Mexico search for Cuban doctors at plaza and prestations

Federal bailiffs send medical search to Cuban and allied areas of the country — even though Mexican specialists have been reluctant to do so, and the plan is to have a complete set of goals.

It was revealed on May 8 in La Habana, Cuba, between Jorge Alcocer, head of the Salud de Mexico Secretariat, and José elngel Portal Miranda, head of the Salud Ministry in Cuba.

Animal Politics obtain the document this transparency and is still aware that doctors do not tend a laboratory relationship with the institution for which it is intended to collaborate.

The person commissioned by each party for the execution of their activities of continuous cooperation does not depend on the direction and dependence of the Institution, but does not create relations of laboratory character or social security with the other party. in that case they will be considered as having a joint position or solidarity ”, concludes the agreement.


Returning to your visit to La Habana, which was accompanied by the secretariat of Salud and other officials, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he was staying in Mexico 500 Cuban doctors, to be targeted in allied and marginalized areas mexicanos quieren ir.

This causes indignation within the personal Mexican salute, algunos of those who integrate assures that there is no such thing as quinoa, but there are no conditions to work or to guarantee your safety.

“We want to contract Cuban doctors who want to work in our country. Podemos tener hospitales, pero no tenemos pediatras, y m sis si se trata de ir a trabajar a hospitales en zonas pobres, por los professionalsa la la medicina pues tienen familia u quieren trabajar donde puedan ir sus hijos a la escuela o tengan mejores conditioni su su desarrollo. “This is what we are left with to record the contract of 500 Cuban doctors,” said President López Obrador at his May 9 graduation conference.

The Alcocer secretariat also states: which does not mean that there are other modalities, such as the contracting of the foreigner ”.

Gustavo Nigenda, investigator and specialist in human resources for health, said in an interview that, in effect, it is not easy to find medical and allied areas of these cities. “It is not only a matter of salads, it is necessary to treat aspirations, because the majority wants to be prepared and when the work offers do not take the form of waste, you can not use private practice, with many complete inches,” he said.

In recent weeks, opposition politicians and foreign nationals have questioned whether Cuban doctors in Mexico have the best salads and plazas. The note is entered as if it were not green.

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Insufficient means against medical malpractice

There are 500 medical doctors, but those who do not have to work for laboratory examinations, do not determine the care that the country has, Indian figures and experts.

Recognizing health insurance companies in Mexico has 135 mil 046 certified doctors, equivalent to 107.2 for every 100 miles of habitat, with international recommendation of 230 doctors for every 100 million people.

The convocation that launches on May 24 — and that runs until the last minute of June 3 — has more than 63% of the vacancies offered by the authorities in those specialties with the main care of doctors: internal medicine, urgency, gynecology, pediatrics, anesthesiology and general surgery.

Conditions like Veracruz do not require a single posture to cover pediatricians, gynecologists and medical internists.

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In this dimension, care for outside specialists and new convocators do not bastard to solve the problem.

“Before the medical specialists go to allied and marginalized areas, it is a pity that they have the installation of dignified salons, where they can work, that they are teams, that they have medicines. If you go to Tlapa, in La Montaña de Guerrero, you do not want to find a solo center of great health, when you have a team to do ultrasonic or when you have medical instrumental care “, says Felipe Cruz Vega, secretary of National Normative Committee of Medical Specialties Councils (Conacem).

The specialist agrees that, for all intents and purposes, he treats all the areas of the country and goes through a lent process, which requires the intervention of various variations and authorities.

It should be noted that the largest series fortifies the primary level of attraction with a major number of general practitioners, being the primary attraction of contact and only translating to hospitals or cases requiring the intervention of a specialist.

Según Nigenda, the civil organization Compañeros en Salud hace esto en Chiapas: tiene medic generali para atiendan a la poblacija y, caso necesario, hacos los traslados. “Claro, there is no need for ambulances to treat patients, because it is the function of the navigators, to address the patient, and the clinical part and to follow the patient,” he said.

El acuerdo promete más cooperation

Respect for other aspects, the agreement that Mexico and Cuba sign for cooperation in exchange is a general document that is the hallmark of technical, scientific and academic cooperation.

In the formation of medical specialists, you can propose and arrange the disposition of the other part of the annular formations of the formation.

In medicine and vaccination, as such, conforming to the lawsuits and corresponding legal proceedings, the following parts may be included in the medicines, pharmaceuticals and all classes of medical equipment of the manufacturer.

Establish a technically-scientifically-regulatory committee for scrutiny of scrutiny investigation, and have reunions to determine the viability of scrutiny of an integrated attenuation program for diabetic patients.

All the details of these points are defined by the fact that Mexico and Cuba have specific cooperation projects, which contain the dates of their execution institutions, general and specific objectives, activities, activity, calendar, and schedule. , the profile, the number and the stage of the assigned person, the place where the actions and the responsibility of each party are performed.

The accent is either missing or standing next to the adjacent ones. It can be modified with the consent of all parts and of which it can be provided at any time, after which it is notified to the other with 90 days of antelation.

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