Mexico, Germany and Brazil are represented in the NFL Draft 2022

The Steelers announce their selection of four-wheelers from the City of Mexico, moments when Texans are moving to the Monterrey Valley

Mexico is present at the NFL Draft 2022.

With the corridor estelar Najee Harrisaccompanied by the destabilized chef Aquiles Chavezlos Pittsburgh Steelers announces from a terrace with vista al Monument to the Revolution in Mexico Cityto the receptor abierto Calvin Austin III as a result of round wheel, with global turn N ° 38.

Los Steelers running one of a handful of teams announcing round-the-clock selections Draft 2022 of the NFL from international sites.

Harris participate in a culinary event with the chef Aquiles as part of the celebration of the draft of NFL with aficionados al equipo de Pittsburgh in our country.

Austinproceed from Memphisis the second receptor selected selectively by los Steelers in that of the draft, despised by a George Pickens de Georgia en la segunda vuelta.

Preferably, with selection N ° 2 of the fourth round, N ° 107 global, the Houston Texans anunciaron, from the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leónin the north of Mexicoal corredor Dameon Pierce of Florida como su nuevo jugador.



Houston is located on the Florida corridor, the selection was announced from the capital of Nuevo León.

Loading selection for them Texans fue the defensive tackle of Houston, Roy Lopezde mexccana extraction.

Lopez complete view of new tempo with con los Texans in 2021, news of any recruitment by Houston en la sexta ronda del Draft 2021 of the NFLproceeding from University of Arizona.

To be convicted of a head-on injury Houstonstarting 15 of the 16 matches in which the apparatus for the team is in its prime, registering a capture, a single recovered balloon, and 31 total derivatives.

Por su lado, Pierce is a 5 foot correlator with 10 stature pulses, with 2018 pesos. It is connected as a single corridor corridor, and has a field of 13 terrestrial annotations for Floridanews of lakes flowing in goal line situations, updated with data from ESPN Stats & Information.

Finally, los Arizona Cardinals también announces a selection from mexican territory, with el Castillo de Chapultepec as a fund. In the sixth round, with the N ° 201 global turn, los Cards –represented on the offensive line of Mexican origin, Will Hernandez– reveals al corredor de USC, Keaontay Ingramas a new offfield backfield member.

More adelante, en la misma segunda ronda, Arizona hizo un segundo anuncio desde Mexicothe offensive line Lecitus Smithde Virginia Tech.

Los Cardinals serial local administrative of a part in el Azteca Stadium durante la próxima temporada regular, con un rival por officializarse m ads adelante. To treat the second part that reciprocates Arizona in Mexico City, vengeance game of the San Francisco 49ers at the mismo stadium on october 2, 2005, for example the game of regular international time in the history of the league.

Mexico is not the only one internationally involved in being far from the bottom of the field, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers friend the selections of the round wheel, a place to take them Texansannouncing from Munich, Germany, or Cade Ottonde la University of Washington. Los Bucs Local serial for a regular time game is on Munichfirst for Germany.

También, desde Germanylos Kansas City Chiefs announces, with the addition of the ex-footballer of the German selection, Oliver Bierhoffsu turn de cuarta ronda, el esquinero Joshua Williams de Fayetteville State. En la sexta vuelta, los Carolina Panthers anunciaron a Amare Barno, of Virginia Techfrom Frankfurtto sum up their group of linebackers.

Los New York Jets announce from Londondrawn from the center of the team, Nick Mangold in the iconic observatory The Shardal tackle Max Mitchell de Louisiana, as a result of round wheel. Desde la misma ciudad, pero en el Wembley Statelos Jacksonville Jaguars revelaron al esquinero Snoop Connor como su nuevo jugador. Los Chicago Bears fueron el tercer equipo de la NFL que anunció desde el United Kingdomwith the tackle Braxton Jones de Southern Utah sent out by an Englishman, American football flag bearer on the fifth round.

From Rio de Janeiro –y con Cristo del Corcovado de fondo–, el futbolista de flamenco y de la Brazilian selection, Filipe Luisannounce the fourth round turn for los Miami Dolphinsthe receptor abierto Erik Ezukanmade Texas Tech.


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