Ne Who needs each team to advance to the semifinals of Clausura 2022?

We present to you what every team has to do to pass the semifinals of the MX League.

The final quarters of Torneo Clausura 2022 It is defined as the end of the week and the teams that are chosen as favorites to attend the semifinals, but tend to be ratified in the flight deck.

The continuation presents the panorama of what each team requires in the flight center to advance to the semifinals.

The Fellows secure an important triumph in the Azteca Stadium for 1-0 wins a Cruz Azulfor the purpose of the inclusive part can be closed and then advanced to the semifinals.

For the close-up of the domingo, the UANL bastards a triumph, an empathy by qualifying scorer or including a scaling by difference of a goal, in virtue of the global empathy at the goalpost by passing through the subliderato general. La Máquina acabó en el octavo peldaño.

Thras la derrota de 1-0 ante Tigers at the Azteca Stadium, now Cruz Azul must be victorious in the pursuit of the sea if they are in the semifinals of the Torneo Clausurado 2022.

The team is led by the Peruvian Juan Reynoso you need a triumph over the difference goal, but as you go through one of the terminal series with global empathy that gives you the feline pass by its location in the general table.

The capital box is placed directly on the final tracks which is given on the fourth site of the general classification and then the perm has a panorama for the part of the flight against Pueblaavailable at the Azteca Stadium.

The Anguillas, whose account has been compromised with a new set of scoundrels as if their part of the game against France were 1-1, would require a victory as a marker or the inclination to take it easy which is exactly what igualada is in the global, best location on the bulletin board, where Puebla acabó en el quinto peldaño.

France requires a victorious manner in the Aztec front stadium America if they want to go to the semifinals of Torneo Clausura 2022, because it empathizes globally with its output by having it in the current position of the table in the regular phase. The part of ida acabó empatado to an annotation.

The conjunctural direction by Nicolás Larcamón It tends to apply for funding as it advances, but from the Apertura Tournament 2011 to Ghana at the Azteca Stadium, having the highest number of points visited in the present tour of the accumulator 15 of the 26 that are.

The general leader of the regular phase light as the favorite over the San Luis Athletic to eliminate and with it the semifinals, the game that holds the annotations in one part and now requires a victory or empathy to follow the next round.

Los Tuzos takes a step back in the regular phase by following the technical mandate Guillermo Almada and the Hidalgo stage is the main fortress, which does not contain a single incandescent, but takes into account the victories and the empaths, but which gives the panorama a chance to see the best dividends and the continent with its fireplace in the title bar.

The frame can be attached to the final layers to be traced to Rayados in the reclassification of the shot in the penalty area and then search for the mismo con Pachuca on the fly, playing 2-2 in each other.

San Luis Athletic requiring a manner of victory for a place in the semifinals, whether it be a pig or an empathizing powder, or the best position of the Tuzos on the board of the pass, but which is the perfect way to Pachuca their first turn in the turnstile at Hidalgo Stadium will be followed by the crowd through the championship.

Los Rojinegros ensures a good result in the ida antenna cottage Chivasbecause of the 2-1 triumph at the Akron Stadium, the possibility of inclusive blindness due to a goal difference and conceding a ticket to the next round.

This is ultimately due to any major position in the general classification of the regular phase, but as a result, empathy or victory the ticket holder to the semifinals to hold on to the championship bicycle.

El Rebaño Sagrado tends to search for overhaul in the classic front carpet Atlasbecause it is 2-1 in the center of the ida and on the sole cam it obtains a triumph at the end of the week.

Guadalajara you need a victory over the goals of the difference, because you have to go through a terminal empathized with the global marker and then the semifinals take place, virtually because the Rojinegros have the best colloquialities in the general table al acabar in the third field , mientras las Chivas terminaron en el sexto.


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