New paramagnetic contrasts enhance the treatments

Rlex Rovira, Head of Neuroradiology at the University of Hebron Vall Hospital and Responsible for Publications of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM).

Cuando se habla de radiological image with traces of magnetic resonancethe concept of caliper is directly mounted on a larger diagnostic and treatment unit, especially in parts such as Neurorradiología. In obtaining an optimal result it is very important that the team used to obtain the final result of other elements as the medium of contrast, in constant evolution. Dentro de este campo destacan los paramagnetic contrast mediawhich assumes an important adequate path of diagnostic guarantee for patients with structural alterations affecting the nervous system.

To subscribe to novels in this field, and concurring with the celebration of 36th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (Seram), Medical Redaction has been in contact with Rlex Rovira, Head of Hospital Neuroradiology, University of Hebron (Barcelona) Responsive to publications by Sociedad Española de Radiología Médica (serama). In the interview, which deals with Bayer’s patronage, the “essential” calibration specialist counts on a caliber image, and good at expecting a branded futuro by desarrollo de new contrasts with gadolinium which offers a “relative” major that adams from the caliber of the image reduced to the safety of the patient.

Import What importation has the quality of the image in Neuroradiology in terms of diagnosis and treatment of patients?

In general, the quality of them radiological studies es essential for poder llevar a cabo accurate diagnostics. It is sentient, it exists different recommendations how indican how to obtain these studies in specific clinical situations that have the objective of obtaining double with an appropriate and homogeneous technique, and use razonable exploration times.

However, it is unimaginably solo to carry out a correct interpretation of the studios, but it is necessary to carry out adequate comparative analysis of radiological studies obtained at different times and in different centers.

“Magnetic resonance imaging is the most important imaging technique in neuroscience as it is practically clinical as well as investigative.”

What are the main pathologies that localize graces and techniques such as magnetic resonance in these patients?

La magnetic resonance (RM) is an imaging-based diagnostic technique that can be used in clinical practice to initiate the passing of the definite article and, definitively, to the end of this decade. Out of the principles of the recent ones when producing an authentic one explosion in the use of RMas a complementary diagnostic technique to other more stable (Compositional radiology, computed tomography, intraarterial angiography), only as one first choice technique in a number of pathological processes, especially in the field of neurosciences.

Ello se debe al elevated contrast tisular which is offered technically, but the hare that no solo sea is very sensitive in the detection of structural alterations which affects the central nervous system, sino también en su characterization. Pero además of structural information, RM with the use of advanced techniques permite obtener hemodynamic, metabolic and functional information of the central nervous system, which is what hare la The most important imaging technique in the field of neuroscience tanto for the clinical practice as well as for the investigation.

Nove Which novels related Bayer respect the image in Neuroradiology?

Currently, Bayer is unlocked new paramagnetic contrast medium which contains gadolinium with a macrocyclic structure and a relative elevation. These characteristics conform to contrast media an elevated level of assurance for patients and a major diagnostic efficiency. One finalized clinical trials that are performed and approved by regulatory agencies, these new contrast media can be used in clinical practice with the same benefit as the patient.

“New paramagnetic contrasts provide a higher level of safety and greater diagnostic efficiency”

In the diagnosis of cerebral tumors, what is the difference in the contrast medium that Bayer offers?

al contrast medium that contains gadolinium of Bayer is what it is mayor relajatividad dentro los que tienen macrocyclic structure. Currently, in most parts of the European Union, they can only be used in the RM studios of the central nervous system contrast medium of macrocyclic structure, which is much more stable than linear structure and, consequently, induce major gadolinium deficiency in different ways such as cerebral and esophageal.

These gadolinium’s tibial deposits, having not demonstrated clinical consistency, are minimally palatable as medida preventiva before the possible secondary effects of mismo in largo plazo.

Bene What are the benefits of using Bayer RM contrast medium in brain tumor diagnostics?

With all its benefits, the main relevance of the contrast medium that content gadolinio de Bayerin relation to other mediums of macrocyclic structure contrast, is more efficient in paramagnetic effect and in the detection of different lesions such as cerebral tumors.

Seeking recent studies, suggesting that, by contrast medium, using special sequences such as SPACE and VIBE, then obtain additional information of magnetic resonance imaging of cerebral tumors. A How does the combination of ambos in the diagnosis of cerebral tumors?

Determinants of RM sequences obtained in combination with administration of contrast media containing gadolinium, such as SPACE y VIBEthat son of volumetric acquisition (3D), are being implemented progressively in the clinical routine.

These are major sequences, in comparison with other 3D sequences weighted in T1 as MPRAGE (with frequency used to detect lesions with real-time contrast management), la detection of tumor lesions como los gliomas y las cerebral metastasis.

“Radiologists want to follow an essential paper in the interpretation and interpretation of radiological studies”

Tip What type of additional information can you report?

With the type of information that is a special sequence that can be reported, VIBE sequences, obtained with contrast management, allowed to obtain perfusion maps to analyze the permeability of the hematoencephalic barrier that characterizes the lesions and evaluates the effectiveness of the treatments.

A What can you do to report artificial intelligence on this type of radiological technique?

La artificial intelligence (IA) to get a paper very relevant in the analysis of los radiological studies. It is sent, the use of algorithms based on ‘machine learning ‘ which allowed the automatic detection of lesions and its quantification, going from gran to ayuda to our labor, to working from greater sensitivity and reproducibility that we have with the simple visual analysis of their radiological images, that ultimately better the diagnostic efficiency.

In addition, IA contributes to the analysis of data provided by radiological imaging in the creation of predictive models which can have an impact on the mane of patients.

And, as it were, how do you suppose artificial intelligence for the future of Radiology?

Respect that IA’s support for the future of the specialty, el radiologist paper it is not absolutely absolute, or what it is providing IA is a type of essentially value-added information (which is not constitutive) but which we obtain with simple visual analysis, and which are more efficient than some mechanical devices performed in clinical practice.

In this case, the radiologists will follow an essential paper in the interpretation and interpretation of radiological studiesas in the need for validation of results that offer different IA techniques that are being implemented and used in clinical practice.

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