New bipartisan efforts could pave the way for medical marijuana testing across the country

On Monday, April 4, the House of Representatives passed a law speeding up research into medical marijuana use.

The Marijuana Medical Examination Act, sponsored by the incredible couple of lawmakers Andy Harris, a pro-legalization lawmaker, was passed by 343 votes to 75.

“In this country, cannabis laws are violated, including medical marijuana testing. “America’s growing cannabis industry is operating without the benefits of a strong research program,” Blumenauer said in a statement.

Blumenauer said that because of these policy flaws, employees fail drug tests, not because they are allowed to do so, but because they have used marijuana or medical marijuana for the past month.

“This is just one symptom of our short-sighted, illogical and destructive policy,” he wrote.

The bill came just three days after the House of Representatives passed a bill that legalized marijuana, which is largely partisan.

On Friday, April 1, Democrats, with some Republican support, voted 220-204 to remove marijuana from the federal list of controlled substances reaching the states.

Only 18 states, including Columbia, and two territories allow adult recreational drug use.

Large-scale legislation passed on Friday will not only remove marijuana from the federal list of controlled substances, but also impose a tax on marijuana sales to fund programs aimed at serving previously vulnerable drug-trafficking communities.

The latest cannabis bill passed Monday will make the process easier for researchers who want to research medical marijuana. It will also direct the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure that the appropriate marijuana stock is available for use by qualified scientists.

Lawmakers argued that it was in the best interest of consumers for researchers to know more about the substance’s medical use, as 37 states, including Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, allow its use. use for this purpose.

“These actions underscore the need to increase research into the safety and efficacy of marijuana products used by millions of Americans,” said Congressman Frank Pallone, chairman of the House Energy Committee.

Even lawmakers who oppose recreational marijuana have acknowledged that the federal government should allow medical marijuana testing, as most states already allow it.

“As a physician, I realize that if we are going to have legal medical marijuana in more than 30 states, we really need to look at it to see why it is used and why it is not,” Andy said. Harris.

The Medical Marijuana Research Act will remove barriers for researchers who wish to apply for and approve a cannabis test. It will also set clear deadlines for federal agencies to act on their requests, making it easier for scientists to modify their research protocols without federal approval.

In late 2020, the House of Representatives and Senate passed earlier versions of their cannabis bills, but none reached former President Donald Trump’s desk. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

After Monday’s vote in the House of Representatives, Blumenauer said he was ready to work with his Senate counterparts to “reconcile the differences between this bill and the Senate Cannabidiol-Marijuana Expansion Act.”

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