Mouring for dispersing an influential Al Jazeera periodical in an Israeli operation in Cisjordania

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Undated handout photo from Al Jazeera showing journalist Sherine Abu Aqla

Fountain of the image, EPA

Sherine Abu Aqla, a veteran Palestinian-Palestinian periodical, has been briefed on Al Jazeera information about a number of Israeli forces in the occupied city of Yenin, in Georgia.

The medium, with a seat in Qatar, assured that Sherine Abu Aqla, 51 years old, recreated disparos “deliberadamente” y “a sangre fría” by part of the Israeli tropics. The producer with whom he establishes the required recycling dispersion resulting and herido.

Abu Aqla era una veteran Al Jazeera correspondent and one of the most concise reporters; a habitual turn on the television screens that cover the Palestinian-Israeli conflict a lo largo de los años.

al Ejército israelí ha negado que sus fuerzas atacaran the periodicals.

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