Mexico puts pressure on Biden for Guido not to be invited to the Cumbrians of America: AP

LOS GENGELES (AP) – More than one year ago, Juan Guaidó recibió un alluvión de applause of officialism and the opposition opposition led by President Donald Trump eloquently persuaded his goblin information to the leaders of the venezolane oppositionwho is described as a “very good man” who boasts about his men and his democratic aspirations from one place to another.

No obstruction, in one of which there is a political future and which can now rapidly change the geopolitical cycles of the United States, the 38-year-old Venezuelan invading the country Cumbre of the Americas to weigh the current mandate, Joe Bidenhas focused on the need to promote democracy and has insisted that Guido be recognized as President of Venezuela.

To get the tampon invaded by Cumbre, the man Guaidó has been treated for sugar, the president Nicolás Maduro, is sabotaging a speciation of victory. On an inuspicious route to Turkey, Maduro —who is a white-collar student and is being prosecuted in a drug-trafficking case — denouncing the death sentence of Cumbre and his ally — Cuba and Nicaragua a “shotgun” at the behest of regional cooperation.

“This is a victory for Maduro,” said Eric Farnsworth, vice president of Council of America. “The Assyrian allies have been trying to avoid the main rival, which Washington recognizes as president, assisting.”

If it can be interpreted as an intention to control the two, Biden habló el miércoles con Guaidó. After the first platoon leader and last year, which lasted about 17 minutes, Biden reiterated his opposition leader, who announced in 2019 that the wind was blowing from the head of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

“President Biden has expressed his displeasure negotiations led by Venezuela how the best camino hacia a pacific restoration of their democratic institutions, choices of books and justices, and respecting the human rights and the fundamental liberties of all the venezos, ”said a statement from Casa Blanca. Unions and other international societies to approve a negotiated solution to the Venezuelan crisis. “President Biden reaffirms that the United States has a policy of calibrating sanctions by informing it of the outcome of negotiations that will take place in the Venezuelan city to determine the future of the country.”

Without embargo, there will be no silence Casa Blanca about guaidó series invoked or not, the blade provided only by consulting the prodocritical movement of Venezuela. “We are not going to be a party when we are not invited”, says one of the Guidó’s envoys and the condition of holding it in an anonymous amount due to the delicacy of the diplomatic topics. The national security asset, Jake Sullivan, is still importing the idea that United States is establishing itself as an unconditional alliance.

Taking a flight from the Air Force 1 to the hemispherical reunion in Los Angeles, Sullivan reveals that the decision not to invade the crew Guaidó and in exchange for the involvement of Venezuelan civil society activists in a tactical manner in order to negotiate between Maduro and his opponents, which led to the conclusion, “in the last instance, a major future for the Venezuelan people.”

Mexico pressure for Guido not to be invited

The possible presence of Guaidó in the Cumbre pareciera que también irritó many members of the Venezuelan government, including the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obradordeciding not to join the reunion due to the exclusivity of Maduro and the presidents of Cuba and Nicaragua.

Un mexicano function confirm that you’s got a great deal in the United States that excluyera a Guaidó from the list of invitations. The functionary, who is anonymous by treating diplomatic diplomats, knows that other parts of the world have lost momentum.

The leading players of Bolivia, Granada, Honduras, San Cristóbal y Nieves, y San Vicente y las Granadinas se unieron a la decisón de México. They are also in solidarity with Maduro, the mandates of El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as the president of Uruguay, who is currently representing COVID-19.

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Most of all, the extruder pressure does not ignite only to provoke Biden to decide not to Guaidó. Because the war between Russia and Ukraine provoked an increase in the price of gasoline, among other products, United States has been revised its policy with respect to Venezuela, a country that is found in the largest oil reserves in the world, because declining in the production of it is lasting decades that has been aggravated by sanctions.

In March, functionaries of estadounidenses encabezados by Juan González, director for the western hemisphere of National Security Council, viajaron a Caracas para reunirse con Maduro. Entonces, as well as, Guaidó are guided to the margins and the functional functions are not reunited with the course of the various variations. The object of Maduro’s tender conversion era is the ability of a bunch of sanctions to retaliate negotiations in Mexico with their opponents, something that has not yet succeeded.

Mintras tanto, Guaidó sigue luchando por el cambio en su país. With its apparatus in its range of frequent frequencies and distances it greatly dismantles since launching Maduro’s desk in 2019, all with significant risks involved. All of their members are recycling in the western city of Maracaibo, a short distance from Colombia, with an alluvium of plastic bullets and bullets fired by allies Maduro.

“Violent people fight with their vacant lots”, said Guaidó to a small group of sympathizers entre gritos de “¡Libertad, Libertad, Libertad!” después de la stridente trifulca. “Seamos claros: no vamos a dar un solo paso atrás”.

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