Nicaragua ‘abre las puertas’ a russian tropas para humanitarian missions – El Financiero

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega authorizes salida hacia Russia of 50 Nicaraguan militaryin rotating form, “for participation in intercourse exercise and military instruction and further training in humanitarian aid operations” from July 31 to December 31st.

El líder sandinista también authorization of the tropics, ships and airplanes of the Russian Armed Forces to participate in operations “against the law” in the Caribbean Sea and in the Pacific Ocean, following Presidential Decree No. 10-2022, published in the Official Diario La Gaceta.

Authorized mandate, además, ingreso in Nicaragua, rotating form, de 80 effective Russian soldiers to participate in Special Operations Command of Nicaragua “Through the exchange of experiences and the exercise of ad-degree in humanitarian aid operations”.

Asimismo, authorize the entry of more than 50 effective Russian military personnel, in rotating form, to participate in Naval Force, Air Force and Transmission Force missions “In the interplay of experience and operational communication with ships and aeronauts from the Eiercito of Nicaragua in entertainment laboratories and the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime.”

In total, Authorize you to enter the undetermined number of Russian military, naval and airborne aircraft in Nicaragua from July 1 to December 31 of this year, the presidential decree.

Russian navigators in the Caribbean and Pacific

Además participates in operations “against weapons” in the Caribbean Sea and in the ocean Pacific Ocean, capacitance of the Elite power supply from Eiercito and the body of transmissions in operational communication materialthe Russian military participated in the exercise “of de-escalating and intervening in humanitarian aid operations, search missions, rescue and rescue in emergencies or natural disasters.”

Participate “in the exchange of experience and education in security laboratories, the planning of humanitarian aid operations and the attestation against arrests”, in accordance with the presidential decree.

Ortega, who ran for president in 2007, co-ordinated the Gobierno junta from 1979 to 1985 and presides over the country from 1985 to 1990, is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has said that Nicaragua is a “very important” society in Russia and Latin America.

Russia is an ally of Nicaragua enduring the first Sandinista regime (1979-1990) by the Soviet armament of the Nicaraguan Armed Forces.

Nicaragua is one of the county states, south of Venezuela and the small islands of the islands of Nauru and Tuvalu, which are summed up by Russia in recognizing the independence of the separatist Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and that has recovered other Russian functionaries from Moscow invading Ukraine.

Además, by 2020 Nicaragua has established a consulate in CrimeaUkrainian territory annexed to Russia, which provoked the withdrawal of Ukraine.

Countries of Cuba, EU, Mexico and Venezuela

In the presidential decree, Ortega authorized for six months, from July onwards, the entry into the national personal territory, ships and airports of the Fuerza Armada National Bolivarian of Venezuela que llevarán a cabo las mismas funciones que las de Rusia.

Authorized by the Cuban and Mexican militiawhich participates with Nicaragua in “intercampies and humanitarian laboratories”.

In the case of Armed Forces of the United States, The Sandinista Authority authorizes the inclusion of military personnel, in a number that is not preciseor the difference between the other armed corpses, their presence being “predominantly planned and coordinated with the Nicaraguan Air Force”.

El objetivo, seg eln el mandatario, es que the military students are attracted to ports and landings at national airports with the ultimate goal of realizing “humanitarian aid operations and search missions, salvage and rescue in situations of emergencies or natural disasters, by air, sea and land, during the Gobierno of the Republic of Nicaragua, from July 1 to December 31, 2022 ″.

Order to send presidential decree to the National Assemblyl, where officialism has absolute majority, for its debit ratification.


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