Natalia Lafurkad’s father questioned the Mayan train campaign, which was supported by the singer

Gaston Lafurcade criticized the celebrities who came out against the Mayan train

Although a singer-songwriter Natalia Lafurkad In recent days, he has appeared in a media video in which he was shown campaigning against the Mayan train work with other characters related to the world of art and entertainment. # SélvameDelTren:now his father Gaston Lafurcad expressed his full support for the mega-projects undertaken by the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador..

Through a video broadcast by the Chilean musician-pedagogue Morena Queretaro living in Mexico, he expressed himself against the characters who are against the Fourth Transfiguration, in particular: With the construction of the 5th section of the Mayan trainwho argued? Supposed extinction of local forests and jungles.

The father of a famous singer-songwriter to the root stressed that the allegations against this project They are slander, that instead of bringing back the country and the state, it will be beneficial.

Gaston Lafurcad has lived in Queretaro since 1987 Photo courtesy of YouTube / Federico Morena // Quartoscuro
Gaston Lafurcad has lived in Queretaro since 1987 Photo courtesy of YouTube / Federico Morena // Quartoscuro

“One day after the opening of Felipe Angeles Airport are operated with dubious, very dubious concern for the environment“, Says the musician in the video, where he supports AMLO projects, stays away from what celebrities, including his daughter, say.

In the recording circulating on social networks, it is seen that the artist performs a composition on the piano, and then broadcasts the position, which has already become viral. “At a time when there is terrible misinformation about what is happening in our beautiful Mexico, they were forced to explain some things. Given the comments A group of people related to the media և television, who called themselves ecologists և environmental experts“Their confirmations mean absolute ignorance,” he said, without naming names.

“The harpsichord master, who was exiled as a young man after the military coup against Mexican Socialist Salvador Allende, even questioned the celebrities in the video.”where were they when an airport was built on Lake Texcoco or when the Rivera Maya was destroyed?»:

The daughter of a Chilean musician and pedagogue took part in the campaign
The daughter of a Chilean musician and educator took part in the “Sélvame del tren” campaign (Photo: Twitter / @ LafourcadeClub)

Gaston, who fought against Augusto Pinochet in his home country, stressed that what was said video: “Save me from the train” is nothing but “slander about extraordinary works” that have been built during these six years. He also welcomed 4Q actions such as: Construction of a cross-ocean corridor և Provision of pensions to the elderly.

“That’s why I want to raise my voice as a musician, a teacher.” They complain about a lot of lies and attacks on a president, which is the reason for my deep admiration“For his reckless honesty about his vast knowledge of Mexico,” added Gaston Lafurcad.

Finally, the musician explained that this is the first time he has been introduced by the president. “The goal is to grow Mexico’s its controlled growth, regardless of gender or descent.” At the end of the video, Lafurkad mentioned that like many others. “To be proud of Lopez Obrador”.

The musician, who has been in Queretaro since 1987, said that “living in Mexico closely with the administrations of eight presidents, he feels represented with AMLO.” sees him as a president whose main goal is to enlarge Mexico.

Through the Twitter account of Sélvame del Tren (@selvamedeltren), the artists opposed the fifth section of the Mayan train.

After the musician’s comments, the name of his famous daughter became viral on social networks, because he did not mention her in his position. The difference of opinion between the father ց jumped among the public.

What did Natalia Lafurkad say in the above-mentioned video?

In a campaign where the figures like it Eugenio Derbez, Barbara Mori, Ruben Albara, Kate del Castillo, Omar Chaparo և Saul Hernandezamong others, multiple winners Latin Grammy to express:

“Hundreds, thousands of trees have already been cut down, լինել there may be more millions… We are taking their houses from thousands of native species, we are taking our own houses… our cenotaphs, water, life.”


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