puerto Rico and what it’s like dinero a borbotones con eso por a service that no because por ous students are not in Puerto Rico “, denunció el Dr. Ramos traces the case of the young Alexis Joel Hernández, who suffers an accident in Mexico and the insurer fills their flags.

Dr. Ramos and the COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he joined his colleagues in making the most important decisions for the benefit of the Puerto Rican population. Critic and firm, any fundamental piece and your voice in interviews with this medium and others, follow the letter of the letter by Gobierno organisms.

The spaceships weigh as much as they can, they try to educate the population about the virus, because it can rot and when at the moment it is empty in the world.

Participate, together with the Department of Health and the Coalition VOCES, to convert to Puerto Rico as the undisputed leader of vacation in the United States, earning a higher percentage registered in other places in the North American.

al Dr. Víctor Ramoswhich has a decree of 4% and is known at once because many medicines with great economical resources are available, provided that all of these near-green medicines are taken care of by all the general and primary medicines with the most beneficial benefits.

“The approval of Ley 47-2020 that allows the decree of 4% to be made available to one of the most satisfying majorities.
And that the Fiscal Control Junta is holding back the implementation of the lek porcelain that Gobierno did not explicitly explain the amount of funds that cost the fiscal. “Nosotros nos reunimos con Fortaleza y pedimos que se llevara la disputa al Tribunal Federal, y ese caso se incuentra ante el Primer Circuito en Boston, caso 21-1071, Pierluisi v. FOMB”, añadió.

“We follow in the footsteps of all the doctors with the decree, right.