Natalia Esperón has a relationship with Eva Longoria, her current ex ex

Durante un timempo, Natalia Esperón is alloyed with the reflectors, which can be used to inflate the flame in the crianza de sus tres hijosfruit of its own matrimonio con Pepe Bastón. As an embargo, the principles of this 2022, the actress was surprised by the public with her regression of loot sets to participate in a new telenovela de Television, the company that is burning at home. Returning your carriage to the actuator, the interpretation is restored to your contact with the means of communication, which are manifested in your interest in the details of your new professional projects as in your personal life. Ha aso as the star of Corazón Guerrero has since been related to estadounidense actress Eva Longoriathe actual esposa of your exmarido.



Thanks to the fact that she had a tenderness in the public on her telenovela, Natalia was amazed with the prince about her experience of regressing to work, as well as assurance, which has resulted in more gratification. When it comes to mounting brackets it is possible to drive, the drive makes it difficult for any mountaineering match to be held in contention. “If you are tranquil, use the truth as if you were discreetrespecting my screws, from my screws, preferring me “, comment against various communication media, and support the fact that they are exactly what was answered with each other, the degree of enormity is enormous. about its relation to the star of Desperate Hosewiveswith which their shadows are fixed their shadows a convincing circle. “Ro Claro! The best relation, we are a very modern family”comment.


Including when one of the reporters was present with Eva suele convivir on trips and family events, Natalia answered affirmatively: “¡Claro! Todos”, dijo de lo más tranquila. Not obstructive, the TV shooting range that has the most facets in it that it prefers not to grow, but reconnects it to be flexible and agile but because it has built up in the familiar embryo. “Hay cosas that can be explained because of their personal, and we are very capable because we have a very good family”dijo, y deskartó que haya sido complicade llegar hasta punto en su convivencia. “For nada, it’s a very good relationship”. The inclusive interpretation is reflected in a lot of caries in Santiago, the hermit of his shadow, which is the fruit of matrimony between Longoria and Pepe Bastón. “A Santi lo amamos, lo adoramos, es lo máximo”, comment. The actress said that all of this is “a waste of felicity, and that it does not have to be announced, all of it is personal, tengo moments divinos, pero son eso, son míos”, express.


The actress’s guinea pig is questioned about one of the most important combinations in its familiar life in recent epochs: the matrimonial of its shadow Natalia Bastón con José Eugui. “In October, I buy a car, the time of the flight”, commented the company, which revealed that it has already reached a new stage. “Soy une suegra bien buena onda”, aseguró sonriente. “Pues sí, mi hija está feliz casada, espero ser abuela prontopero bueno, eso es cosa de ellos “, agregó. Natalia reiteró sentirse plena en is moment, en el que ha podido to find the best balance between your car and your personal screw.” (Estoy) contenta, contenta trabajando, contenta con mis hijos which is tampered with, large, 18 years old, with the case, diffrutando “, aggregate, refined tampered with in their shades Mariana y José Antonio.

Confidence that your Covid, and reflection on the wind and the passage of time

It is concentrated with the princess, the actress rejoices algunos halagos on her belze, and having her gradual graduation, admit that time is passing and is inevitable. “Los años sí pasan”, dijo, pero descartó que sea a theme que le preocupe, y confesó that fue precision la pandemia lo que lleó a reflective on la vida y m cus cuando ella vivió el Covid en carne propia. “Do I personally feel like I’s pounding my feet on the ground? ya decir ‘estamos ahorita pero mañana no sabemos como nos va a ir a cada quien’. A mí me dio y me dio bastante fuerteno de hospital pero sí me hizo replantearme muchas cosas y valovar la vida y estar agradecida con la salud “, contalia Natalia. to perceive the naturalness of the cambiums that come with the acorns. “Accept, start, love what you believe, say, is a screw process”reflection, and manifest algunas reserves against the idea of ​​something in the future to algún procedurally aesthetic.



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