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In a ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Okinawa’s retaliation, the Japanese prime minister, Fumio Kishida, promised to reduce the military presence in Okinawa, the most populous prefecture in the country.

Okinawa habitats that oppose the presence of estadounidenses military bases, constructs devoid of the Second World War, say that they have a source of contamination and pollution. Algunos culpan al personal militant estadounidense of the violent criminals that affected the local population and affirmation that the culture, history and language of the indigenous ryukyuan puebla are unfolding. EE.UU. justify its presence in Okinawa with the strategic location of the island in the Pacific.

The Semitropical archipelago was rebuilt by the British as far as Japan in 1872.

In a speech at the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan city, Prime Minister Kishida referred to Okinawa as the “gateway to Asia” and said that the Ryukyu Islands have the potential to be converted to a regional center. international intercambios. Add that Gobierno was trained to create an “Okinawa-friendly economy”.

The shadows of the occupation between the worlds

Okinawa lost control of Japan on May 15, 1972, 27 years after the invasion. Without embargo, the military presence is abusive. With Okinawa only representing 0.6 per cent of Japan’s total surplus, more than 70 per cent of the cost of military installations in the country.

Fija, from 52 years old, now conjures up her father’s status and was adopted by her mother’s mother. At present, he is an academic at the University of Okinawa and an affirmation that the construction in the course of a new military base on a reclaimed ground in a pristine bay around the city of Henoko is not the only one that has the last hope.

Okinawa riots erupt in front of Futenma's military base

Okinawa riots erupt in front of Futenma’s military base.

Rechazo las bases estadounidenses

“Henoko is a little boy in the dungeon who has just come up with a plan of the base, but Gobierno does not listen to the guy who goes there,” said Fija.

“We offer to trade with quality – United States, China, Japan – and no news of the need for military force here”, says DW. As far as discounting is concerned, Fija is not sure that okinawenses will organize a movement that fights for independence.

Shinako Oyakawa is more optimistic. It is a member of the Association of Integrated Studios for the Independence of the Ryukyuans. “It simply came to our notice then that most of Okinawa’s habitats had created a devastating Japanese-controlled island after the creation, but created bases where Iranian and other human rights groups were respected,” he said. “Pero eso no ocurrió. Somos treated as second class citizens by Tokyo”.

During the period of departure of the acts of the universe, the conclusions of the opinion realized in Okinawa by the periodic Ryukyu Shimpo and in Continental Japan by el Mainichi Shimbun reveals that the 69 by the population of Okinawens created that the concentration of estadounidens tropes in the prefecture is “injustice”. Among the continental Japanese, the figure was only 33 per cent.

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