Mercedes deja caer que podría adelantar algunas mejoras in Miami

El bajón de rendimiento de Mercedes is the most volatile point of Formula 1 in 2022. The dominant dominance of the hybrid era has come as a whole, with the new regulatory chain, has lost its dominance in favor of Red Bull y Ferrari to be left-handed method in the media area. Si bien es cierto que con Lewis Hamilton more than con George Russellsince the legated solution is larger than the heptacampine, the same form as the W13 is due to the delivery of the Esperanto.

Mercedes no cesa en la bisqueda de mejoras

The reality is that, while Russell has consistently finished in the Top 5 in all the Grand Prix of tempora and sub-podium in Australia, like Hamilton in Bahrain, the finesse of the semaphore for Brackley’s’s suffocation side. Various problems accumulate in the new monoplasm, and of special relevance is the ‘porpoising’ the reboot effect, which occurs on the flat plates, has a higher incidence than in rivals of the slogan.

It’s because Mercedes has searched some of the principles of different solutions that stick to the championship box, even if it is not consistent. Pasadas quatro carreras, el timempo apremia. Yes, all semens have been commented on the full range of capabilities that the team led by Toto Wolff lleve importantes novedades a Barcelona, quotes the first European tram from Imola. Aunque podríamos ver an adelanto antes de eso.

Andrew Shovlindirector of on-track engineering of the team, commented that some of the novelties are listed for the first edition of the Grand Prix of Miamiwhich tends to be the semen that comes and goes before the citation of the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia.

As it is explicitly stated, how can the team find Imola: “Fue un fin de semana difícil. Sabemos d estnde estamos at this moment, we have the only difference to recover from where we are goingbut as a team we are very centered in the engineering network that supons, and that is very interesting. The problems are new to our customers and we tend to be compassionate and compassionate, because we are involved in a great energy field“, he commented.

Day by day, we are advancing and approaching more than just, and esperamos que pronto, tal vez en Miamiwe need to find some pieces of bread that we do not have an indication of if we are filming in the correct direction. We will not resolve this issue at nightwe can get a track of what we are in the right direction, from which we actually get stuck in the background of what is passing, we are often satisfied that we are advancing in the right direction“, ha finalized.

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