More empathy and greater adaptability to the exchange, keys in the female lead hacia el bienestar

A panel, held at the Juno House Women’s Club and organized by Urban Sports Club, provides guidelines for analyzing the role of the wife in the gestation of teams and in controlling the leadership inflated into equilibrium and equity. Paula Fernández-Ochoa, MoreThanLaw + and VivircorRiendo; Silvia Rivela, co-founder of DOWE and Femal Startup Leaders; Drolma Lizcano, CEO of Alqvimia; Liana Grieg, co-founder of Juno House; and Araceli Escobedo, Head of Marketing Spain and Portugal from the organizer deportiva platform, debating against a center of assistants about the soft skills of female leadership. Seek the latest Woman in Business studio by looking at consultant Grant Thornton, the 31% of direct-to-world directers who are busy hoy per day. A tendency to algae that, following the mismos data, has gradually increased and been repelled in the wake of the pandemic. ¿Las razones? More empathy, more exchange rate capacity and more elevated level of resilience. These are some of the conclusions of the panel The paper of the direct manager in the gestation of the company in the company, organized by Urban Sports Club, the main sports platform of Europe, in Juno House, the new club for the main business companies and directives, and a more flexible and flexible lead.

The panel, led by periodical Cecilia Martínez, arranges with the definition of what is the central focus of the quote: the bienestar. The unanimity of your vision is part of the arrangement of the session. All participants coincide in the balance of their laboratory conditions and work space, and interior design, as well as locking elements in the internal laboratory. Asked about the differences between female / male leadership by Araceli Escobedo, head of marketing at Urban Sports Club, who summed up the general feeling of their mesa computers. “We solemnly favor organizations with the best mayor and prioritize strategies that are more empathetic and more centered in the salutation of the executives.” In this sense, as Alqvimia CEO Drolma Lizcano puts it, “the need for a cooperative, non-competitive leadership” between women and men.

Other cordless points extending from the panel to the floor as an angular foot of the exit. “Considering that the boat is one of the most balanced in all its facets,” said Paula Fernández-Ochoa, given her direct experience. “It’s essential to educate and educate those who consider themselves excited,” he said. Against the paper that hires companies on the biennial and health of their teams, Svlvia Rivela, from her expertise in tech sector companies, refers to the “social accountability of companies to connect teams and manage an active search who should not and who should be the person who forms our company ”.

The change of time

One of the points that is released during the second part is the conciliation of the roles being released by the workers in the laboratory. “In Urban Sports Club we have detected that, despite all the pandemics, the value is more than the time”, commented Araceli. A reality that Liana Grieg argues is one of Juno House’s fundraising societies. “We are trying to find out what the weather is like. If a meeting is separated, it is divided into several different ones. Se sigue, pero at otro momento ”.

All panelists coincide in the exchanges that the technology is present for its exchange rate adaptation value, latent throughout the session. “For example, during the pandemic, we agreed on the digitalization of our current negotiation model in only 15 days. In this way, our partners need to follow their interests ”, explained the Head of Marketing from the sports platform.

Deporte, bienestar y mental health

The blocking of the well panel relieves the importation of the sport as a mechanism of physical and mental well-being. “Fucks of sports values ​​are extrapolated to companies,” said Fernández-Ochoa. “Además, it has been tried that the practitioners who practice exercise with increasing frequency increase in a 31%”, desarrolló. As a technique of gestation of time that does not work and work, Rivela wells the manifestation of the flames “walking meetings”, a mode of walking cycle to create creativity.

We change the lento rhythm

In the block for conclusions and predictions in the middle of the field, the panelists are sampled with the progress and release of these comments during the charla, derivatives of the bienstar and the conclusion Laboratory / Personal Embryo. No obstante, Rivela s most samplergo algo m pess pessimista. “Companies that tend to be competent, those that are evolutionary,” he said. “Even a hybrid office is not all that.”


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