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Johnny Depp has entered the best of the world enter with its declarations in the court against the difference against the ex Amber Heard en donde se han revelado las violent peleas entre la pareja, las infidelidades y el drug consumption.

Depp demand the actress por US $ 50 millones debit to an item of opinion that will expire in 2018 for the diary The Washington Postin the form of a “domestic abuse” bill, which is published within miles of the project.

Aunque ambos se han acusado de domestic violence niegan rotundamente las declarations between ellos y serán las pruebas las que conduzcan a la verdad.

Sin embargo, para los fan de Johnny the actor ganó gran part of the juicer al tener the value of dar to conocer que fue victim of violence y despojarse de los prejuicios machistas to show that they do not always have their victims.

5 emblematic phrases by Johnny Depp

Tras finalize su testimonio in short, algunas of his phrases resonated every now and then.

“Sí, lo soy”: a victim of domestic violence

Su abogada Jessica Meyers reproduce the robbery of a conversation between the actor and Heard in 2016.

In the case of Heard, express your preoccupation with recovering your reputation, trace your princess information about being abused in your relationship and listen to Depp: “Dile al mundo, Johnny, diles: ‘Yo, Johnny Depp, a hombre, también soy una victim of domestic violence y ve quién te cree‘”.

To finalize the robbery, Depp’s abduction: “Á Cuál es tu respuesta cundo la Heorñt He Heard dice ‘Dile al mundo, Johnny, diles que tú, Johnny Depp, un hombre, también eres víktima de violencia domestica'”. The actor’s direct response: “Digo que sí, lo soy”.

“The first person who is abused in my life is the most”

In the middle of the associations and the exhausting exhaust that is realized Ben Rottenborn, legal representative of Heard, Depp is assured that he has not heard anything from anyone.

The actor’s abogado is Heard was the only person to be abused alcohol había sido un problema.

“Señor, if you have a problem with my baby shape, in the moment of my screw, fui yo. “The only person who is abused in my life is the one who did it the most”, he replied.

“No one reveals that he’s serious Heard when he launches a vodka bottle and plays with his hand”

The protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ también reveals the juicer as it suffers a short in its own by rotating otters in 2015, after Heard supposedly launches a vodka bottle.

Aunque buscó medical athens I do not think that reveals that I do not know what to do if I am accustomed and I know other people who have given up on their goal with a goal.

“No one reveals that he’s serious about Heard launching a vodka bottle and playing with his hand. No query meter in trouble. Intent that las cosas fueran lo pacifices and fossils possible for all “, added.

“Nungja lengué al punto de golpear a la señora Heard de ninguna manera ni he he golpeado a ninguna mujer en mi vida”

The solo actor has no clear intentions that he does not accredit Amber ni a ninguna mujer, sino también sus ex parejas han salido en su defensa confesar que nunca sufrieron abuso de su part.

“Nunca llegué al punto de golpear a la señora Heard de ninguna manera ni he golpeado a ninguna mujer en mi vida”, aclaró.

Depp mencionó that solo play to defend physically in algunas ocasion pues sus peleas eran constant.

The actor también dijo que se defendió physically in action algae, after an incident in which Heard knows he’s amazed lesionado la nariz.

The actor contacts you as the cat moves with the front of the other medium “Container”.

“No hubo un cabezazo intentionally”, sostuvo.

“One day he was a Cenicient, but he said, and he played 0.6 seconds after Quasimodo. No wonder me ”

al polemic divorce among the famous he generado rechazo in the enterprise industry and there is always a growing topic going on in juicio.

“Un ea eres Cenicienta, por así decirlo, y luego e 0,6 segundos eres Quasimodo”, dijo Depp. “I do not like it and I do not know it, I do not think that I have created it in all of them,” he said.


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