“Metabolism will be a revolution”

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Paula Villarreal (Leon, 1976) is from an Assyrian family, although he was born in Leon due to his father’s deportation. Fate, of course, determines some parts of the biography, while others do not. His family says so “When I was two years old I wanted to become a doctor”.

Villarreal describes his first encounters with medicine: “When I registered in the camps to be the plaster bearer. Many years ago I was already in a human medicine office. “And I volunteered before college. It’s quite professional.”

Where does the title come from so early? “Not for a relative to live with any disease. “I had a very happy childhood, a united family, no medical friends, but it always seemed to me that it was a profession that helped you take care of the other.”

Dr. Paula Vilares.

Dr. Paula Vilares.

It: Head of Internal Medicine at HM Sanchinarro For five years – for more than fifteen years after being unique in this university hospital group – he has been a tireless worker, one of the great specialists in internal medicine in our country, “a profession that, if left untreated, can always be cared for.”

What is internal medicine? “Well, it should be clarified from the beginning that An internist is not a family doctor. Internal medicine involves a comprehensive study of the relationship between the human body and all systems. It is a global profession, which includes a person as a whole, is a diagnostic and therapeutic whole. “

For her, a thoughtful, profound woman, “Suffering equates the rich and the poor, you should not differ in treatment, all your patients are what you recommend, as I say. Undoubtedly, the biggest obstacle for a person is going through a disease that prevents you from carrying out your normal life.

“We get sick many times because of pathologies related to what we eat.”

As a student at the Autonomous University, he recalls “a very demanding environment, so I would say it was the first blow to increase my humility, to eliminate my uncontrollable aspirations.” I was shocked to learn about pediatric oncology and childhood suffering at Nino Jesus Hospital, I did not count on it. I should have understood soon What resources can be available to a child or young adult to cope with death?.

Vilares mentions three main names during his formative years. “Dr. Luis Madero, Dr. Carmen Suarez when I was a student, Martinez Lopez de Letona, a teacher of many. Everyone had the ability to fully address a person through all the systems involved. It was a time when very complete clinical histories were being compiled and put in a folder. ”

Internal medicine

What are the most common pathologies in your profession?

A whole group of cardiovascular, infectious, thromboembolic, cancer, and then chronic diseases.

Can we talk about the general key to internal medicine?

A good internist should have someone with many medical history skills. Patience to listen, to be able to integrate the signs and symptoms to reach the diagnosis of pathology, because people are an integrative, a relational unit, like a preventive one. You need to associate the symptoms և signs with pathologies. Be a lifelong scientist with a very broad academic background. And, of course, follow the patient.

How did the Covid era change this profession?

Covid has been a paradigm, I hope it will bring us good things, such as being better informed about a more global approach to everything: health, care, relationships with others.

Is there any recent progress?

Different. Robotic surgery, the technology used in medicine, is incredible. That’s changing the way you approach surgery. The world around macrobiota և microbiota է metabolism is a change that will revolutionize medicine, և many pathologies will be treated with dietary changes, this is anti-inflammatory nutrition. We continue to fight cancer … And the approach of molecular medicine, early diagnosis based on genetic research.


That said, internists are returning to the power of food …

We often get sick because of the pathologies related to what we eat. We need natural fresh foods, not unhealthy proteins, but those with high nutritional value. Do not be carried away by any advertised product. And it is important to eat more regularly, with rich and quality food.

“To die well you have to live well, a good ending has a lot to do with a person’s lifestyle”

You mean, like, the Mediterranean diet?

To avoid saturated fats, to have a fresh and healthy diet that is more like a lifetime. For the children, for the school, we can give them yogurt, nuts և fruit, avoid everything that those packaged bags carry, չէ it is not so difficult to do better again …

What is the role of anti-inflammatory diet?

Patients who develop pathologies such as cancer, rheumatism … analysis may be perfectly normal, but the process that triggers it can be very helpful in balancing the probiotic. We now have an internal project that will confirm that promoting the probiotic mechanism in patients helps with certain diseases and prevents pathologies.

Are supplements appropriate?

It is not about supplements, but about what to eat, moreover, what to eat. A patient quality of life questionnaire is required. Anti-inflammatory nutrition և Probiotics are not only in the form of capsules, but also the foods you eat raw, such as vegetables and fruits, some meats and fish, are also healthy. We take supplements of … with a yogurt of kefir և it would serve us well.

Are there any? super products?

We began to discover that there are foods with special properties, such as ginger or turmeric. During the epidemic, the Asian-Latin American culture taught us a lot, many natural products are consumed in these two areas. In general, not everything is valid, not everyone feels the same, it is clear. During the epidemic, there were people who misread the web, drank bleach, died of misinformation. By consuming too much algae, you may have thyroid problems. Website information can be dangerous, you need to know about food, but really, about each specific case.

Pyramid of anti-inflammatory food.

Pyramid of anti-inflammatory food.


How can I make a wrong diagnosis?

When you are younger as a doctor, you may be more rude in your diagnoses. Diagnosis can be devastating news, you need to know what the patient is like, you should never start talking about prognosis if you do not ask, for example.

What do you say is the key to a good death?

You have to live well to die well, a good ending has a lot to do with a person’s lifestyle. And I’m not talking about not suffering. There are people who have experienced a lot of suffering but have been happy, have been able to understand that life is fleeting, and one day it will end. Then it is necessary to deal with the topic of death, to face it with time. That end is the only thing we have for sure – that’s the topic that is least talked about.

Have you integrated that theme into your life?

I talk to my children about death because they were born. I think it is better to do it. These are conversations that we avoid and must have.

Do you think beliefs affect it?

Paradise is not improvised. It is not the stardust or eternity that falls when you are in the front row. You live to earn everything. And we go fast. My grandmother used to say, “Even those who want to go to heaven do not want to die.” There is always the fear of not knowing. But death is very different according to people, according to their beliefs, preparation for that moment.

“When it can not be cured, it can be taken care of. But we must make an effort to restore a pure sense of joy. ”

Would you say that there are more people who do not want to die, or who want to die when their time comes?

For those whose deaths are approaching at an early age, the suffering of their families is greater. But it depends on a lot, there is a very large population, which perfectly accepts his death.

What are the most common questions at the end of life?

How much time do I have left to live? How will my end be? Will it hurt? How likely am I to die? And there are many people who do not ask any questions. Or someone who asks something every day, such as what to eat there. Many times where the head turns to these kinds of questions.

Does not having waiting questions also affect?

Yes, it is possible to find out what worries them, what is expected, especially what can be corrected. “I can die,” Victoria Prego told me one day with incredible simplicity, “because I do not owe it to life.”

Have you had a bad time in your profession?

When I started to get frustrated, I could not do much about it. I work long hours, I do not treat many people. At least I can try to help and accompany them. That said, when it can not be cured, it can be taken care of. But we must strive to restore a pure sense of joy. Life is a precious commodity, and being alive, in spite of illness and suffering, is a real privilege.

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