Nace ‘Olympia’, the new city of health, deportee and bienestar in the financial center of Madrid

Health, innovation, excitement and excellence, with specialists and technology of vanguardia in the service of medicine. Es Olympiathe new center of the Quirónsalud Group which, after its gates and is located in the Caleido tower, is located in the Cuatro Torres Bussiness Area complex, a financial district of Madrid.

More than 12,000 m2 distributed in 3 plants for service providers personalized health, prevention and promotion of the sport. A medical center in people, with the new trends in health, and the health of physical, mental and emotional health, as the main objective.

Not only for people with health problems, but also for people who have prevented, prevented, deported, physically controlled exercise, nutrition, and the number of people being cared for. previenen los signs de la edad.

For that, Olympia offer their services in three different centers: Sport Center, Lifestyle Center y Medical Center.

En Sport Centerthe specialists value the physical conditions to make a healthy and controlled mode deporteand promote the practice of deportation from a wide plaza to form habitable deer habitats.

Prestigious experts in Traumatology, Sports Medicine, Cardiology, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Psychology and musculoskeletal diagnostics, such as Manuel Leyes, José Tabuenca, Ramón Balius, Luis Serratosa, José Ángelo Cabre, Josar íngel Cabre, o Ara Kassarjian, entre otros, tratan todo tipo de deportivas and traumatológicas lesionsoptimizing the physical condition of the professional or amateur athlete.

Para ello, cuenta con a gym of 300 m2 which includes the most sophisticated and avant-garde teams in the market, thermal pools and rehabilitation, integrated Ice-Lab cryotherapy room as well as a hyperbaric chamber and a pressure of 3 ATA (Absolute Atmospheres) to burn hyperoxigeneration in all the cells of the body.

Other areas, Lifestyle Centeris the center of prevention, longevity and treatment of clinical patients with an integrative and functional effect to accompany people and save a substantial amount of money.

Center integrated by faculties of national and international renown as doctors Ricardo Sainz de la Cuesta, Noelia Bonfanti, Rafael Arroyo, Eduard Estivill, María Calvo, José Francisco Tinao, Francisco Peinado or José Luis Martín del Yerro and cuent specialized units of Gynecology, Nutrition, Neurology, Prevention, Longevity and Integral Medicine, Health and Mental Health, Dermatology and Pregnancy Pregnancy.

Asimismo, Lifestyle Center has a unit of Facial, Corporal, Maxilo-Dental, Vascular and Intimate Aesthetics, among others. Además, the experts in Wellagingfor a natural, healthy and substantial investment, to form adequate manejos de la longevidad and seek specific types of cardiovascular and neurovascular prevention, oncoprevention, and primary neurocognitive prevention.

al Medical Center es un medical-surgical center in which all medical and surgical specialties seek coordinates for any type of pathology. The form of medical and surgical specialists for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pathologies.

Carlos Ruiz Escudero, Enrique Puras, Carlos Palomino, Alfredo Castillo, José María Echave-Sustaeta, José Luis Calleja, Luis Abreu, Carlos Durán, María Luisa de Mingo, Javier Rubio, Manuel Chamorro, among many others. The installations are with one major outpatient surgery service with the most advanced technology that allows the surgery techniques to be minimally invasive in order to prevent surgery.

The modern space conforms 68 high resolution consultations, 25 operating and treatment rooms, 4 fully equipped teams10 boxes in the intensive care unit (URPA), 12 boxes in the surgical ward, 2 endoscopy rooms with equipment and one of the ultimate generation installations.

A radiodiagnostic zone with the most sophisticated technology, Magnetic Resonance of 3 Teslasoptional radiography, ultrasound, 3D digital mammography with tomosynthesis, densitometry and mom ultrasound, as well as a laboratory that includes advanced test and 5 extraction stages, complete with Medical Center de Olympia.


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