Morelos. Elderly people die due to medical negligence in the shelter

The other corruption acts, which were also reported, consisted of “milking” money from the debit cards of the elderly. Photo by Jorge Luis Plata, EFE

The Morelos Human Rights Commission (CDHM) has instructed the government, led by Cuauhtémoc Blanco, to kill 18 elderly people in a shelter in Temixo municipality, which is chaired by the state DIF. The president’s wife, Natalia Rezende Moreira.

The tragedy began in early 2021, when the former deputy director of the shelter, Dr. Leodegario Almanza Aponte, filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission condemning the many problems there, including the lack of drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases. degenerative No government has addressed the issue.

In his complaint, the doctor said that in December 2020, staff was hired who were not sufficiently trained to meet the needs of the elderly. He accused of corruption, as DIF officials tripled the price of medicines from the real price.

The other corruption acts, which were also reported, consisted of “milking” money from the debit cards of the elderly. In doing so, they removed their pensions և support funds from the Federal Government’s Welfare Program. The robbery, according to Almanza Aponte, continued even after the death of several adults in the DIF shelter.

Lack of medicine, poor medical care have caused the diseases of the elderly to worsen. They suffered from diseases such as diabetes, neurological problems, among others, to which the deadly Covid-19 was added. The elderly became infected. they started to get infected. There is a high temperature, headaches, 70% satiety, which is aggravated by the lack of medical care. The CDHM concluded that the deaths of the elderly were due to neglect of care because, despite their poor health, the authorities did not treat doctors or transport patients to hospitals for treatment. They simply let them die, for which the dead were classified as victims.

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On January 19, 2021, Dr. Leodegario Almanza stated in his complaint: Since November of last year, the General Directorate of DIF Morelos has informed us that there is no budget for medicines, that if I could, as a doctor, I would be the deputy director of the shelter. , reduce the demand for drugs. We have a 25-year-old population in the shelter, socially vulnerable, with chronic degenerative diseases, psychiatric conditions … The situation continued, but at the end of November I had to resign without a liquidation allowance.

Asylum seekers who are still in contact with me keep asking me to receive donations I receive from medical representatives; :

This practice is considered institutional torture. It should be noted that the invoices of the previous months represent up to three times inflated expenses from the real cost of medicines. On the other hand, in December, due to coincidence, support staff were hired in all DIF shelters, they said that the staff has no caregiver experience, does not have a benefits contract, they do not have social security.

Finally, և as a very subtle point, there is a large amount of money in DIF-Morelos’s treasury, Calle Quintas, which has been withdrawn from ATMs, including the welfare cards of deceased users. This practice started in the previous six years (headed by the then governor Graco Ramirez), but continued in the current administration.

On one occasion, a meeting took place with the DIF Prosecutor, the General Directorate, the Directorate of Social Assistance, the Directorate of Financial Centers, where we agreed to curse the facts, to notify SEDESOL, but today all of us who were present at the meeting resigned. . The complaint was not filed, թղթ the folder containing the financial statements and evidence is missing. I was officially asked to do so after my “resignation”, but the last time I saw that folder was during that meeting, it remained in the offices of the DIF General Directorate.

One of the critical points raised in the CDHM Recommendation is the case of 79-year-old Manuel Salgado Montes, infected with Covid-19. The culprit in this case is that Mr. Manuel Salgado Montes was left to die because of it. lack of medication և negligence, because although he had symptoms such as cough, fever, headache և satiety (oxygen saturation), they never treated him or took on the task of transporting him to the hospital.

The old man died on January 21, and the cause of death was neglect of care.
Thursday, 2021 The situation in the dormitory on January 28 at 19:15 was more than critical. It has been confirmed that a total of 14 elderly people have been infected with the coronavirus, four of them are hospitalized և, in addition, there are: nine employees whose test was positive.

Another convict of anomalies in the nursing home, Adriana Ontiveros Ortiz, the shelter nurse, told CDHM. He said. I started working in a nursing home in October 2020 … during my stay, when I went to see the adults as much as possible, they were in good health, when the administration changed, I noticed that: They began to deteriorate their health, I want to mention that when the person in charge of housing, Raul “NN. In January, there was a Covid-19 infection that left three infected nurses, and about five elderly adults died from the lack of medical care.

I want to state that there was a shortage of medicine, so some treatments had to be stopped … even after five deaths, of which, for example, Victoria “NN” A woman named Diabetes և because she: received Covid-19, his health deteriorated, causing bed sores, which were reported to the doctor, who ignored him, so Mrs. Victoria did not receive the necessary care during her treatment, she died physically, like Mr. Osvaldo. “NN” used a probe because of a prostate problem, which was also ignored …

He says he went to a shelter in June 2020 to seek help for his foster uncle, Salvador Becquera Guerrero. He asked them to take them to the hospital to solve their health problems. He was told that his application would be submitted to the commission for discussion. He was told that negligence and bureaucracy had dragged on, and that the patient had died of a heart attack. He was given only the ashes.

The CDHM ruling portrays dead elderly people as “direct victims”. And the names of those who died due to lack of care in the Morelos DIF shelter are immediately mentioned.

Keliamoff Lago Rosa Elena, Santillán Gómez Ելենա Olalia, Osorio Gómez María Guadalupe, Montenegro Reyes Irma ,, García Moctezuma Francisco, Arias Vega Nieves Jalil Guadarrama Rafael, González Alcandro Maríoca, Gonzárez Մա ազանա, Մա Luis, Marcխանn Gonzալlez Felix, G Գmez Chavez Victoria, Salgado Montez de Oca Manuel, Martեսnez Sանչnchez Irene, Salinas Gonzալlez Modesto, Villa Garcաa D’Hid Herro and others.
CDHM adds in its decision. “This Commission reserves the opportunity to grant victim status to other persons who prove that they have been harmed or disregarded for their human rights due to further inaction or inaction.”

In its conclusions and recommendations, the ICRC asks DIF Director Natalia Rezende to publicly apologize to other officials of this body, recognizing serious violations of rights, condemning actions and inaction. Its deadline is thirty days from the publication of the instruction. They also demand compensation for damages, correction of anomalies and corruption, guarantee of the right to life.

Similarly, the CDHM is asking the prosecutor to integrate relevant investigation files to punish those responsible for medical malpractice, neglect, as well as those convicted of possible corrupt acts.

Added to all this are other requests, such as training of the shelter staff, administrative and criminal investigation. We also ask the Attorney General to ensure that the SC01 / 3644/2021 file is processed. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office is requested to supervise the Public Ministry to carry out all proceedings in this regard operatively and quickly.

As for the anomalies in the deceased և nursing home, there is only silence in the Morelos government about these events.

And the worst. There is a danger that “deaths” and corruption will go unpunished.

Ricardo Ravello

Ricardo Ravello Gallo has been a journalist for 30 years, specializing in organized crime and national security issues. He was awarded the National Journalism Prize in 2008 for his coverage of drug trafficking in the Proceso weekly, where he covered a police source for fifteen years. In 2013, he received the Rodolfo Walsh Prize for his non-fiction book “Narcomex” during “S Week” in Gujon, Spain. He is, among other books, the author of “Los Narcoabogados”, “Osiel. Kapo’s life և tragedy “,” Los Zetas. Criminal Privilege “և” In the hands of drug dealers “books.

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