mental health care in RRHH for talent and motivation in teams

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A new concept of bienestar of gana espacio in space agendas of the directors of Human Resources in Spain. From the background of the company, the sector in which it operates or the foundation of the company.

It is a revolution, with its lens and desigual, advancing with firm signature into an empirical space that receives and receives that inversion in the mental health of the plantations without solo conveying a moral and holistic satisfactionprovided an economically quantifiable return.

The pandemic and its accelerating effect on the digitalisation of the economy has allowed destructive projects to be established in the market to provide aso-psychological psychological services of companies and particulars hayan experimented a notable increment of demand.

See platform trades online B2B that suits the mental health and emotional well-being of the employees of reference companies in a sector such as Glovo, Pfizer, PC Components, Travelperk, Colvin o Heura Food.

All of which contain the value of the content with the contents ‘contents’ and ‘felicities’, not only for a moral value, sino también por su impacto monetario -evitar las laborales- y de fidelizaci deln de talentoone of the handicaps of the digital age.

43% of Spanish professionals have experienced the sensation of agitation or death in the workplace, and 70% of those affirmations that are sentimental are due to the pandemic of covid.

43% of Spanish professionals have experienced the sensation of agitation or death in the workplace, and 70% of those affirmations that are sentimental are due to the pandemic of covid.

“Hay gente que se mueve solo por dinero. Eso es así. Pero, cada vez más, hay un trabajador, muy ligado a la digitalization, que quiere más. Quiere verse identified with the philosophy of company, sharing values ​​and, more precisely, is the talent profile you want to find. Your browser is the key to the organization “.

Habla Rafael San Román, Content & PR Manager at startup Ifeel. “Our impression is that These strategies of the traitor have been leaked to others. “On the one hand, because the pandemic has not abated, I wonder if there are any problems and issues that will occur, but then, the companies will be able to see what is happening, not only from the point of view of human or ethical vision, but also economically.”

Los datos así lo atesoran. Según la Guía del Mercado Laboral 2022, el 43% of professional españols have the same sensation of agotamiento or fatiga in el trabajo, and the 70% of those affirmations that are sentimental are now due to the pandemic of covid.

Desetnder el bienestar de la plantillas tiene su coste. Laboratory stress provokes about 30% of laboratory testswhich lasted a period of 83 days, and 24% of Spanish employees reconciled to register in the form of habitual forms, according to official data from the National Institute of Social Security.

The good diet and exercise at an integral level

“40 years old, the building of the complex is dilapidated with the diet, parking and gymnasium in the company. Now, this is a new reformed concept that encompasses the implementation of strategic transverse planes in the companies. It is not a point action like that, sino a project that forms part of the enterprise strategy strategy“, Explained to D + I Marina Ruiz, Responsible for RRHH in Psonríe.

Ruiz pone the focus on the consequences that for the emotional stabilization of the tendons have tended flight and semi-specialty or semi-specialty trace to ‘new normalcy’ and the new hybrid models of work.

“Es difícil mantener ese emotional trauma with tramps that are not physically close to the company “and, in some cases, my profiles are so specialized that it is not easy to fidelize because it expects much more than a good”, asevera Marina Ruiz.

Además, Adrián Viñuales, Responsible in Mindgram Spain, with a focus on the paper that is located in the whole is the process of generating the exchange rate of the seedlings. “Jóvenes buscan cada vez más personal realization, felicidad, bienestar, elements that can not be solved with a afterworksince they are more likely to be screwed in more enriched form “.

High visibility of mental health

How to change this process to increase the visibility of the mentally retarded and the aperture through a part of the society to treat the psychological therapy with the natural mass that takes care of the physical health.

“Gracia platforms such as our, which do not enter into the day to day of their companies and employees, creams that are being added to desestigmatizar la mental salut, pero queda un largo camino por recorrer“. And this is the determinant of these startups.

The flight to the pandemic route has increased the affiliation of the work teams.

The flight to the pandemic route has increased the affiliation of the work teams.

On the one hand, través de talleres, webinar and actions that have a continuous continuity throughout the yearthese companies turn to hermaphrodite hermaphrodite for better and more interesting concourses but to respect those aspects related to the mental well-being that they may be concerned about.

In a second stage, when the driver has detected a specific problem, the platforms offer specific containers for trawlers and, if necessary, in a more advanced way, you can access therapy with a professional who treat the person personally.

IA and ‘big data’ to radiograph the situation

For the most part, Human Resources departments receive a totally confidential form of feedback of your plant for to adopt powers that are sufficient to detect detected deficits.

“The assurance that this information is not based on advertisements, that are in the form of forms totally confidential by an external company to our network“is a point in favor of the confederate confusion in the solution”, relates Adrián Mindgram’s Visuals.

“Mindgram and platforms like nosotros we have all these aggregate and graceful files on artificial intelligence and el big data we offer the company a radiograph very accurate of the position of the occupants of the occupants “.


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