Muere la adolescente que con un video viral logró salvar la vida de su hermano

  • Meryl Sebastian
  • BBC News, Kochi

Afra Rafeeq y su hermano Mohammed

image source, Afra Rafeeq/YouTube

pie de photo,

Afra Rafeeq y su hermano Mohammed fueron diagnosados ​​con atrophia muscular espinal.

Era toda una estrella de las redes sociales en India.

Just last year, Afra Rafeeqde 16 años, published a video that helped raise millions of rupees for the treatment of his little brother, who was sick spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

It is a rare genetic condition that causes muscular weakness and affects movement and respiration. Es la misma que padecía la propia Close.

He died last Monday in a hospital in the southern state of Kerala, after developing complications related to illness.

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