NEJM aval para trastuzumab deruxtecan en máncer de mama

This treatment has been slowed down to slow the progression of cancer to 75.8 per cent of patients over 12 months.

The pharmacy trastuzumab deruxtecan has shown “one free supervision of progression and globally significantly more than chemotherapy elegida by the doctor “in patients with cancer of the metastatic mother con bajo HER2. This is the detail of the new study published in the professional magazine The New England Journal of Medicine. It is currently investigating as many as 557 patients undergoing relapse, 63 of whom (or 11.3 per cent) are treated with negative hormone receptors.

Analyze the results, the investigators and the sample of the patients with cannabis de mama con bajo HER2 que “trastuzumab deruxtecan ha dado lugar a una free supervision of progression“. Tal y como adelantó a Medical Redaction Javier Cortésdirector of the International Breast Cancer Center (Ibcc) and the main art studio of the published studio The New England Journal of Medicine, or observe “very positive results”. Section of Cortés’s words, this medicine is “one new scenario in the treatment de cancer de mama. However, in the United States, the standard is changed at the moment and the form is the choice of patients treated with metastatic enema.

The current study was conducted with the participation of 557 patients and revealed that, in the cohort of positive hormone receptors, “the median of supervivencia with a progression of 10.1 months in the trastuzumab deruxtecan group and 5.4 months in the medical elevation group. ” supervivencia globalinvestigators estimated it to be “23.9 months and 17.5 months, respectively”.

Además, the experts who showed that, among all patients, “the median of free progression free flow of 9.9 months in the group of trastuzumab deruxtecan “of 5.1 months in the medical elevation group, and global oversupply of 23.4 months and 16.8 months, respectively.”

Han Have you produced adverse effects to recycle your form?

This is a new study on the efficiency of the firm cannabis de mama con bajo HER2 demonstrated that it “produces nonconducting adversities of grade 3 or higher at 52.6 per patient of patients receiving trastuzumab deruxtecan and at 67.4 per cent of those who recycle it chemotherapy elegida by the doctor “.

Asymmetry, the subrayan investigators that “in the 12.1 per cent of patients who recycle trastuzumab out of production an interstitial pulmonary infarction o neumonitis in relation to the drug; the 0.8 per cent of your 5 “degree coefficients.

The investigation carried out a phase 3 ensemble in which patients participated cancer of the metastatic mother con baja expression of HER2 that habían reciprocates one or more of the prevailing lines chemotherapy. (HER2 expression is defined as a score of 1+ in the immunohistochemical analysis [IHC] as an IHC score of 2+ and negative results in in situ hybridization) “.

Las patientes fueron asignadas aleatoriamente in a ratio of 2: 1 to recycle trastuzumab deruxtecan o la elegant chemotherapy for the doctor. The main valorization criterion for superimposition is the progression in the cortex of positive hormone receptors. Secondary valorization criteria include superimposition without progression between all patients and global supervision in the cohort of positive hormone receptors and between all patients.

Positive data in HER2-positive mum cancer

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the journal is not publicly available, except that it is a formidable journal, trastuzumab deruxtecanllegó a frenar la cancer progression of metastatic HER2- mother positive at one 75.8 per patient’s patient for 12 months respectively at 34.1 per patient who agrees with the current standard treatment. In this investigation, find out compare the form used with anteriority with trastuzumab emtansina in patients with HER2 positive metastatic breast cancer.

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