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¿What is a healthy diet?

– Aquel patrón alimentario que ayuda a mantener la salud, mejorarla y prevenir la enfermedad.

– Y, how can it be compared to a diet, the tantas that hay, is it saludable or not?

– With scientific evidence. Mucha. Worked in the Nutritional Epidemiology studios.

– Ya… Y, in fact, ¿hay alguna dieta tan respaldada?

– Yes, especially one.

– ¡Cuál!

– The Mediterranean. Ninguna otra tiene tanta evidencia científica.

– ¡Ah, qué bien! Esa es la que sigo yo. Es la de toda la vida. What we follow.

This is the last phrase in any of the pronouns, ufana and tranquilament, for 81% of the Spanish population. Sequence of the Eurobarometer, which is less than 81% of the Spanish created to be fed by a mod saludable o muy saludable. Pero, how do you pass some exams with questions that come directly from the grano? What a 6.3. Ojo, no sobre 10, sino sobre 14. The most important thing about the Mediterranean diet (PREDIMED) is the definition of 14 points per sencilos, which qualifies the evaluation permit. Our compatriots, who think that the whole tan is falling, massively suspend the exam of the Mediterranean diet.

There are enough rations to give you 14 points of a diet in which the liquid or liquid, the olive oil, is the arcuate stone. Enumero, pero planteando solo las perguntas. The web the proportion of the correct answers.

For empezar, the first set of series is used as the main oil for cooking (1). The following are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for olive oil (2), vermicelli (4), fruit pieces (4), carnations, hamburgers, sausages, orchards (5), mantequilla, margarine or night 6) and carbonated babies and / or azucarads, such as refreshments, colas, tonics (7). As imaginable era, these 3 ultimate cleaners work best with low consumption. For the term, there are several questions about semantic numbers of: wine (8), legumes (9), pastries (10), fruits each (11), if there is a preferred consumer of carcass, peacock or cone in egg ternera, cerdo, hamburgers or salchichas (12), which only adhere to softero las verduras, pasta, arroz u otros platos (13) 14).

Last cat ítems. Parecen sencillos. However, it is possible to validate conjunctural studies with many miles of participants, when it recognizes biological, chemical, nutritional, screw and enamel variables, over a long period of segregation. All of this is somehow deprived of an accurate filter of complete statistical models, including machine learning.

The note that is obtained is not ballad. Tendrá an enormous impact on the health of the actual persons, as well as on the health of the planet and its living habitats. I do not agree with the interests of the general public, such as doctors, nutrition investigators and lovers of the nature and nature of healthy screws, even though imports are much higher than in the Vatican. In particular, the Pontifical Academia de Ciencias, whose passages 3 and 4 of May reunion in Rome are experts from all over the world to be proficient in the Mediterranean diet and by all instinct, which is the ace of oil.

The diet tends to have an enormous impact on the health of current people, as well as the health of the planet and its living futures

University of Harvard, Yale, California, Davis, Bonn, Florence, Athena, Navarre, etc. universities, but we also present scientific results that can be traced or concluded. The most important figure of Walter Willett, the investigator named one of the recipients ranking de Top Medicine Scientists in the world. Or your successor in Harvard Nutrition, Frank Hu. The next cardinal dean Giovanni Battista Re takes us home. The intervention of the President of the Academia, Joachim Von Braun, of the University of Bonn, was the mainstay. However, we are in the presence of Ramón Estruch, the current coordinator of PREDIMED. It is recommended to listen to the products, including Teresa Pérez, guaranteed by the Interprofessional of Olive Oil of Spain. Interview, from the governing agencies, Jaime Lillo, subdirector of the Consejo Oleícola International. Y también se oyó la vision de algunos famosos chefs. Destagó Greg Drescher, director of the Culinary Institute of America. The virtuous inclusions of the olive oil are obtained from a variety of epics.

Looking forward to all expedient advances, there is no shortage of healthy diets to refer to the traditional Mediterranean pattern. You do not want to miss out on traditional Mediterranean food without having to pay special attention to olive oil. Alcanza the most effective standards for better human health and generational futures.

A conclusion of this explicit symposium is that, in order to be able to ask questions about people like you, there is no shortage of medicine, with a great deal of medical knowledge, with a solid method and being structured in a very simple way. Se necesitan, como casi todo lo bueno, timepo, esfuerzo y unactive proactive y perseverante. The Mediterranean diet — gracia, in gran medida, olive oil — reduces the risk of heart attack, diabetes, breast cancer, colorrectal and other types, and autoimmune inflammatory diseases, as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

You can also prevent depression, achievement, cognitive decline and dementia; and is able to access a large part of the Longevidad… Pero, qu from which it serves that the scientists dedicated to us live, with very little effort, and obtains the scientific evidence that the mastery of the lives of these people, or the great Vatican institutions These symposiums, is the perception of society still distant from reality and the majority but not created because they want to fall?

The pen is opposed to the current diet with Creta from 50 to 60 years old, which is the authentic Mediterranean diet. This is what we treat in 14 points. It’s an inconsistency test that we do not want to live more… Y major.

Miguel íngel Martínez-González is the cathedral of Preventive Medicine and Salud Public of the University of Navarre and Harvard University, principal investigator of the group in CIBEROBN and author of Salud in the current science ¿Who comes?

NUTRIR CON CIENCIA is a section on basic nutrition based on scientific evidence and in the concurrent contrast by specialists. It is much more than a placeholder and an ace: diet and alimentary hobbies are now more than just a public health factor that can be used to prevent a number of cancers, but many types of cancer can lead to diabetes. A team of nutritionists who nodded to know better about the importation of derivative food, graces and science, the myths that we do not care about.

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