New study on atmospheric contamination with food

(CNN) – Given that the United States and Europe are struggling for decades to reduce atmospheric contamination by falling off the planet and public planet, scientists are unaware of the unintended consequence of worrying about the region.

A new study published in the scientific journal Science Advances shows that, in the last four decades, the distribution of 50% of aerosols, particles of atmospheric contamination in the air, about 33% in Europe number of tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic.

At the other extreme of the world, the study found that up to 40% of aerosol contamination in China and India lasted a period of up to 14% on the number of cyclones registered in the Pacific North Pacific. Atmospheric air pollution considerably in China and India lasts for a period of time due to the economic and industrial growth of these countries.

“Disinfecting aerosol emissions is something good for human health; but, by the way, it hurts to have negative effects when reducing aerosol emissions, and it is the activity of huracanes,” CNN author Hiro Mura told CNN main study and science of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, for example in English).

Aerosols do not have the same effect as inert gas. The diminutive particles of contamination that float in the air and the difference between carbon dioxide or methane, which absorb solar light and provoke calendering, the aerosols reflecting solar light, causeing an escalating effect. Existing natural aerosols are part of the contamination of principles and media of the XX principle of operation such as industrial chimneys and exhaust fumes from automobiles.

Murakami uncover that it disposes of aerosol contamination in the posterior decays of the Ley de Aire Limpio of United States and similar mediums in Europe, the ocean absorbing more solar light, which provokes a super temperature rise which is more than tormented.

Murakami advised that their results did not mean that we had to control atmospheric contamination. Reduce aerosol emissions as you smoke, dijo. When a person is deja vu fumar, the major is healthy and can avoid cancer. Pero en algunos casos, dejar de fumar también conlleva efundos secundarios, como ganar peso y sentirse estresado.

“Aerosol disinfection is actually similar,” he said. “Aerosol dispensing can lead to a lot of money, but it also helps to get rid of clutter. Here are some things that can be accomplished in small quantities. It is a specification of the pros and cons.”

Jim Kossin, a climatic expert at Climate Services Review Review, said that this study is important in order to distinguish how the torrents respond to the contamination of the air inside and inside the exhaust gases.

“The tropical cyclones are the best of all time, and respond to the natural alliance of the atmosphere in a moment,” Kossin told CNN. “Perfectly, it is the constant constant flow of the ocean that’s being ortricated in the Atlantic’s the combination of the effect of inverted gases and the dissolution of contamination by particles, if any, of the effect parts have a much more dramatic effect on the huracanes “.

Other scientists who do not participate in the CNN studio study that the results coincide with the fact that they are based on the natural complexity of atmospheric contamination, and that they are only a natural part of the investigation as the climate crisis continues to grow.

“This study must be done so that the impact of aerosols is not aisle on the Atlantic, as it implies a global exchange in the distribution of tropical cyclones,” said Gabriel Vecchi, professor of climate and geochemistry at Universidad de CNN. . “Aerosols are concentrated among the most incarnated elements of the climate system, but because they create news, and suggest news, self-study studios that explore the awareness of the results in a series of intertwined interactions with the air.

Tom Knutson, principal scientist of NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, who did not participate in the study, said that aerosol contamination is another important form in which human beings altered the activity of all of them over 40 years.

“It’s like aerosols creating a range of hurricane vacations in the Atlantic, because when we reduce the production of aerosols, it feels like they’re flying,” Knutson told CNN. “Tenemos varias cosas that cremos that are successive in the Atlantic and this study is one of those that intentionally deluded the relative influence of these different cosas”.

Murakami predicts that aerosol contamination is stable, but that emissions of gas have an inverse effect and have a greater influence on the hurricanes at the pace, especially in intensity.

“Climate change is very complex and it is a work in progress, especially for the activation of huracanes,” said Murakami. “We registered in the last 40 years could not apply in the future, but we had to register something different”.

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