Mobile and treatment therapies in Huntington

Josep Maria Canals, Professor in the Department of Biomedicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Centers at the University of Barcelona.

One of them neurodegenerative enfermedades which does not have to be treated with a type of curative or palliative treatment Huntington. The patient with this pathology suffers a trastorno del motor bearing similar al párkinson, generating malfunctions at the time of controlling the motors. In the last few years they have been legally executed and numbered ensayos with rats that have given good results, although they have been intentionally translated into human beings their conclusions have not been nada satisfactorias. Las cellular therapies have been converted into a ray of expectation for these patients, and a group of investigators from Institute of Biomedical Investigations August Pi i Sunyer (Idibaps) elaborated a white book for clinical translation of mobile therapy in Huntington’s nursing home.

Acquiring major cell therapies to abort the neurodegenerative envelope is the angular footprint of information published in the journal Braineven if they are not legally consumed with efficiency. Josep Maria Canalsinvestigator specializing in neurodegenerative drugs Idibaps and professor in the department of Biomedicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Centers University of Barcelonaafirma en Medical Redaction that “currently has treatment approximate approaches: I need to serve the cells for the free factors inside the brain that allow mejorar el funcionamiento de las neuronas which does not matter, but is treated with a protective protector. But on the other hand, there is more ambitious formula that you can use in order to shut down the tumor neurons. The mother cells have the capacity to differentiate these neurons. In rat models of bastante function bien, nos da esperanzas, pero debemos ser cautos, hay a series of retos antes to pass to the human beings who have to resolve ”. Así pues, the meta marker by los investigators es ir un paso más allá to delete the phrases and then find one cura para la enfermedad.

“Large cells have differential capacitance of tumor neurons”

The information on the boarding of the Huntington’s nursery is a total four pillars to start the correct cam and deliver an efficient treatment. The first query per resolver, segos los investigators, pasa por definir cuál is the largest animal at the time of conducting a preclinical study: “One way or another, we need people and people with the security that does not suffice, the patient’s security is the best,” Canals said.

The second enigma by resolver is how many cells are there produce a pharmaceutical way. The affirmative investigator says that “at these times the stages produced in the laboratory are small scale. If we are a therapy with patients, hemos produced only by cells and hemos produced in conditions that are compatible in a clinical practice ”. Design instruments that allow you to apply these cells from your brain to your brain and define what typology of patients you can treat with this new therapy is the third way to get information. “Associate the cells with the clinical practice meaning an adelante gran salt ”, concluded Canals. Finally, the last piece of the puzzle has now been resolved by the league, as the investigator explicitly states, al “seguimiento that it is possible to obtain a posteriori to affirm that the results of this treatment are functional, verify that the cells have not been recovered y aprender de cada transplanta realizado ”.

El aprendizaje, valid for other neurodegenerative encephalitis

Detroit of all these objects are sought after by the working groups, Stem Cells for Huntington’s Disease y el European Huntington Disease Network. “Some of us form part of the direction of group ambassadors, which are inflated and hacks specific working groups for each objective target. If you are looking for one harmonization for which analyzes that are realistic can be made comparable conclusions. At present, all laboratories operate in a different form, having different advances in a single line ”, Canals explicitly.

The investigator goes on to affirm that there are all directives to carry out workshops with patients who suffer from Huntington’s disease can be treated with other neurodegenerative pathologies such as párkinson o el Algeria. “There are many common objects, the affected neurons being able to reach the final stage of production in the same way as the mass. There are informations that do not exist consortium “We are more or less a minority, but we all believe that we are members of these working groups that have been translated into other neurodegenerative diseases,” Canals said.

“The affected neurons can be disturbed by the manner in which they are produced”

The message that the investigator and the rest of the Idibaps team wanted to translate into this information is to wait and see if the investigations are successful with the following results: novels of mobile therapy techniques for nurses who go up and down their incurables. We hope to find a cure or palliative treatment before remediation ”.

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