Mhoni Vidente. Horizon of the week 9 to 12 May 2022

Durante esta semana, the signs of the zodiac are regulated by the most important astrological movements: the Creative Moon in Leo and Jupiter in Aries with Mercury Retrograde in Geminibecause the greenhouse faucets are used to renovate existing energy sources.

For this, Mhoni Vidente I decided to share your sentences traot of tarot cards in this semantic horoscopeto know in detail what astros le deparan al zodiaco in themes of dinero, amor and salud.

Recognize that this is the beginning of the week, It’s very important to exercise creativity and emotional intelligence to approach the new stars in your way, you can see the stars on your lago for your objective goals.


The map of La Estrella, esta te dará prosperidad. Recuerda pedir todo lo que deseas y estar in positive mode. Aleja de tu vida a las texicas que no son buenas, eres muy aguantador y eso te hace estar con alguien que no es ti ti. This semana helps you record important decisions in your life, welding your drills by asking questions, recycling the diner that you owe or earning a bond for in the lab.

No tengas miedo al qué dirán, tú sigue adelante, that one of your virtues is the original. Be very stable with your partner, only to relax and relax at your own pace. The Aries who are solitary, tend a love affair with Capricorn or Virgo. You will always be on May 11 and your numbers will be 01, 23 and 27. Use colored colors to increase abundance.


The El Loco map goes to you, the quality of many energies, masses that are multiplied by you. Tendrás días de sorpresas agradables. We negotiate new things because they give you very good results, solo cuídate de las envidias, esta carta te previene, protégete con agua bendita.

Al Taurus which is in an amorous relation, the El Loco card recommends that it be tranquil and not key razón, left a stable relation. If you want to get the most out of cracking with a new post. Cuidado con los golpes o caídas, trata de andar con cuidado en la calle. Tendr uns un golpe de suerte el día 12 de mayo con los numer 07, 12 y 39.


The map of La Torre defines your proximal days, esta carta te llenará de grandes logros. If you are arreglando algo profesional, saldrá a tu favor. The purchase of a house or department to be adjusted to form a patronage in your screw. Invite you to a road with you. Celebrate the completion of a family and enjoy a party to celebrate your birthday.

The map of La Torre to indicate that you have access to your lab as an ascension, as the treaty is approved here. The exchange rates are personal, I reserve the right to leave you alone. Mhoni Vidente it reveals that you will be born on May 13, with the numbers 05, 19 and 33. Use the color amarillo because it will add more moisture.


Appearance of the map of La Justicia. Tendrás logros laborales. Do not tense up in the future, reach the radical exchanges, get rid of the insured ones, only to be more prudent. Toma en la mañana rayos de sol vestido con rope clara para que tu energija se multiplique, verás que todo irá muy bien. It is stable with its amorous pair, no large bushing around it.

Cancers who are solitary tend to love the sign of Pisces or Scorpio. Study, take a course of courses and administration, which you can read in your future. You will only need the 10th of May with the numbers 03, 08 and 21. If you want to buy a house or department, hazlo. Known for what they have, they do not carry in boots. Acute medicine, tenderness problems of allergies or an intestinal infertility.


Tienes la carta de La Templanza, esta es de muy buena suerte. Tendrás much more in these days to hack the unused cambiums and be better. Debt is very important in your actions and decisions, this card advises you of the small intentions of the people you rodean, treats you very casually with what firms are in your hands.

See an exchange rate in the lab with an economical tool. On the love, follow the conqueror and tend the lovers at the same time. Do not sign the domain before using the password. To search a family for invitations and a reunion. How to start over quality hair. Follow the exercise that will help you become more tranquil. Tu día de la suerte será el 9 de mayo y tus números son el 01, 06 y 23. Usa el color naranja para atraer la felicidad.


Te toóó la carta de El Ermitaño. Make sure you keep track of the miles you have and if and when they expire. In the laboratory and school environment, energy sources are contained. Pole trait and always tranquil mantle, analysis lo harás. Have an opportunity to create in all its aspects.

Tu mejor día será el 13 de mayo. Place a half ball in the lottery with the numbers 10, 15 and 20. Ten cuidado con las perdidas, cuida m ts tus pertenencias. Por fin te dirá que sí esa persona que tanto te gusta, and mantendrás a stable relation. Virgo who are part of a compromise firm with emotional empowerment.


The El Mundo card store. The spiritual spirit of your ser,, which seeks to turn cambiums into tu vida, victorious welding. Arregla los legal asundos que tengas pendientes. Recover that it is a moment of creation in your patrimony. Mhoni Vidente recommending that you study other idioms and ways of life, as much as possible from a laboratory creation. On the love it is, at the moment of being compromised and having a more stable relationship.

Books that are solitary, more compatible with Gemini and Aquarium. In the laboratory, you tend to have rehab, as if you had a chance to get what you wanted. Tu seráa elá de 11 mayo con los numeros 02, 17 y 21. Prende una sa vele blanco en ese día, y así tendrás m sus suerte. Te regalan una mascota que te hará muy feliz. Recibirás un premio en tu escuela por tus buenas qualifications.


The card of El Carruaje is the que tocó. It is at the crucial moment of your screw to cut into all shapes. Recognize that you are an empirical and political leader. On the 10th of May you will be better off, tendrás mucha suerte en todo lo que te propongas. In your work you decide to change personal. Compare airline tickets for cruise ships in these days.

Toma a course for which is more advanced. In love, search for the Aries or Virgo sign, follow it and find a relationship. Haz ejercicio y ponte en forma. Scorpios who are casados, treat you not to fight with their money and stay in the heat. Recognize that all these problems are insecure, as they are more tranquil. Cubeza y espalda pain relief, acude al medico. All numbers are 05, 24 and 33. Your color of abundance is the color.


Tienes the map of El Mago. Seriously reconnected this week in all that haces. Serán muy buenos días para ti, te llegarán varias propuestas de negotiation. Ten cuidado con lo que dices y trata de no meterte en chismes. I love you as much as you love me. The 14th mayo será un día de cambio para bien.

Pide que venga a ti la abundance y lo que no era para ti, que se retire. Tendrás much work at this time, no pelaar treatment and adelante bag in laboratory temperature. Te llegará an dinero extra por una deuda. You are the most fortunate of the signs of the Zodiac, por eso, debes tomar classes of leadership and mental endurance, eso te ayudará a ser m exits exitoso. All numbers on the bottom are 19, 28 and 60. Use the same white color.


Te salió la carta La Rueda de la Fortuna, meaning that you have a great level of professionalism to create much as a person. You sign is the most intelligent of the Zodiac, but if you read the excitement without problems. You are attracted to an economical business, not to despair at parties, not to friends. Guarda patrimonio para un futuro.

Your best compatibility is Aries and Scorpio. The Capricorns who are solitary, search the Pisces or Leo sign for a love affair without compromise. Mhoni Vidente revealing that you are in May 13, you have an economic abundance. All numbers on the last one are 01, 30 and 44. In the screw there is no screw. Necesitas control your temperament.


Play the card As de Copas, as la buena suerte estará de tu lado. You can start negotiating what you have at the door and the exchange rate that you want. Alguien poderoso te ayudará a crecer en lo económico, solo cuídate de las envidias. Load with a green lemon in the cart to cut the negative.

Recover invitations for road trips. Te llegará un ingreso gracias a un bond. Win a prize in the lottery on May 11 with the numbers 00, 15 and 26. Use more green and white colors, green color for you. Recuerda debes ahorrar para tu futuro y no solo vivir el momento. Toma a course of personal and marketing supervision. Te regalan una mascota, la cual te dará mucha allegria.


To sell the card El Emperadorimplica que is the time to crack professionally and personally. For you can easily talk to people of empirical power, with this tendency the most opportunistic of work. It’s in this moment tener a stable relation in your amorous screw ..

In the laboratory, you offer a complete set, with a large, low-cost salario that changes cities or countries. Mhoni Vidente aconseja que ya no pidas favores, es mejor que resuelvas tus problemas. Tendrás un gran día el 13 de mayo. The magic numbers are 08, 37, and 50. Usa lot of perfume antiseptics to cut down on all negative currents. Usa los colors rojo y azul.



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