New antipsychotic products produce a subjective biennial memory

The antipsychotic initiatives are such that muestran has little autonomic activity. Dosage can be administered at elevated levels as reversing adverse reactions of the sedation or hypotension type, which are required to limit the dose.

Among the antipsychotics of the second generation are to start controlling the positive symptoms. In the group of new antipsychotics there is homogeneity in this aspect, which tends to treat differences between specific forms and not all between one and the other generation.

There are antipsychotics with the most antipsychotic efficacy, such as at certain levels of specific specific interrelated symptoms with positive psychiatric symptoms, such as aggression, insomnia, inquiry, impulsivity, impulsivity.

Stock differences

There are also differences in the action of the various antipsychotic substances and the negative and cognitive symptoms present in the schizophrenia.

The main characteristic of atypicality or the antipsychotics of the second generation is the limited capacity to produce extrapyramidal effects. There is also a need for greater efficiency in both negative and positive syndromes, which have an effect on resistant patients.

How many drugs of the second generation are risperidone, olanzapine and clozapine.

Sedative antipsychotics

Consider sedative antipsychotics where, in combination with antipsychotic action, they exert relevant autonomic effects, including anticholinergic, alpha1-adrenergic blocking, and antihistamine H1. This favors the application of a variety of irreversible secondary effects, such as sedation, which difficultan or, inclusive, impedes to stabilize doses of antipsychotics effectively effective. Además, can interfere with the negative manner in the complementary therapeutic complement.

There are significant differences in the level of sedation that induce different antipsychotics, although in clinical practice it is the type of antipsychotics resulting in greater utility in controlling certain symptoms such as agitation, insomnia or psychotic agitation.

Among the new antipsychotics, the partial agonists show a slight tendency towards the production of general form sedation which, in the majority of the second generation antipsychotics, exist among these ultimately different. The result of producing moderate sedation in general is that the sea is largely tolerated and facilitates functional recovery with the resulting major in perception about treatment and complement therapeutic.

Bienestar subjective

New antipsychotics, including those in which cariprazine is concentrated, are only possible if the patient experiences a subjective biofeedback, which provokes applause, weight gain, and metabolic problems in general.

In women, amenorrhea and men’s increase sexual dysfunction, as well as the consequence of their action on prolactin levels.
Although not reflected in the subjective biennial, the major quantum alert in the QT interval of the electrocardiogram in the case of the new antipsychotics provided is an important factor in counting the time taken to treat long-distance plasma.

Majority in the absence or persistence of weight and persistence or dissemination of prolactin levels that are specific to new antipsychotics, resulting in decisive factors in quantification or abandonment of treatment. This is due to the fact that you observe a great deal of adherence to the treatment and a small amount of abandonment.

Secondary effects

The apparatus of secondary effects with the new antipsychotics is not only relevant. The most common in their continental appliance is acacia, which can be a major concern and needless supervision and addition of pharmacological treatment.

The acacia suele is dose dependent. Yes, with a dose of doses or the addition of a benzodiazepine you only correct, with minor complications.

The new antipsychotics offer a major with respect to the previa, that is, the secondary effects have minor, above all, a cognitive and metabolic level.

For the elaboration of this article we have contacted the collaboration of the doctors Manuel Cassinello Marco, David Esteban García, Carlos Javier Sánchez Miñano, Sonia Gómez Pardiñas, Eva Fontela Vivanco, Mónica González Camosá, Marosa Conzález Santos, Larregola.

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