Neutral Switzerland approaches OTAN in response to Russian invasion


al Switzerland’s historic neutrality status is at a point of interest and its mayor trying to decadhoping that the Ministry of Defense will not immediately disclose the potential of the Western military in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense has been elaborated information on a variety of security options, including military exercises in conjunction with OTAN and ammunition and allied repositoriesdijo a Reuters Paelvi Pulli, head of the ministry’s security policy.

I have not been informed in detail of the details of the policy options that are being debated in the Swiss Government.

“In the last instance, podría haber cambios in the form of interpreting neutrality”, Dijo Pulli en una cevre interviewa semana pasada. On a trip to Washington this week, the Minister of Defense of Switzerland, Viola Amherd, says that Switzerland is debería collaborate more with the military alliance led by United States, pero no unirse a ellasegún informs the medium of communication suizos.

Neutrality, which Switzerland’s thought to bring to the world warriors during the twentieth century, is not an objective in itself, as Gobierno claims to augment the security of the country, says Pulli.

Other options have periodic high-level reunions between mandates and Swiss politicians and OTANdijo.

Paelvi Pulli, responsible for the security policy of the Swiss Ministry of Defense (Reuters)
Paelvi Pulli, responsible for the security policy of the Swiss Ministry of Defense (Reuters)

The acquisition of the Alliance sparked a rupture with the tradition of no partial recording que, según quienes la apoyan, ayudó a Suiza to prosper in order to obtain a special paper such as international intermediate media, including the occupant of the Occident with the Soviet Union.

The idea of ​​bringing in members from OTAN is being debated, as countries such as Sweden and Finland – parts of which have a history of neutrality – are at the point of entry. .

The information must be finalized in the finals of September, when it comes to the consideration of the Swiss cabinet. Present to Parliament suite for debate and serve as base for possible decisions on future orientation of country security policy. The information is not available for voting.

The Ministry of Defense has its own contribution to a more amplified studio that is prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This project examines the adoption of sanctions, weapons, ammunition exports and the relationship with OTAN from the perspective of neutrality, led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Switzerland has not been involved in an international war since 1815, when it adopted neutrality in the Congress of Vienna, which ended with the French Revolutionary Guerrillas.

The 1907 La Haya Convention established that Switzerland did not take part in international armed conflicts, nor did it favor its allies with trophies or weapons, nor did it consider its territory and the arrangement of its bands.

Neutrality, consolidated in the Swiss Constitution, permits Switzerland to self-defense and a margin of maneuver to interpret the political aspects of the concept without compromising on its legal definition.

The late General Thomas Süssli, Chief of Staff of the Swiss Armed Forces (REUTERS / Denis Balibouse)
The late General Thomas Süssli, Chief of Staff of the Swiss Armed Forces (REUTERS / Denis Balibouse)

The concept was updated by the last decade of the 1990s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, to allow a foreign policy based on cooperation with other countries in the field such as humanitarian aid and air defense.

The Ukrainian conflict has revived the debate, centered now in the Gobierno decisions to impose sanctions on Russia, to allow the re-export of Swiss-made munitions to Ukraine.. “Hay mucho malestar for the fact that Switzerland could not contribute more to Ukraine”, Says Pulli.

The summoner of ammunition and other countries to replicate those en route to Ukraine is another potential medium, dijo Pulli, in a change of policy mantis by Gobierno hasta ahora, while the direct sumistron is likely a pass that will allow iria.

The Swiss president, Ignazio Cassis, dismissed the armistice of the three countries at the same time as Ukraine, but gradually demonstrated a more ambitious vision, stating that neutrality was not a “dogma” and that it did not respond. sanction “habría favorecido al aggresor.”


Switzerland, which has all the lags with OTAN, decided to buy it without variation Cockas F-35A de Lockheed Martinwhich you have acquired or used by some members of OTAN.

Switzerland’s not able to unite alliance’s debit to neutrality. Pero podemos trabajar juntos y los sisteme que estamos prodrando son an buena base para ello“, Said the Minister of Defense Amherd the emissary SRF.

Media that are studying a significant increase in the number of countries that do not enter the United Nations until 2002 and produce only a handful of weapons.

Vladimir Khokhlov, portavoz of the Russian embassy in Bern, says that medieval waves a radical policy change for Switzerland. Moscow “does not ignore” an eventual decline in Swiss neutrality, which tends to be consequential, dijo Khokhlov. No more details.

The Swiss military is in favor of a major co-operation with the OTAN as a form of static defense, with the view that public opinion has experienced a radical change since the invasion of Ukraine.

More than half of the castes –el 56% – apoya el aumento los vínculos con la OTANfollowing a current, as a result of the media of 37% of the last years.

The adhesion to the OTAN must be considered minority, but significantly increased. The probe was conducted in April by Sotomo and showed that 33% of Swiss people rejected the adhesion to the alliance, but the result was 21% of the distance from another study conducted by the ETH University of Zurich.

“It’s clear that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed a lot. Consider one of the most recent Western democratic values”, Says Michael Hermann, of Sotomo.

Thierry Burkart, leader of the center-right Liberal Radical Party, which forms part of the government of the government of the country, described a “seismic exchange” in the opinion of the general public about neutrality. Neutrality “has nothing to be flexible”dijo a Reuters.

“Against Ukraine, algunos pensaban que nunca habría otra guerra convenjional en Europa”, dijo, adding that algunos habían abogado por la disolucón e aircito. “Ukraine’s conflict demonstrates that we can not complain.”

Burkart says he wants a more militant mayor and a more straightforward relationship with OTAN, but not the adhesive plenum.

The embargo, Peter Keller, general secretary of the Suizo Popular Party (SVP, for example in Germany), from the extreme right, Reuters that a greater relation to OTAN is incompatible with neutrality.

The SVP also forms part of the governing coalition and is the largest party in the Swiss Cámara Baja. “It simply came to our notice then. Ha trado paz y prosperidad al pueblo ”, said Keller.

The Swiss Ministry of Defense is not up to date. During his visit to Washington, Amherd said that the brand of neutrality “does not work more closely with OTAN and is influenced by European societies”, according to the periodical Tagesanzeiger.

(With information from Reuters / By John Revill)


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