Minute by minute, classification for the GP of Azerbaijan; Checo Pérez and the pole

Checo Pérez demonstrated his velocity in his entertaining tendencies and profiled himself as a serious candidate to register the privilege position for the GP of Azerbaijan


pollen before Charles Leclerc. Checo Pérez solder P2. This is the first prize for the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. Exciting classification in Baku. Sainz the wall and the door P1; Max Verstappen tuvo el mejor sector tres pero no fue surijene, zdrá P3 y Carlos P4.

Primer pass by meta y Carlos Sainz toma la primera posición, luego LeclercCheco Pérez P3 and Max Verstappen P4. Ferrari has no difference in favor in one sector. It is a sector that opens with a lot of velocity, because the sector is moving too much, and the game has to be balanced to brake the last moment in the 90 degree curves and traction to remove the basic curves and make straight lines las van uniendo.

Q3, 12 minutes by pole: Checo Pérez and Charles Leclerc favorites, while Max Verstappen is the most ‘clutch’ pilot in F1. With Sainz, imposing discard, the end is about a Ferrari. Other classification: Ferrari vs Red Bull.

Term in Q2, eliminated:

  • Norris

  • Ricciardo

  • Ocon

  • Zhou

  • Bottas

Checo Perez se pone primero en la Q2. Leclerc pink wall to save the apex of a curve. You are actually limited.

Golp de Sebastian Vettel. See you soon, but the wall was covered with tech-proof wall and quizz Aston Martin could not afford it. Vettel peleaba por estar in Q3 and normally le va bien in Baku.

Primer pass by meta: Ferrari 1-2 seguidos muy de cerca per los Red Bull. One second of this battle is Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri. Moments for fire: Hamilton, Ocon, Ricciardo Zhou and Bottas.

Vienna in Q2. The F1 is against the weather, because the sun is at the point of search in Baku. 15 minutes tend to pilots to pass the cortege; avanzan los 10 mejores.

See you in Q1. Find a location for the traffic. Last eliminated:

  • Magunussen

  • Albon

  • Latifi

  • Stroll

  • Schumacher

Reinstation of the session: every 2 minutes 30 seconds. All cars, Ferraris and Red Bulls are for sale in Q2.

ROJA BANDERA: Lance Stroll pega against the wall due to the curvature of the wall, the gap between which and the track folds in front of the wall of the curve, which is located against the wall. Fue all for the canadian pilot, it’s been a lot for the Aston Martin.

The new Chinese pilot, Guanyu Zhou, se posicionó quinto con el Alfa Romeo. Ese Alfa has been shown on a medium-length coil with a motor Ferrari that the speed bumps to fight against Alpine or more against Mercedes. Buena vuelta del joven chino.

Luego de un primer pase por meta, Verstappen tiene la reference. The middle pelvis is actually reciprocated: Mercedes, Alpine, AlphaTauri, McLaren, Aston Martinall these teams have a pilot who is actually loaded on a search engine for Q3.

LOG IN Q1: 18 minutes before passing the cortege. Avanzan lost 15 more days …

The start of the classification lasts 15 minutes. It starts at 9:15 am in central Mexico. Where the practically free igual’s will last for a minute.

Checo Pérez y su Red Bull is positioned as candidates to register the pole in the classification for el Grand Prix of Azerbaijanoctava fecha del la calendario de Formula 1.

Checo Pérez However, most of these speeds are within the limits of the practice, with a good balance in the monoplase, even if it has a similar point velocity, but adjusts and maneuverability to enclose the brakes and curves, of masses with impulse, speed and how to break through a circuit with their characteristics Baku.

Urban circuits require a compromise in the set-up of the car and that the pilot configured plenum on the ground, that the walls are very close –Monaco, Jeddah, Australia-, what error means the abandonment of competence or algo peor.

Checo Pérez logs into other urban circuit, Jeddahits first pole of temperature and its prime in F1; luego, en Monacothe first victory of 2022. It’s no coincidence that it sucks in hot tubs, the Mexican pilot of this van is the type of runway and is one of the most experienced pilots in F1, as long as you have a seat before these situations and are sent in the RB18, it is sufficient to keep the limits and ‘besar’ the walls, tal and how the canon demand for and fast between the calles.

Ferrari and your computer Max Verstappen son amenazas lógicas y estarán muy fuertes. Each car or pilot series is a big surprise. La pole, si no pasa algo extraordinario, quedará entre Ferrari o Red Bullpero no se tiene claro qué piloto –Checo y Charles Leclercluego de tres ensayos, son los favoritos-.

The classification of F1 is divided into three rounds:

  • Q1: 18 mins / los cinco autos more lentos quedan eliminated

  • Q2: 15 minutes / los zinc cars more than eliminated

  • Q3: 12 minutes / 10 hours per pole


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