NATO monitors the tension between Kosovo and Serbia: “Estamos listos before intervening as the conflict escalates”

Members of the peace maintenance force of KFOR patrol the area near the border crossing between Kosovo and Serbia in Jarinje, Kosovo, on October 2, 2021. REUTERS/Laura Hasani REUTERS/Laura Hasani
Members of the peace maintenance force of KFOR patrol the area near the border crossing between Kosovo and Serbia in Jarinje, Kosovo, on October 2, 2021. REUTERS/Laura Hasani REUTERS/Laura Hasani

NATO informed that it follows the tension between Kosovo and Serbia, and indicated that it is willing to intervene if the conflict escalates. The Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte communicated it this Sunday, luego de que se announced that several border crossings between the two nations were closed.

“The mission of KFOR (Kosovo Force) “Directed by NATO, it is watching and prepared before intervening as the stability of the compromise, according to its mandate, pursuant to Resolution 1244 of 1999 of the Security Council of the United Nations,” he affirmed. Aggregate: “Our mission of NATO is totally focused on the daily implementation of the mandate of the United Nations to ensure a climate of security and freedom of movement for all the people of Kosovo”.

Assured que NATO maintains a visible and agile posture in the territory, and its officials maintain contact with the authorities of both countries.

In the communiqué, the alliance also affirms that it continues to fully support the normalization process between Pristina and Belgrade through the dialogue facilitated by the EU and asks all the parties that continue the negotiations: “It is fundamental for regional peace and security.” There will be no real prospects of a better future in the Balkans if they do not fully respect human rights and democratic values, the state of law, internal reforms and good neighborhood relations. The constructive dialogue is the key to regional stability”.

Y recalca: “La KFOR will take the necessary measures to maintain a safe environment in Kosovo at all times”.

Kosovo closed its borders with Serbia

This Sunday the police of Kosovo closed two border crossings with Serbia after unknown armed men shot against officials in the north of the country y los serbios étnicos bloquearon carreteras, a medida que aumenta las tensiones por las nuevas reglas fronterizas de Pristina.

Nadie resultó herido durante el incidente, dijo un comunicado de la policía.

But you left, the minister of defense of Serbia negó enfrentamientos entre el army serbio y la police de Kosovo.

Kosovo proclaimed its independence from Serbia in 2008, but ethnic Serbs, who constitute the majority in the northern region, they do not recognize la autoridad de Pristina. Muchos siguen siendo políticamente loyal a Serbia, que aún brinda apoyo financiero.

Las ultimas tensiones se produjeres después de que Pristina dijera el lunes que las persons que ingresen a Kosovo con identificaciones serbias derempelazarlas con un documento temporal durante su estadía en el país.

The government also said that ethnic Serbs who have matrícula plates issued by Serbia will change their plates from Kosovo in two months.

Prime minister Albin Kurti said on Sunday that it was windy una medida recíproca Ya que Belgrade exige lo mismo a los ciudadanos de Kosovo que ingresan a Serbia.

On Sunday night, hundreds of trucks, tanker trucks and other heavy transport vehicles from Serbia were stationed on the roads to the crossroads of Jarinje and Brnjak with Serbiabloqueando el tráfico, dijo un correspondent de la AFP.

Large multitudes of local Serbs gathered around the barricades with the intention of staying there.

Kosovo closed its borders with Serbia

The Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, said el domingo que la situación en Kosovo nunca había sido “más compleja” before Serbia y los serbios étnicos.

“La atmosphere se ha complicado”, said Vucic, advirtiendo que “Serbia ganará” si los serbios son atacados.

Kurti accused Vucic of causing “disturbios”.

Las siguientes horas, días y semanas pueden ser defiances y problemáticosKurti said on Facebook.

Las ultimas tensiones importantes en la region se produjeron en septiembre, cuando cientos de personas de etnia serbia protagonaron diarias protestas y blockaron el traffic en los dos pasos bordererizos.

Su enfado se uncheçnó por la decision de Pristina de exigir a los conductores con placas de matrícula serbias que se pusieran placas provisionales al entrar en Kosovo.

Los que entraban desde Kosovo had que hacer lo mismo en Serbia.

The conversations led by the EU between Kosovo and Serbia that started in 2011 have not yet achieved any normalization de los lazos.

Kosovo is recognized by approximately 100 states, including the United States and most of the EU countries, but Serbia refuses to do so.

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