Mexican health personnel do NOT want to study the masses

  • An interview with your colleagues –staff salud mexicano- and ask questions about how to get a medical study
  • Algunas de la respuestas fueron; “The direction that is now #%? &”
  • What are the disadvantages of studying medicine in Mexico?

A user in tiktokshare a video in which your colleagues and colleagues staff salud mexicano- lo que harían si a sus hijos se les ocurriera sare doctors, nurses or teachers at medicine in Mexico.

ALL interviewees respond that are neglected.

Algunas de la respuestas fueron:

“The direction that is below #%? &”

“NO lo hagas hijo, es malo para tu salud”


Mexican salon staff do not want to study the word “are you #%? &”

Here is the video:

@adrrich #adrrich ♬ original sound – Adrian Rivas MD

Studying medicine in Mexico is a great task

For the children, it is easy to respond “doctor” when asked what they are doing. If your intentions are pure and honest, your ignorance lies in the fact that studying medicine in Mexico is a great task.

Entering the school of medicine is exciting and challenging. In order to anticipate and determine the time, span, and diner for the adjacent screws, it is important to consider the steps taken by the medical school.

Considering otherwise, we present to you a breve recounting the situations which most affect the NEVEVOS resident medical of the countries.

4 unfavorable aspects of studying medicine in Mexico

1. Case of patients in special medical consultants

Public health systems are saturated, with specific medical consultants and all clinical and hospital patients having a reduced number of patients, although the economic situation of the country is generally complicated, but generally accepted as a matter of course to arm a marketing strategy that can include service packages or discounts by “frequent consultants”.

2. Inadequate geographical distribution

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), there are about 1.9 general and specialist doctors living in the city of Mexico City, Veracruz, Jalisco, New Zealand and other cities. 44 per cent of the optional occupants. No obstruction, allied places of the great urbes suelen care of adequate medical staff.

3. Ingresos bajos in comparison with pairs of other nations

However, medical malpractice is a function of the specialty and place where it works, Laboral Observatory of the Secretariat of Labor and Social Prevention (STPS) ubica a la Medicina como la octava carrera mejor pagada en México, con mensua ingreso supply of 14 mil 359 pesos, the average of which the largest quantities occupied by chemical trucks (29 mil 611 pesos); finanzas, banca y seguros (22 mil 748); statistics (21 mil 568); transport services (17 mil 255); mining and extraction (16 mil 207); engineering of motor vehicles, boats and aeronautics (15 mil 817), and architecture and urbanism (14 mil 905).

Without embargo, please note that, for example, a Medscape Compensation Information reported by Medscape reports that between gallons but free in United States to buy family medicine, which costs around $ 207 million a yearwhich includes the result of a much higher interest compared to the approximate 172 miles ($ 9 million) that the optional Mexican segregates from the Laboral Observatory estimates.

4. Inseguridad

Secuestros, extorsions, amenazas and physical and verbal aggressions that are part of the network that seeks out regional medical practitioners in Mexico.

If you fall into the type and level of insecurity that comes with experimenting depending on where your lab professionals are, what it’s all about following the lack of service, de modo que por gris que luzca el panorama sibrre habrá alguien que epere to find a doctor the sufficiently valid and noble to raise his community.

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