Ms Marvel: Analysis and Curiosities of episode 1

The first episode of Ms Marvel deja claro that we are against one of the big surprises from Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel es puro amor. A series that goes directly to corazón and sabe jugar with our most sentimental sentiments. ¿Lo mejor? ¡No permite aburrirse en ningún momento! From the fact that he flipped with the first episode of Ms. Marvel. This post tracks in analysis, the curiosities and theories of the first episode of Ms. Marvel. (Ojo spoilers)


Ms Marvel is the sequel to the Marvel Studios TV show on Disney + and it’s sure to indisputably re-create it to present a series of teen-like appearances that welcome all types of public, veteran, and young people alike, because they defrost Ms. Marvel and enamoren by Kamala Khan. On a platonic plane. For favor.

Ms Marvel will definitely be automated in the best way that our news can be given by Marvel Studios A love card to all Marvel fans who have prepared and created with the Marvel Cinematographic Universe and the Marvel Universe at least once absorbed a jerk that abounds in prophecy and extravagance without requiring a story with great explosions, no transcendental arguments for the future of Marvel Studios, but appealing in a very basic way: more from UCM. Kamala Khan.

Ms. Marvel is the series in which we know that it definitely defines the leader of the Jóvenes Vengadores by men.

Ms. Marvel introduced us to Kamala Khan who lives in New Jersey with his family and prepares the body of his great-grandson to win at the AvengerCon Institute and the Captain Marvel cosplay competition in which he participates. But suppose this does not happen at all.

Kamala padres de la dejan ir a la AvengerCon pero esto no hará que Kamala se achante y decida ir de todos modos. But the cam is topped with a pair of braces with extra crystals that allow haze cosmos asombrosas allowing a spectacular action scene in the first episode that converts to the detonator of all that is in the series.

Kamala undecided brazaletes, their relationships with their friends and family, their interior

The first episode is concise in the presentation of Kamala Khan and how the radioactive device in their hands allowed new ones that because much so that the criticism of the gentleman is better without advancing concordant and extending more adeptly. The best part of the first episode is that you atrappa and do not permit aburrirte at ningún moment. The fact that it’s going to happen a lot because it’s going to happen.

Integrating these animated elements into the scene from a comic-like aspect of the line that is always Ms. Marvel in chemicals and is abrupt in action. Pero ya os aviso que no será toda la serie así, ¿eh? No se me vengan arriba.

Marvel Studios with this type of deja vu cleats that every superhero is a world and the world of Kamala Khan present more exciting than exploration.

The first episode just happened to be short

Iman Vellani is not for sale. Emana carisma pura. Y pododan haber elegido a nadie mejor como Kamala Khan. It is perfectly complementary. Maravillosa. The rest of the ward does not have to be entertained with the whole family; their institute computers, even the most odious ones and then the surprises that make the final of the mismatch.

The guide and dialogues result in eagles and endemically addictive constant references. Ms Marvel transpira a roll of good roll and good vibration more than perfect.

Ms Marvel is a series that goes straight to the core

In the technical apartment of Ms. Marvel has the quality of Marvel Studios and we think we are looking at the treatment of a teen series and have a different treatment… Nada more than the reality. The series camouflages the perfection and looks like a movie.

Note that in the planar frame, the camera movements, the color, as well as the composition of the planes without displaying large argumentative pirouettes, note that the directors of Ms. Marvel sabe moverse por la materia y hacerla suya. Muy muy top.

The dressing room and accord with what we expect from a teen series without great eccentricities. The music is a mix of addictive themes and is intended to create a playlist for all adults. The sonora band is very interesting at the moment. O sea… Ms. Marvel va a ser un serión. Guard my words.

Marvel Studios logrado distilar la magia que rezuma Ms. Marvel in real chemistry and hackerla, has been tangible, before all the world could explore Kamala Khan and love Ms.’s world Marvel.

Attempts at the post-credit scene!


  • The first episode of Ms. Marvel tries to be exactly the same as Ms.’s chemical. Marvel with a fake fan of Kamala Khan even in the series more than a fake fan is a video produced by Kamala for YouTube. Algo por lo that sentirse identified first primers. ¿O no?
  • In the first few minutes we take a look at Captain Marvel and Vengadores Endgame from the point of view of Kamala.
  • ¡Ant-Man has a podcast and a couple that finally reconciled the guy!
  • Kamala YouTuber. It’s a fear of cuidado. Y orgullosa de ello.
  • One thing I have to say is the tram from the carnet to conduct porcelain because it is a trite because all that the world has tended to have an egg in the screw to fall or to mal…
  • Kamala’s intentions are a bit of a chemical and can be integrated into the narrative.
  • Kevin Feige is right that he’s got the idea to plant an AvengerCon in Ojalá’s reality.
  • Circle Q is made up of chemicals.
  • Tanto the family as Kamala Khan’s friends are all a bunch of their counterparts in the vicissitudes.
  • Kamala Khan is a fan of Felicity, a series of novels that is currently being produced by JJ Abrams.
  • The first episode aims to plant a series of subtrames between the theme of centralization of risk and the problem that exacerbates it. It’s a problem for you to admire Kamala Khan in the chemists and here as a series of important trauma.
  • Brushing Kamala’s best friend is an equal celebrity that in chemists and definitively in the series the series of tires that accompany the superhero on your way.
  • Looking for Djin the geniuses who drank Corán.
  • The hair that Kamala has on its skin is a classic.
  • Ud Menudo drama que no te dejen ir a la AvengersCon! I Quién no hacho tropelías cuando sus padres le han negado algo?
  • The brazel creos that guard much more and if they say they were surprised to see the second episode… Do not worry.
  • The AvengersCon is set up in Camp Legigh to launch during Captain America to present their supplies for conversion to Primer Vengador and their installations that have been sent to the Inner Soldier.
  • AvengersCon has all the most up-to-date experience of any reference.
  • Podríamos dedicarle a video entero a todos los stands que vemos.
  • We go with the name of Viuda and Iron Man. ¡Aún se acuerdan de ellos!
  • Attempts on the shirt of Orgullo Asgard.
  • The Capitana Marvel cosplayers contest is an authentic delicacy that is presented to all of the designers that Carol Danvers called in the chemists and away from them.
  • Zoe in the chemists should be present as a flock of feathers to the final se integrate into the group of Kamala more than the salvage of the most desperate to reconsider their strength in the chemists. Here ocurre algo similar.
  • When Kamala’s mother asks the young woman why she sees her life is very clear: CÓSMICA.
  • Attempts at the post-credit scene! We want to reconnect with the Cleary of Daughters control agent known as Spider-Man: No Way Home. Parece que será un hueso duro de roer para Kamala. It is not possible to advance acontecimientos because of the curves of what is coming.

Definitely from where or how Ms. Marvel has the potential to convert into the largest Marvel Studios series only because of the history of who we are or how many of them we are counting on because it is significant for miles of characters in the world and not only those characters como ya bien he commented. We are all invited to the party. Porque Ms Marvel is a series that feels great. Se hace amar.

With Ms Marvel definitely Marvel Studios has access to Spider-Man.

Ms Marvel también llega para hacer justicia a Ms. Marvel and what about the chemists Ms. Marvel now has one of the highest origins in the Nube Terrain that reveals its natural Inhumana and makes its way into the world… Sin embargo on the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not been conceived by Inhumanos Salvo ne og cameo de Rayo Doctor Strange at the Locura Multiverse in the UCM 838.

But these crystals of Kamala brazil are said to definitely last longer than Inhumanos in futuristic episodes or among the men of Kree.

The series creates its own proprietary space to unlock more than just the algorithm for presenting the abandoned new generation of Marvel Studios Jóvenes Vengadores.

The futuro is more than brilliant

I can not contain my emotion at the end of the episode. Es una maravilla. V Vosotros que os pa pacido el primer episodio de Ms. Marvel? ¿Have you heard all the references from AvengersCon? What are the opinions of Iman Vellani like Kamala Khan? ¿See you in Inhumanos in Ms. Marvel?

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