Mexico Sub-20 vs Haiti Sub-20 EN VIVO hoy (0-0) | 23/06/2022

23: 21hace 8 minutes

93 ‘

¡Se acabó! Mexico and Haiti do not cross the border and divide the United States.

23: 16hace 13 minutes

88 ‘

Zamora de Zamora que éndose yéndose a la tribuna.

23: 13hace 16 minutes

84 ‘

Mexico defensive cabbage avoiding Haiti dispersing the Eulogio arch.

23: 07hace 22 minutes

78 ‘

Haiti busca lgegar con peligro, México se defiende con todo.

22:59 30 minutes

71 ‘

Reception of Palma, the south terminus enviando the aspherico by the final line sin loger generate peligro.

22: 54hace 35 minutes

66 ‘

nvierte en gol, pero el arquero termina reteniendo el balón.

22: 47hace 42 minutes

59 ‘

Exchange of Mexico. Ingresa Jonathan Pérez y toma el lugar de Torres.

22: 44hare una hora

56 ‘

Disparo de Campos, pero Hernández estaba fuera de juego.

22: 35hare una hora

48 ‘

Remate by Bryan González, pero el balón se va desviado.

22: 34hare una hora

46 ‘

See the shares in the Olympic Metropolitan.

22: 33hare una hora

45 ‘

Mexican Exchange. Ingresan Palma y González by Alcántar y Violante.

22: 17hace una hora

45 + 4 ‘

First of all, Mexico and Haiti empathize with the median time without goals.

22: 12hare una hora

40 ‘

Riflazo de Belizaire, pero Eulogio retieene el balón sin problemas.

22: 06hare una hora

35 ‘

Buying intervention from Alcántar, avoiding generating money in Mexican territory.

21:59 a.m.

27 ‘

¡Portero! Violante’s Augustine’s love affair ended with yemas the balloon.

21: 50hace 2 hours

20 ‘

Violante’s cousin, but the sphere is what Augustin’s sin problems.

21: 47hace 2 hours

17 ‘

Let Jeudy’s cabaret, but the sphere is broken by the bow.

21: 39hace 2 hours

8 ‘

Barrida took advantage of the Haitian defense, preventing Hernandez from generating money in the area.

21: 32hace 2 hours

0 ‘

Arrancan the actions between Mexico and Haiti.

21: 32hace 2 hours

XI Haiti

W. Agustin; J. Leriche, F. Ciceron, D. Pierre; B. Destin, W. Pierre, A. Belizaire, W. Leazard; S. San Millan, S. Jeudy, R. Appolon.

21: 30hace 2 hours

XI Mexico

A. Eulogio; D. Gómez, E. López, J. Alcántar, I. Violante; K. Campos, F. Ambríz, A. Freyfeld; S. Zamora, J. Hernández, C. Torres.

21: 22hace 2 hours

A la cancha

Tanto México cómo Haití ya realizan calentamientos previos en la cancha para ponerse a tono u disputar est último duelo.

21: 17hace 2 hours


As selections can be found in the San Pedro Sula Stadium, the following lists are the ultimate incentive for the stage.

21: 12hace 2 hours

É What a beauty!

21: 02hace 2 hours

For la cima

Haiti was killed in the second half of the group, adding a victory and empathy to the four units. It is located in Mexico to search for triumph in Mexico.

20: 57hace 3 hours

Perfect perfect

Además accumulates victories from the most controversial players in Mexico, scoring three goals and not scoring a goal against him, but who is inviting and with his arc in cherries.

20: 52hace 3 hours

¡Falta poco!

More than one hour before it is important to start incubating, select Mexican Selection to get three and get a free incentive.

20: 47hace 3 hours

Ojo con este jugador

Haiti tends to have a steady rise in Esteban Lozano, the Mexican dealer’s accumulating a double in its ultimate incentive and in total with three dianas, but who is now searching to score just a few goals.

20: 42hace 3 hours

¡Cerrar invictos!

The Mexican search team is looking at the world together to unite new group stages.

20: 37hace 3 hours

Res Regresamos!

We are flying from minute to minute after the incursion between Mexico and Haiti. We share the most relevant information, as well as confirmed connections.

20: 32hace 3 hours

Do not miss the ice to follow Mexico vs Haiti live

At one point we shared the initial connections of Mexico vs Haiti in vivo, given the most recent information that came from the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium. No details of match with minute to minute and online direct from VAVEL.

20: 27hace 3 hours

Where and how to see Mexico vs Haiti online and live

20: 22hace 3 hours

Qu What time is the Mexico / Haiti match duel corresponding to the CONCACAF Jornada 3 Premundial Sub-20?

20: 17hace 3 hours

Mexican Declarations

20: 12hace 3 hours

Mexican Declarations

20: 07hace 3 hours

Last destination in Haiti

W. Augustin; J. Leriche, F. Cicéron, R. Appolon, D. Pierre; M. Scott, W. Pierre, S. San Millán; B. Destin, S. Jeudy, W. Leazard.

20: 02hace 3 hours

Last destination in Mexico

E. Pérez; R. Palma, J. Alcantar, A. Leone, E. Martinez; B. González, S. Mariscal, F. Ambríz, C. Torres; E. Lozano, J. Pérez.

19: 57hace 4 hours

What about Haiti?

Haiti had a complicated cam in this CONCACAF Premundial Sub-20, scoring a point in the top spot with a trembling empathic four goals against Trinidad and Tobago, having won a victory over Suriname. This sums up the search for escalating positions.

19: 52hace 4 hours

How about Mexico?

19: 47hace 4 horas

The match will take place at the Olympic Metropolitan Stadium

The Mexico vs Haiti match takes place at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The property has a capacity of 37,325 people.

19: 42hace 4 hours

En Good luck to all VAVEL lecturers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of Mexico vs Haiti, corresponding to CONCACAF’s Jornada 3 Premundial Sub-20. The venue is located at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium, at 21:30.


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