Molotov returns with a song that throws former presidents և AMLO

Like a history class, a rock band Molotov He released the single “We Do Not Forget”, in which he returns to his roots in social criticism, where they review corruption in Mexico, from the government of Luis Echeria Alvarez (1970-1976) to the government of the current president. aAndres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The song deals with topics such as the fall in oil prices during the six-year tenure of Jose Lopez Portillo (1976-1982), the small aid of President Miguel de la Madrid (1982-1988) to the victims of the 1985 earthquake. and devaluation of the Mexican peso By Carlos Salinas de Gortari (1988-1994).

The question also criticizes the six-year period of “change” of Vicente Fox (2000-2006), which they accuse of doing nothing for the country, the “soap opera” shown by President Enrique Pena Nieto (2012-2018) կառավար in the government of Lopez Obrador ( 2018-2024) mismanagement of the epidemic, floating in the “mockery” of ironic comments.

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The song marks the beginning of Molotov on the Warner Music Mexico label.

“Raise your hand, if any of these have helped you, we will not forget, we are writing them here,” the four naughty members of the 1995 group told Mexican politicians.

According to the press release, “We do not forget” is the prelude to what will be the seventh recording of the band, on which they worked epidemic.

In addition, the theme contributes to the group’s return to its musical origins, as “Molotov” has been described as a controversial, rebellious group, at the same time full of humor, with the use of ridiculous, direct, crude double meanings. language in their letters.

Criticism of his ideological power in the media’s society, political satire, issues such as racism and migration abound in his songs, a situation that has led to their censorship by the country’s major television channels.

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Other criticisms of Molotov

It is not romantic music, its words are not politically correct, nor are they complacent, they may be uncomfortable, they may be disturbing for certain musical tastes, but their style. Mickey Huidobro, Ismail “Tito” Fuentes, Randy Ebright Y: Paco Ayalagroup members: Molotovthey are social criticism, sour, ironic, humorous և even funny, which did not save them from censorship և contradiction on many occasions, such as this time they presented the premiere of the song “We do not forget«.

The new single, released a few days after the deliberations on the abolition of the mandate, begins with a tour of the last leaders of the Mexican government. Luis Echeria to: Andres Manuel Lopez Obradoremphasizing the corruption and impunity that characterized each of them.

But songs of this kind are not new to Molotov, as they have repeatedly pointed the finger at the problem, when talking about political and social issues on the ground is enough to show a few buttons.

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In 1998, the band released the single “El carnal de las estrellas”, which talked about the abuses committed by several producers at the time with aspiring actresses or actors on one of the country’s most popular TV channels; they mention different names, including Llano.

This theme came to life again in 2022, on March 8 Sasha Sokol condemned his sexual assault Lano Louis, when he was only 14 years old and he was 39; But already in Olalo Rubio’s documentary “Gimme the power” (2012) the producer had already confirmed that the song was about him.

Bad experience with US immigration authorities who asked Molotov cocktail drummer Randy Ebright to show off all his property, not because he was suspected of a crime, but because of his wife’s daughter’s Latin features. He was inspired to write the song “Frijolero” (2002), a term used by Americans to describe Mexicans, but which perfectly describes Mexico’s strained relations with the United States over migration, racism, and discrimination against its fellow citizens. on North American soil, which is why the song was banned on US radio.

Undoubtedly, one of Molotov’s most iconic songs is “Gimme the power” (1997), which is included on the band’s first album, “Where will play girls?”, Where they sharply criticize a party politician who : At that time he was in power, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) և his legacy of more than 60 years in power, which brought inequality, poverty and corruption in the country. As expected, this song was also censored in the media, but it still managed to become one of the classics of the group.

“Because it is in the public domain, many of our songs are known for their political satire, sharp criticism of our country’s rulers, which is why, in almost 27 years of artistic activity, we have never authorized or allowed the use of our songs for political purposes. “Most of all, to be used by the candidates as a campaign during the election campaigns,” Molotov said in June 2021, when Arturo Avila Anaaya, the mayoral candidate of Aguascalientes, used the topic on behalf of Morena. Voto Latino “for his political campaign, causing the group to complain, not only because they did not approve of the topic, but also because they changed the words, both without their consent.

Puto (1998) has been a contentious issue since its inception, as despite the rulers or civil servants playing with the welfare of the people, the LGBT community felt attacked because the word was used to insult them, but to the manufacturer. Gustavo Santa Claus clarified in the interview. “Puto is not a homosexual, puto is the one who takes what you have to eat. “Putin is the one who exercises too much power.”

In 2020, the band adapted a song entitled “Together”, which seeks to raise awareness of the difficult situation the world is going through, in the form of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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