Mickey Vicky White, the car that escaped with an Alabama incl, reveals sheriff

(CNN) –– Vicky White, the car that escaped with the Casey White press in Alabama, is the cause of all the despairing heroes who, after all, have been arrested in Indiana, according to CNN Dave Wedding, sheriff of Conder Vanderburgh.

Vicky White is hospitalized with hernias of autoimmune diseases, hoping to be arrested while undergoing a trial in Evansville, Indiana.s anten to CNN the Alguaciles Service of EE.UU. Sus lesiones eran “muy graves”, dijo Wedding en ese momento.

Before leaving the hotel, Vicky White runs a hotel room with a shower, says Matt Keely, of the EE.UU Alguaciles Service. Luego, Ella and Casey White own a car and a pasta.

Authorities continue to observe the pair as soon as a vehicle crash occurs, which terminates when a member of the Alguaciles Service team drives a car against the Cadillac as Vicky White conducts. The vehicle and the volcano, said Keely.

Authorities puddled the shot including the wrecked car, but Vicky White went down with a herringbone in the cage, said Keely.

Subsequently, Casey White directs his functions: “Ayuden a mi esposa, ella se disparó en la cabeza y yo no lo hice”, según Keely. Keely says that Casey White and Vicky White are not casados.

The final scene of the police investigation in Evansville, Indiana.

Vicky White estaba “bastante grave”

Announcing the arrest of the cellmate and recluse, Dave Wedding, said that Vicky White’s lessons were “very serious”. Durante a conference of princess señaló against periodicals that the woman establishes “bastante grave”, following the accident that floats in the capture of Casey White.

Según Wedding, se cree que la pareja había estado en Evansville desde el 3 de mayo. “It’s a lot of people who’ve been here before, but we’ve just heard the news,” Wedding said.

“The man and the woman looking for a vehicle on the freeway 41 in the north direction, passing the freeway 57, as you can see, do not drive here on Birch Park Drive, atravesaron esta rere cubierta de hierba”, said Wedding. “The working group of the Alguaciles Service of EE.UU. intercept, in real life, with all the means to reach the end of persecution ”, relat,

A track left on the arrest

Detailed details about relationship between pressure and joint agent 2:57

The capture of Vicky White and Casey White pone fin to a human shot of 11 days that captured the attenuation of the country and your all-wheel drive all-inclusive runway, including one that eventually leads to the location and arrest of fugitives.

The track that leads to the capture and arrest of Vicky White and Casey White in Indiana by the public, informed Rick Singleton, sheriff of the county of Lauderdale, Alabama, when the announcement of the resignation was announced. The track is lined with domingo by the night, the sheriff said.

“Esto pone fin a una semana y media muy larga, stressing and desafiante”, dijo.

The wall is located in a hotel and the place produces a vehicle, relative.

The aggregate function that does not have evidence that alguian is more involved. “I do not know where to configure it. Confidently in Plenary Vicky White. Ella wondered if there were any examples, and which provoked, which the impulse to make an weapon like this, not the same. .

In this sense, it indicates that “always better” than Casey White or Vicky White. Pero, describing the search of them as a desk because of the flight “obviamente estuvo bien plana u calculada”.

“I do not know what we are talking about. It was just a matter of time,” he said at a press conference. “Because it’s not clear from now on that most of the escapes, especially from a condominium, are not spontaneous. They are spontaneous. , además de correr “.

He continued: “I do not need to prepare for this. I only have a lot of resources, it is effective in other ways, I just have to do everything I need to do to get it, and I’m not sure that this is the last week and the media is not enough.” , y no solo eso, comenzamos: nos sacaron una ventaja de seis horas “.

Pictures of a man who created the Casey White era

Hours ago is the EE.UU Alguaciles Service. public pictures of a man created by Casey White, captured by a vignette in a car wash in Evansville, Indiana.

vicky white carcelera alabama preso 1

The Alguaciles Service of EE.UU. public pictures taken by Casey White in an Indiana car wash.

Investigators found the nightingale was dumbbelling a 2006 Ford F-150 in a car wash in Evansville, 120 miles north of Williamson, Tennessee, after abandoning a Ford Edge. 2007 que la pareja utilizó.

Proportion proportional to the images of a security chamber, according to the Alguaciles Service of EE.UU. in a communication.

vicky white carcelera alabama preso 1

EE Alguaciles Service. UU. I know that the person in the photo is Casey White.

Nuevos cargos contra Vicky White

In this month, the authorities present new cargoes against Vicky White, Alabama’s pressure function, in relation to Casey White’s flight, announce the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

The new cargo is derived from the fact that the coil is used by an ally to purchase the vehicle used for the flight, a 2007 Ford Edge, against the authority. The court order that Vicky White’s cargo bears forgery and identity cards.

Vicky White, who was the subdirector of corrections of Lauderdale condo, when Casey White of the condel carcass on April 29, said that I was looking for a mental health evaluation, that the authorities were entrusted with the program. . It’s a pity that I did not try to get medical attention, but I did not feel it.

Videos of vigilancia revelan new details of how to plan the flight

Videos of vigilance in those who apparently Vicky White, antes huir with Casey White muestran the level of preparation that tuvo la fuga, señaló el sheriff.

Investigators intercept images of Vicky White in which he is wearing a robe in a large closet and in a “closet for adults”, says Singleton. He added that “obviamente tenja muda de ropa” for the press, Casey White, who were loaded with cargo.

“It’s not one that established itself to be planed and calculated,” CNN’s Bianna Golodryga Singleton said. “Obviamente, ella planó muy bien este escape, a la perfecón”, insist the function.

Hours ago, investigators diffused a video in which Vicky White was seen at a Quality Inn in Florence, leaning against the night ahead of the fugitive, more than a week ago.

Directed by Vicky White and Casey White

The carcass and recliner patrol are found to be abandoned in the closet of a commercial center. Inside, the wheels, the radio and the windows of Vicky White are ringing. Authorities create that the parking space of a station wagon in a different vehicle: the 2007 Ford SUV truck that Vicky White kills in the parking lot at the front.

The vehicle is located on May 6 in Tennessee. The Habibian truck was abandoned in a ditch without any identification information until the flight escaped, indicating that one of the haciendas was driving north from Florence, Alabama, and then Williamson, Cond.

Authorities believe that the vehicle can be alerted to mechanical problems that occur while hitting a brush parade in the area.

Vicky White, 56, and Casey White, 38, who do not have children, have been dating since 2020 and have a romantic relationship, according to the sheriff on CNN.

Before leaving, Vicky White had his jubilant jumbo jumbo jumbo jumbo jumbo jumbo set on its case but at a price much lower than the market value.

Now you have an active arrest warrant that is currently allowed to facilitate intentional flight. It is not the sheriff’s office’s work, it’s the agency, and it’s added that after all it’s last to work, its jubilee papers now have to be finalized.

Investigators believe that Vicky White’s only one-size-fits-all candidate for the pair, said Singleton on Friday.

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