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Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega, the couple on the podium in Nicaragua, paid a visit to Russia in 2008.
Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega, the couple on the podium in Nicaragua, paid a visit to Russia in 2008.Misha Japaridze (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The United States Theory Department has applied a quasi-sanction to the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo: it’s already cast in the Nicaraguan Business of Minas (Eniminas) and its exports of gold. The president of the junta, Ruy López Delgado, was also sanctioned. The gold rush is the major dividends going into the presidential entourage, following the creation of the company in 2017 to consolidate official control over the mining sector and the concession drive.

Seg’s communicative broadcast by the Office of Extraterrestrial Activities (OFAC), the Ortega-Murillo regime uses “the orgasms to continue in the city of Nicaragua and participate in activities that represent a safe haven”. “It’s profitable to have relations with Russia in the middle of the war against Ukraine,” the document said. The English routine of Russian tropics in Nicaragua, approved by the National Assembly, is tense, with more tension between Ortega’s Gobierno and Joe Biden.

After the sanctions, Ortega returned to Washington: Nicaragua’s Chancellor Denis Moncada was traveling to Russia. “High-level delegations from Nicaragua and Russia are reuniting in St. Petersburg, destabilizing the strategic character of their relations between nations and importing to strengthen bilateral cooperation,” the official statement said.

The Theoretical Secretariat for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Brian E. Nelson, stated that the Ortega-Murillo regime “is involved with Russia and the continent, which has aroused great importance in the exploration of the Nicaraguan orchard sector. to the Nicaraguan city, decimating its means of subsistence by the guarantees of the presidential circle ”.

“Sanctioning the mining bargaining of the dictatorship further down the line: In the power of accumulating billions of dollars,” said EL PAIS, economist, ex-commissioner and political analyst Enrique Sáenz, who is in exile in Costa Rica. “The hose is fastened in small portions to the main product of the export of the parts and is secreted in the sleeves which are lubricated in contour with extraneous companies”.

Starting with the creation of Eniminas in 2017, Gobierno has major control over the regulation of aurora mining. The issuance of concessions from national and foreign companies has increased exponentially in the most recent years, at a time when the United States is currently dealing with a variety of companies conjugated with private equity.

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Eniminished 1.5 million hectares for mining concessions in Nicaragua. I hope the company, the candidacy of the territory will be granted concessions or duplicate solicitations: from 1.2 million to 2.6 million hectares, because a study of the organization Oakland Institute, a center of environmental awareness has studied mining in Nicaragua. Approximately 853,800 hectares of land are concentrated in the amortization zone of the Bosawas Ecological Reserve, where indigenous peoples are displaced by extractive activities.

The gold mining sector is gaining momentum as it hits 2022 with thousands of dollars worth of exports, including from Caliber Mining, Hemco Nicaragua, Plantel Los Angeles and Mako Mining. Official data detail that by 2021 Nicaragua’s gold exports to the United States will increase by 30%, totaling more than 744 million dollars. It accounts for 79% of all gold exports during the year.

Dinero for the regime

OFAC has announced that the high-ranking members of the Ortega-Murillo Governorate have been enormously benefiting from the increase in gold exports in recent years. It must be part of the “al-papal descommunal” that Eniminas has been channeled into channeling private sector societies and members of the regime.

Under the auspices of Ruy López Delgado, OFAC is set to be sanctioned by the president of the Eniminas directorate or “for serving as a functionary” at any time since its enactment on January 10, 2007. In 2018, Washington sanctioned Francisco Chico Lopez, one of Ortega’s most important testers to occupy, among other things, the title of Eniminas. In 2022 it was designed by Tesoro the general of the division in retro from the Ejército of Nicaragua, Ramón Calderón Vindell, for news being in the mismo puesto.

The sanction of Eniminas has the effect of being mediated in the operation of the company: all the interests and interests in the property of those persons who are located in the United States or in the position or control of persons who are blocked or informed of OFAC. It must be blocked as soon as possible, directly or indirectly, at 50% or more of a total of one or more persons.

“These provisions include the realization of any contribution or provision of funds, stocks or services due to, for the benefit of, any blocked persons, and the reception of any contribution or provision of funds, wells”, detailing how

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